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Keeping Time.. Or leaving it..


“There are five dimensions: x, y, z, time and my will.”


Two biggest myths going around today are: psychiatry is a science, and mathematics proves science. My dear friends, the only part of psychiatry which is scientific is medicine and physiology, the two things which are based on scientific detection of physically or chemically verifiable anomalies, and administration of relevant chemical, physical, or biotic origin treatments. These two functions can be performed by any qualified doctor who has studied the relevant material in course of their study. As far as psychology is concerned, it is nothing more than an applied field of arts, which is based on scientific method, but is not a science. Scientific method itself is not science, but is rather a rational approach a scientist follows while collecting physically verifiable data, to test a hypothesis and deduce inferences. It does not mean the hypothesis, or inferences drawn thereon, are principles of science.


Similarly, mathematics is scientific in nature for it is based on strict principles which enable reproducible results every time same data is computed for same questions, irrespective of the methods and equations used. It can be applied to calculate variables connected by a scientific notion, and the results will always be reproducible no matter who carries out the calculations and where. But this does not mean the scientific principle behind the equation linking the variables is proved or justified. It only means that mathematics is perfect within its’ own principles, and will yield the same result every time it handles the same set of data. But why am I discussing mathematics today?


One of the most confusing aspects of science happens to be time. Physicists world over have been wrestling with “Theory of Relativity” and “Einstein’s Energy Equation” since the time they were introduced. Time travel is a nut which does not seem willing to crack any time in the near future. But the question is, and without questioning the accuracy of “Theory of Relativity” whose basic principle is based more on commonsense than the volume of science behind it, “Are we actually working on the real problem?”


Now if you have read my earlier article about “Time Travel”, you will be aware of how I question the validity of the concept behind time. In this article I will try to delve deeper into my apprehensions. So what do I have to say this time?


For a start, let us hypothesize a situation where we have three observers, one each for the three physical dimensions, and one big watch that shows time in all three directions, and is visible to the observers even if they were to travel to the edge of the universe. Now believers of four dimensions insist that time is the fourth dimension, and everything exists in these four dimensions. Let me give you two simple examples that will blow the myth out of the four dimensions.


Let us say the watch is showing Nine ‘O clock. Now irrespective of where in universe are the three observers situated at that moment, it will be Nine ‘O clock for all of them. Let us say the three observers travel at breathtaking but different speeds, in random and haphazard directions, independent of each other, for exactly one hour. One hour later, the time for each one of them will be Ten ‘O clock. Did they travel in the fourth dimension?


I know what the four dimensional people will say; “Yes they did! They are both one hour older.” Very well then, let us take the second example.


Let us say by some magic all physical, chemical and nuclear activity stops in the entire universe. The gravity has no affect anymore, the chemical and nuclear reactions have all stopped. Let us say this happened at Ten ‘O clock. One hour later, that is Eleven ‘O clock, everything in the universe will still be in the same condition, without having aged a bit. Did anything travel in the fourth direction?


So what am I trying to imply? Simple; “Fourth dimension is a myth.” We are trying to quantize chemical and physical changes using a variable which we can measure. That variable, even though it confirms to all the mathematical principles, and hence works perfectly in all our physical and chemical equations, still does not have a scientific basis of existence. How can one travel in a dimension which does not even exist?



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