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What is GOD?

“Some what’s can only be answered by whys!!”

From the many limbed idols of Hinduism to the alien origins of GOD in Scientology, from the specific number of prayers in Islam to a specific dressing and body hair code in Sikhism, from the strict praying rituals of Judaism to the numerous Churches of Christianity, it’s a shame religion has often complicated faith much beyond the comprehension limits of the entire humanity and confused the most ardent of believers. Majority of the atheists and most of the liberated followers of any religion, are more put off their religion and disenchanted with the priesthood for religion is force-thrust down our throat right from our conception in our mothers’ wombs. We are supposed to believe what we are told just for the heck of it. No wonder the free spirit amongst the vast majority of populace today revolts against the strict norms of all the variously codified religions. Yet there is a certain section amongst all the religious populations, a group of people who are ready and motivated to die as well as kill in the name of their religions. But does anyone really know GOD?

Well, even more important than the question raised above is the question, “Are we more likely to find GOD in our lives or bump into extra-terrestrials, i.e. aliens?”

To think of it, GOD is all about myth and philosophy, a super-natural entity which is Omni-present and all-pervasive yet un-detectable at the same time. On the other hand aliens are just living organisms who do not belong to our Earth but are inhabitants of another planet, somewhere in the Universe. Now given the fact, life exists even in hot water Sulphur springs where temperatures can rise up to 70o and also in cold deserts of Siberia where the same may dip well below freezing point, what seems more likely is the existence of life on billions of planets scattered across the Universe, many millions of which (that is, planets with inhabitable conditions where life can exist) have been identified in our own galaxy, the Milky Way. Now the life form on these planets might be as intelligent as us, or even more or less. The question however is, “Will such a life have faith or religion of its’ own?”

While humanity is busy killing each other in the name of religion, trying to prove which religion is the true path to salvation and GOD, I am more concerned about the day when an alien race will land on our planet and make us accept that their GOD is the true GOD and their religion the best. These concerns inadvertently raise another question in my mind, “Do the religious figures like Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad and Guru Nanak knew anything about alien GOD?”

The answer is not hard to find and suddenly everything seems to fall in place. All the religious figures told one thing about GOD, “GOD is one.” So they always knew, humans or aliens, plants or animals, all life and everything non-living has been created by GOD, hence GOD of aliens will be the same as our GOD. In fact the idols of Hinduism suddenly appear to be the solution to the mystery. The idols do not represent humanoid forms of GOD but rather represent GODs of alien races. The hints were always there, only the humanity was blind enough to miss them. Scientology appears to be right when it claims alien origins of GOD. Buddhism appears to be correct when it identifies GOD as the supreme soul and source of all souls and knowledge. Christianity, Judaism and Muslim faith, all seem to be supporting the view that GOD is the creator of all universe and life. But then, do all this readily percolate to give us a definable and identifiable GOD?

I am sure had any of us known Jesus, Sri Krishna, Buddha, Prophet, Mosses or Guru Nanak personally, our knowledge about GOD and the way we perceive and follow our religions would have been very different. Perhaps the strife may never been there. Alas! Our knowledge of our own GOD is dependent upon religious texts and sermons that had been administered, propagated and promoted by a select few in every religion, the priests. Unfortunately like any other human being, even priesthood of various religions had been corrupt at various times in history. Religion has been mostly intentionally, and at times in-advertently, altered from the real words and preaching of the founders. Religion has been abused as a power to control society, and hence has been altered from its’ original content and frame.

What spreads via word of mouth often spreads out! Fate of religion had been no different. “A red flower” has finally deteriorated into “A dreaded flaw lead to war”. Religious preaching, its’ meaning and importance have all been distorted and the truth has been lost.

So how do we identify GOD in such a scenario? Where should we look for our answers? Well if GOD resides in our hearts, the answer has to come from our hearts.

It is easy to state that GOD is the source of all matter and energy. All matter in the universe originated from GOD and all life is a direct product of GOD. Every living being is made alive from a non-living mass of cells by an entity called soul. This soul is a part of the GOD himself and links us to HIM. Whatever we do say or think; GOD watches upon us through the eyes of our soul. All souls are connected to GOD and hence to each other. That is how and why telepathy occurs, and this is how when a person in need cries and prays to GOD with true heart, GOD answers his prayers by sending some good Samaritans to help the needy and hence answer his prayers in the process. Hence all life, alien human plant or animal, links to GOD via their souls and to each other.

So what is GOD? Is HE a super soul or a mass of energy and matter from which everything originated? The answers to these questions are neither straightforward ready to be phrased in right words, nor are within my capacities to provide. However I can provide you a direction to figure out the answers to these and know GOD for yourselves.

Sometimes the best way to answer a “what” is to ask a “why”. The current scenario is no different. But before I ask the relevant whys’, it is important to look at a scenario, or an example. If we clasp our hands together very hard, there is no space left between the two palms. All that is there are two palms folded together.

Now think of our space; if this space wasn’t there at all, what would have been in its’ place? If there would have been nothing then why was the space created, who created it and where was it created?

If the answer to who created space is GOD then the question that arises is, if there was no space or nothing before the space was created, where was GOD at that time? And if space was there before GOD, or if GOD was in HIS own space, then who created the space for GOD? Is there something bigger than GOD that created the space and then GOD? Has GOD originated on HIS own, if so from what, and most importantly, why, and also, where did GOD originate? What lies beyond the boundaries that confine GOD and his creation?

The biggest why in all this equation is, “Why was space created at all?” Why was there just nothing? Why was there a need to have anything at all?

If you are able to figure out an answer to these questions, you will know GOD.


Fatal Urge Carefree Kissing,

Amanpreet Singh Rai




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