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A Brave Man 

“Strength is neither in muscle nor in attitude!! Strength is born of faith and resides in brain!!”

Once there was a very brave man. He was so brave that many other men became jealous of him.


Each one of those men used to think, "He is not even half as good as me. I can take on him one on one any day and crush him into cowdung!"


One day each one of those men decided to confront the brave man alone, when the brave man will be taking his daily walk, and then defeat him in a duel.


So the all reached the spot in anticipation, independently of each other, but when the brave man came they all pounced on him at once.


The brave man however took care of all of them alone.



Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss

(Amanpreet Singh Rai)


"Everyone thinks he can take on me one on one!! No one realizes I've been fighting all of them all alone all along!!"  





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