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Before You Sell Your Soul


“GOD is the creator, Satan is only a juggler!!”


Every scientist at some point of his life questions faith, and every scientist is finally confronted by it. The extent of his prowess makes a scientist belie facts while the limits of his stretch frustrate his ego. Then one day the vastness of reality hits him and he cedes to religion. If the question, “What makes a mass of cells alive one second and the same mass dead the next” fails to incite the believer in a scientist, then perhaps this reality check sure will:


“Just like a glass lies in a kitchen which is a part of a house that exists in a street of a city in a country on this third planet of Universe’ Milky Way Galaxy’s solar system, what is the space where the universe is lying? What else lies in that space? Where is that space itself lying? And why did that space have to exist?”


With the best of technology, how many of the above questions will science be able to answer? In fact, the last two questions leads to an even more important set of questions:


“If the Universe is so huge, how big will be its’ Creator? And if HE is so big and busy, does HE even know we exist?”


This last set of questions in fact tests our faith and beliefs. It leads to the dirty question:


“Does HE himself exist?”


That sounds blasphemous alright, but for a firm believer in GOD and HIS way, I am shredding faith to pieces only to re-build it anew in fresh light.


The most pertinent answer lies deep down in our faith. What makes us, a mass of cells alive and leave us dead is the “Life Energy” which we refer to as “Soul”. This life energy is a part of the energy which creates everything, that is, it is a part of the GOD Himself. This energy perhaps first created the space where everything exists, then everything that exists and then distributed parts of self to connect everything with each other and the source, that is HIM. Death sets this energy free to create new associations while “Moksha” or “Nirvana” or “Atonement” will reunite these small chunks of energy to the main chunk and a new cycle will begin with new chunks of this energy.


So as can be clearly gauged, GOD is the creator of everything. Then where does Satan fit in the whole picture?


While the GOD or Life Energy promotes a cycle of creation, destruction, reunion and recreation so as to refresh everything, there is a tendency of the waste energy that detaches from the “Souls” as they participate in the cycle of life, to accumulate and then choke and stop the cycle of life. This is the dark energy which we will refer to as “Satan” from here on.


Satan, or the wasted energy, it cannot create anything new as it is an accumulation of waste, however, it can trap usable energy to gradually build up in mass, hence choke the cycle and force the entire existence into a state of continuity without refreshing. It is the same as any town’s sewerage system, once it gets chocked, doesn’t matter what tries to cross it, it will keep on accumulating mass and worsening the choke until it is removed.


The life energy or Souls can make a mass alive but once trapped in a mass, it is the interactions of the mass which determine their future and how much of this life energy will be wasted during next transfer. If the mass indulges in activities that destroy other mass or the positivity associated with it, the life energy trapped inside that mass, or Soul, gets polluted. When death happens, the Soul in order to renew itself has to concentrate the accumulated impurities and remove the contaminated part, which is then left behind during next transfer to start a new life afresh. This left behind part accumulates with the dark energy thus increasing the choke, or in other words, strengthening Satan.


Since Satan consists of nothing but wasted energy, it has no ability to create anything new. All Satan can do is juggle what already exists, between one proponent and another. Those who sell their Souls to Satan in order to gain favors, they don’t realize one thing, “Satan is bound by its’ own rule: As much Satan will give to a person, the same he will take from him to give it to another.”


The reason for this rule is Satan cannot create anything new. If Satan could have created anything, he would have become GOD and then he wouldn’t be the dark or wasted energy anymore. And Satan has to take as much as it gives for if he will take more no one will sell him their soul. And as already mentioned, since Satan cannot create anything new, it cannot give anything more.


So for all those people who sell their souls to Satan, they should remember, “The more Satan will give you, the more he will have to take it back from you, in order to give it to someone else.”


A perfect example of this is the people who go to any extent to make money or achieve fame. If Satan gives them fame and money, he takes away their peace of mind, family bliss, health or something else. The more people sin, dirtier their life energy becomes, more Satan takes control of their future, the more troubled their lives become.


So next time the thought of selling your soul to Satan crosses your mind, for any damn reason, remember, “You will lose something much more important in return.”


Don’t sell your Soul and sin! Believe in GOD!


Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss,

Amanpreet Singh Rai




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