Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss

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One man army - First verse explained

“There is a hero hiding in every heart, disguised as conscience!”

This song is about you, the people! Our lives are made up of situations where we find ourselves confronted by our conscience every time we make a weak choice, in order to escape the consequences that come with a hard one.

“When I stand here and I see, the man that glares at me. Ain’t the one I know, but can the one I be?”

When you make a weak choice, what confronts you in a mirror is not your image, but rather your conscience. And conscience is very strong and fiery, unlike the weak person standing in front of the mirror. The only way to satisfy this conscience is by being like it; fiery and strong, not afraid to rectify the mistake and make the hard choice.

“For peace is yours if you pay the bill!”

The peace being talked about here is “inner peace”, that comes when you are no longer scared of facing your conscience; the true contentment. But that peace can only be achieved by making the hard choice, thus making yourself vulnerable to the consequences that choice entails.

“Just make your choice and take the pill.”

A reference to the “Matrix” movie, the choice to be made is; “Do you want peace, or not?” In other words; “Are you ready for consequences, or not?”

The situation one is faced with may not necessarily be a social cause (like crusade against injustice, corruption, prostitution etc), but it could just be a personal battle where one is pitched against their peers (like bullies in school) or higher-ups (company managements, government departments etc) or relations (family disputes). A fickle mind and heart will surrender their interests and live with the injustice when left facing the daunting challenge alone. But a true fighter will fight it out, like Neo (the hero from Matrix movies). But such a hero has certain characteristics that define his persona:

“Ain’t knows no fear, ain’t knows no love, ain’t knows no how to yield! Who knows no hate, don’t need no fate, don’t hide behind no shields!”

A hero cannot be swayed by as powerful emotions as love and hatred, nor can he stop his work for fear of the consequences of his choices and action. He cannot leave anything to fate, and he cannot hide behind a shield. He has to rise above personal emotional needs, conquer his fears and superstitions, then face the problem without the fear of taking a blow or two.

“Where brothers lay who kept their pact. Their words alive, but worlds dead! They ain’t no gonna come around, but the one who cares will take their crown.”

Neo is just a fictional character, but every religion has stories of virtuous men like 4 Princes from Ayodhya (Ramayana), 5 Pandavas (Mahabharata), to tell. And outside all this fiction and mythology, every human society has seen men of honor who either laid down their lives or lived their lives for the betterment of their society; like Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio and others from Philippines, Bhagat, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Chandrasekhar, Bismil, Bose, Ashfaq and many more from India, George Washington from US, Martin Luther King from US, Sir Henry Parkes from Australia, Nelson Mandela from South Africa (Recent), etc. These men may have died long time ago, and the worlds they left behind might have changed beyond recognition, but the value of their work and words still lives on. They may have died, but the dignity, values and principles their lives propagated, they will continue to inspire and motivate those who really care for their society. Such motivated individuals will continue to strive for their society’s progress, and will keep defending their societies against the greed and vested interests of the society’s enemies.

As far as the meaning of the remaining two verses is concerned, I will leave them to your individual interpretations. And may I also mention, even the first verse should not be confined to the meaning I have lined out here.

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss "Amanpreet Singh Rai"


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