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AIDS - Possible Cure


“The most complex problems can sometimes have the simplest of answers!!”


When faced with biggest of challenges, human beings generally make the mistake of overlooking the simplest of solutions as the problem towers their intelligence with its’ monstrocity. AIDS happens to be one such monster. The fear of the disease makes the biggest of medical geniuses sweat and not without a reason. Nearly three decades on but still no cure in sight!


But is it possible that the entire scientific and medical community has missed a very simple solution in its’ panic driven breakneck speed to find its’ cure? Possibly yes!


Let me introduce a new concept in the medical community’s fight against the deadly disease, which could perhaps be its’ immediate solution. However, there’s nothing new about this concept.


ð “Apheresis” a medical procedure in which the blood of a donor or patient is passed through an apparatus that separates out one particular constituent and returns the remainder to the circulation.

This is a process used in “Bone Marrow transplantion” and is often referred to as “Peripheral Stem Cell Tranplantation”.


ð “Peripheral Stem Cell Transplantation” a process in which the donor's blood is withdrawn through a sterile needle in one arm and passed through a machine that removes white blood cells. The  red blood cells are returned to the donor.

Now let us return to the problem of AIDS. How does HIV virus attack human immunity?


ð “HIV” infects vital cells in the human immune system such as helper T-cells (specifically CD4 T cells), macrophages, and dendritic cells.

All these cells are forms of white blood cells, the same that are removed from a donor’s blood using “Apheresis”.


Well, let us just take this process of “Apheresis” to its’ extreme. What if an AIDS patient’s blood was treated by this process and completely rid of white blood cells? It is a very complex procedure that I am referring to here but let us not forget, the patient I am talkig about, that person has no other hope anyway.


So what am I suggesting?


ð Possible cure of AIDS: Let me put it step by step:


1.    Move the patient to a contamination free environment so that he doesn’t contact any chance infection during the entire proscess.

2.    Get a donor ready for white blood cell donation.

3.    Remove the white blood cells from the patient’s blood completely using the process of “Apheresis”. This will remove all the virus already present inside the white blood cells.

4.    Medicate the patient to rid his blood of the virus roaming free in his blood stream. Continue this treatment until his dendritic cells in peripheral body tissues have perished to release all the virus or most of it while still maintaining the patient in the high protection environment.

5.    Once the process is complete, give the patient white blood cells collected from a donor.

6.    Maintain the patient in the safe environment until his immunity becomes strong.

Now this technique might just completely cure AIDS in a patient. Or else it will definitely lengthen the patient’s life span than what the patient might be expecting before this treatment.


However, this is just a hypothetical solution. More research is needed.


And remember, “Protection is the only prevention and prevention is the only cure!!”


Always be safe!!


Article written by: Amanpreet Singh Rai



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