Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss

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God of greed, God of fear

“If you fear your own sins, one can only imagine how lowly your actions must have been!”

You are a coward!

Yes you!

You are scared of dying!

And that’s why you want to believe death will not be the end of this life, but life will rather continue beyond death for eternity, “without the fear of death anymore!”

You are a coward who is scared of the life that you believe exists beyond your death. You are scared that someone immensely powerful, someone whose existence you are unaware of today, might punish you for all the crimes you have committed in this life.

And that’s why you want to believe in God, with a hope that God will save you from that punishment. That is why you pray to him in different ways, and under different names.

You are greedy!

Yes you!

You want to enjoy everything that you cannot or don’t have in this life, in the next life that you hope exists beyond your death.

And that is another reason why you believe in and pray to God, so he may provide them to you.

Your God is of convenience; your convenience!

But the first two things that I can say are:
a) If you are scared of your own actions, I can only imagine how lowly and disgraceful they must have been.
b) If your desires are still unfulfilled when you are still alive to enjoy this world, I can only imagine how selfish and how desperate you are.

And the next thing I would like to point out is, how religions (all of them) have exploited your greed and fear, to subjugate you to the whims of the intelligent few, those who knew how to rule your fathers and forefathers, without having to raise so much as a hand, leave alone a sword.

Every time a religion tells you that you should pray to God for he will forgive your sins and lead you to heaven, where you will get to enjoy all the riches, foods, wine and mates (both sexual and otherwise), it is playing with your lust and greed. It is trying to entice you into its fold by bribing you with an offer to provide you what you have always desired to enjoy in this life.

Every time a religion tells you that if you will deny God and his powers, he will make you suffer for your sins, it is abusing your fears against you, to subdue your ego and esteem, and force you into accepting the supremacy of the religion, and those who preach it.

I know what I am saying is hard to accept, when all your life you’ve been taught not to question your religion, its texts or proponents. Therefore, I am suggesting you a very simple solution whenever you find yourself caught in doubt:

“As long as your actions will benefit the society, or will leave something good behind for the future generations to come, you will only be doing good deeds. And good deeds will lead you only to heaven!”

As far as I am concerned; death is the freedom that will liberate me from this life in which I am a slave to the whims of my physical form and emotional relationships. There is nothing after death, and the moment I will die, all my worries will end alongside me.

Anyway, I am already free!

I am free of all superstition!

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss “Amanpreet Singh Rai”


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