Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss

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Show me the woman that you are; will you?

ďMen make women grow older.Ē

So hereís what is going on in my head for the lyrics of this to be house track:

1. First verse: A girl grows up quicker than a boy, not just sexually, but also mentally. This happens because the moment she grows sexually, every man on the street develops an eye for her. A girl learns to live her life the hard way, and is always more mature than a boy her age. But what when a boy develops a liking for a girl who is a warrior inside, fighting every man in the world to survive, like a man? Hasnít every woman felt strength within self at some stage, a power that closes the doors of her heart for every man until she opens them for him, simply because she doesnít need a man? I love a girl, but I donít know whatís going on in her head, for sheís too headstrong. She compares me with every other bad man sheís ever met in her life. How do I get my feelings across to her? How do I tell her to drop her walls and let me inside? How do I tell her, that I respect her as a person, that I respect her feelings?

2. Second verse: A man is often crass and harsh in his ways because he lives in a manís world. He deals with other men every day, and more often than not, he either has to shoulder his way through the day, or take a bitter pill when another man more powerful than him gets his way. A man appears very strong and self willed because thatís the way his life has trained him to survive. Itís a part of his evolution. But does that mean that a man is impervious to love? Does that mean that a man does not have a soft spot in his heart? How do I tell the girl I love, how much I need her touch, her softness in my harsh life? How do I show her the bruises that I carry? How do I tell her that even I need love?

3. Bridge: Is it really possible for a man and a woman to live without each other and feel complete? How do I tell her that I am not her competitor, but I only want to be her companion? How do I make her realize that she needs me as much as I need her? How do I make her see how we compliment and complete each other? How do I touch her heart?

4. Chorus: It will be the crux of the situation; the bottom-line of it all!

Well, what do you think about it? It is just a rough structure that I am working on. If you donít like it, let me know and I will scrap it and write something else, maybe some school boyish pop. But, anyone thinks itís inspired from my personal life?

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss ďAmanpreet Singh RaiĒ


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