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“A better world for people like you is as important as a better world for those yet to come.”

Now there are many ways to classify humanity, but the most basic way that can explain any other classification would be; self-centric, or social-centric. The individuals whose actions are motivated by self interests belong to the first group, while those whose acts are motivated by an intention for public welfare belong to the latter group. However, all social workers, politicians, or people claiming to be working for social benefit, do not necessarily belong to the latter category. The test here is the reason for the undertaking an endeavour. Is it because the result affects everyone including the individual for he belongs to the same group, or is it because the outcome will improve the scenario for others like him? The first scenario includes the individual’s own interests, while the second one excludes the individual for the individual is probably required to suffer and sacrifice in order to achieve the outcome.

So people involved in class acts, like supremacy or hate groups at the worst end of the spectrum, Labour organisations at the best end of the spectrum, and business groups or religious organizations somewhere in the middle, etc are all self-centric. The people involved in activities of these groups are motivated by the welfare of their respective groups as they are a part of those groups, and any improvement in the scenario means improvement of their own state, whether psychological or physical. The activities of these groups can only be beneficial to the society when these groups are able to balance their desires, and the outcomes of their actions, in a way that they do not harm the interests of other sections of the society. Of all the self centric groups, it is generally the labour organisations that are able to achieve this balance majority of the time, and that is why their work has indeed benefited the society in general.

On the other hand people involved with social actions like working with underprivileged sections of the society, survivors of catastrophes (natural or otherwise), the ones’ whose work will not change their past, but rather alter the future for those their work is aimed to affect, belong to the latter group. People like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Aung Suu Kyi set the bar for such people. The Arab Spring is a social centric movement as it involves action by complete societies where sacrifice and suffering have been a recurring theme. The result will neither fix what has happened in the past, nor bring back what has been lost in the heat of the movements, but it will improve the future for their posterities. Yes it is true, the social centric people can often end up being eulogized for their work, but for the amount of suffering they undergo, it is something well deserved.

So next time you decide to join a group for an action, do consider the ultimate aim and objective you want to achieve. If you are going to suffer, make sure it is for the whole society, and not just a fraction of it.

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