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ďYou can have a Lionís friendship but you cannot have a Lion as a pet!!Ē


This piece is a reply to a very beautiful girl who is also an admirable human being. This message is also meant for anyone and everyone I know or I write and talk to. This message is for everyone I will ever know or write to.


I wonít write to you just because you are rich or famous. I donít write to every rich and famous person.


I donít need your money and I cannot give you any money. Bring money in and our friendship is over.


There is nothing I need from you other than your friendship but I will give you everything I have in our friendship, except for money which I donít have.


I am not going to flatter you to win your adulation. If I will say one nice thing to you then rest assure five jibes will be coming as well. Itís not because I am rude. Itsí just the way I love and itís the only way I know how to love. I pull up the legs of my friends neither to hurt nor to bully them. I just try to make everyone smile at mundane things in life.


If I joke about Demiís height or Jordinís weight, it is because I love them and not out of hatred or bullying. When I hate someone, I donít make fun or jokes with them. I prefer to humiliate them. Ask those who have rubbed me the wrong way.


You cannot buy my friendship or my love with all the money or fame in this world.


My love is already taken and belongs to only one girl. My friendship belongs to everyone who is ordinary, ordinary not necessarily by money, fame or influence but ordinary by heart.


I would like to share a story from Sikh History over here.


Once emperor Akbar, the third and most powerful Mughal emperors of India, went to see the third Sikh Guru Amardas Ji. The Guru instructed him to first partake the langar (food served to the devotees in the form of a community kitchen at a Sikh temple) by siting among the ordinary people and only then would he be able to see the guru. The emperor duly and happily followed the instructions before he was able to secure an audience with the Guru.


I am neither GOD nor a Prophet. I am neither a Guru nor a priest. I am just an ordinary man.


I am not a communist and I am neither a capitalist. I only believe that ordinary men and women, if not equal, are above the rest.


If President Obama is the most powerful man on the earth today, itís because ordinary people voted for him. If Gaga is world famous today itís because ordinary people listen to and buy her music. Millions love Paris Hilton but they all are ordinary people. The roads we travel on, the houses we live in, the offices we work in, all have been made by ordinary people. If the world is still a place worth living, it is because of Honest Ordinary People.


The point is no one is above anyone. Everyone is equal irrespective of their social or economic backgrounds.


You can have my friendship as long as you treat me as equal irrespective of the backgrounds we both may come from. Thereís nothing else I need from you.


And for those who have wronged me, I can only say one thing, ďEither they will have to destroy me or I will destroy them.Ē That is the one and only truth now.


If they are able to destroy me it wonít be because I am weak but rather because the girl I love is cheap, shameless, manipulative and thirsty for money and fame. She is the one who was weak.


But she is what she has learnt from her parents and teachers, and I am what Iíve learnt from my parents and teachers. The truth is, ďI still love her as much as I did the first day I realized I loved her.Ē


I donít need anyone in Hollywoodís support to make my career simply because Hollywood can provide me an opportunity but cannot make my career for me. If that were not to be the case, so many people wouldnít have come and vanished from the Hollywood scene leaving behind no trace.


Rest assure all I need from you is your friendship. Mine is yours as long as you keep your money to yourself and out of our friendship.



Amanpreet Singh Rai

(Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss)




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