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Welcome to Space Age - The future is already here

“The real issue is not travelling at the speed of light, rather travelling safely at hyper-velocities!!”

For the first time in my life I feel like I have run out of words. I don’t know how to say what I want to say. Perhaps a simple statement like “I am fascinated by space” might have been suffice on any other occasion and for any other person, but for me space has an altogether different meaning. Perhaps you might suggest that I have a habit of catching a bus to the city, then a train to the outermost suburb, then complete the journey in opposite and back to my house, every time I feel the urge to micturate. Perhaps a few words before the real content might shower some light on my strange fascination for space.

As a philosopher I have always questioned, “Where is this space lying and why is it lying there? Who put it there and why? What was the need for it to be there, for it to exist? What and where is all this volume which is occupied by space? Why did it have to exist? Why did we have to exist?” These questions will make more sense if you were to pick up a utensil and look at the space inside it. You know where that space exists; in the utensil, off-course!

An ardent adventurer cum hopeless romantic, I have always felt a unique connection with the space. Space with all its’ vastness represents a state of freedom. Every direction is free, free for me to explore if only I had the means and resources. When I see myself in this space, I feel like a naughty child in a big playground with so many swings and joyrides, and everything just for me.

As a businessman the space represents an un-extinguishable resource of minerals and everything humans might ever need. The only problem is how to tap it? And this includes space tourism as well. I would rather set up a five star hotel each on the remaining nine planets (in case you missed the last planet count) and also provide space shuttles.

But alas, these are only dreams until fulfilled!

However these dreams have often drawn me towards the issues blocking the advancement of humanity towards subjugation and degeneration of space (unfortunately that is what we humans will do once we are able to master space; ruin, pollute and degrade everything). But what can an ordinary man do, you might hurtfully ask, reminding me all my harsh realities, you sick criminals.

What if I said even Albert Einstein was once an ordinary man before he fell in love with Science?

I have already provided one answer to the world which makes up an important piece of the puzzle of space travel; how to tackle the safety issue.

Travelling at the speed of light, which is 3 X 108 meters per second, might not be possible for many decades to come but the problem is not how fast we can travel. Even if light from Sun can get to Pluto in 5 hours and 40 minutes while we can only get there in 12 months or more, it doesn’t make any difference. The important issue is to get there first, safe and sound.

Safety while flying through space is a very tricky issue. To elaborate further, there is an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, made up of unknown number of rock of varying sizes and shapes. There may be bits and pieces of comets left strewn in space, ice cubes, frozen gas masses and countless other objects. And in case we dream to venture beyond our solar system, we will have to navigate through the rock-minefield called “Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt”. The worst part is, unless these objects are directly in the light, they can’t even be noticed when lost in the shadows of the bigger entities like planets and moons. Neither is the space mapped, nor is the position of anything constant in space. They are all either orbiting around the sun or around the planets and moons. Now the speeds that we are talking about for travelling, even a small pebble could spell doom for the entire craft. It was only one missing piece of tile that led to the “Columbia” disaster.

So what is the answer to this problem?

For those of you who have already read my two novels, “GOD of a man” and “Mishiida Alexander”, or who read my tweets at “PeaceLoveAdvice”, you would be well aware of some of the most revolutionary concepts I introduced in both of my novels. If you read them only for entertainment and didn’t realize their potential, please blame it on my poor writing skills.

In my second novel “Mishiida Alexander” I introduced a very simple concept of providing spacecraft safety. I explained how the alien technology was based on coupling two devices, a radar which magnetized incoming objects, and solenoids which gave magnetic polarity to the crafts to repel the incoming objects. Well, I am not sure of the rest of the world but I am sure the American Defense Research Organizations are already on to the concept in order to provide a protective shield to the army vessels and crafts. They would have got the idea and started expanding it as I will explain below. However, as noted in above paragraphs, the technology is meant for the advancement of human race and not to kill each other more effectively. I am a peace loving man.

Anyway, coming back to the topic let me remind you all of a very simple law of electro-physics:

“Like charges repel each other!!”

The principle is simple, if we ionize an object and give it an electrical polarity, it will be fervently repelled by an electric field of similar charge.

To put this concept into practical use a craft or a vessel or a spaceship will have to be fitted with two devices:

1.    One that emits polarizing radiations so as to inundate an incoming projectile or its’ fragments with electrically charged particles, like say using an electron gun.

2.    Another that creates a similarly charged electric field around the object.

Once the devices have been mounted and activated the craft or vessel or spaceship will have a protective shield around it that would be something similar to the protective shields made synonymous with alien crafts in the Sci-fi genre.

Now imagine a spacecraft flying through space at breakneck speeds. If an object, large or small, un-traceable or traced too late, was to intersect the craft in its’ flight path, it will be layered with charge by the polarizing radiation emitted by the gun while the electric field around the craft will toss the projectile away without it ever coming in contact with the craft.

So, haven’t I given a direction to work on in case humanity decides to step out into the space as if we own it, which philosophically I doubt, as a romantic I believe, as an adventurer I hope and as a businessman I want.

Enjoy #PeaceMakers, the space age has begun!!

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss,

Amanpreet Singh Rai



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