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Time Travel


“Time is the fictitious character of Science!!”


I am sure the headline is enough to give you an idea as to what I am going to say about the eternal human dream, “Time Travelling!”


Before my sense and sensibility is questioned let me assure you, I will not only explain why I called “Time” a fictitious character, I will also explain why “Time Travel” is impossible, how “Time Mapping” (A new term being introduced by yours truly) is possible but only theoretically, why “Time Mapping” is practically impossible, and lastly, the possible usage of E=MC2 equation.


ð Time - A fictitious character:

Myth: Time is the fourth dimension!!

One word reply: Bull Hit (Ok! It’s two words but it’s a Bull’s hit!)


“Time is the only scientific commodity which has no physical existence, rather it is a very intelligent creation of human brain to catalouge the occurance of other noticeable/measurable phenomenon.”


I am sure the above statement will cause not just a ripple but a rupture, a vortex, in scientific circles, but it is the only truth.


We can physically measure distances and they always remain the same. We can measure weights, velocities and many other physical properties. But then so can we measure time. What’s the difference?


The measurement of time is nothing but a mapping of duration of the occurrence of other phenomenon. While the distance between my house and my friend’s house will remain constant, the speed that I drive to his house is measurable, the duration it takes will vary whenever I visit him.


This measurement of duration initially started as a demarcation between one set of day and night from another, then developed collaterally into division into number of time Earth goes around the sun or moon goes around the Earth, and also the number of divisions possible for each day and night, in other words, division into hours, followed by minutes and subsequently seconds. But is it the time which is actually changing?




Humans just started logging their activities using a fictitious character so as to easily recall them. The cataloguing or recal was measured in the number of days or fortnights ago, this many number of sand clock turns, etc.


In other words, it is not time which we measure changing but rather the duration for an event like day or night.


Time is just a fictitious character used to calibrate other physically noticeable changes. Time as such does not exist.


“Time is the creation of human brain.”


Earlier seconds were measured as 1/86400 times the duration of a day. Today a second is measured as the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium-133 atom.


What is natural or authentic about that? Why not use a Hydrogen atom, Carbon Atom, Uranium atom or some other element? And how do we know this measure is the correct measure of something that exists in nature (If we consider Time to really exist for this question)? After all, every other measure of time, be it minute, hour, day, or year, it is derived from this measure, or can be derived from this measure!


I can create a new system for measuring the noticeable physical changes like day or night, movement or growth. I can start a new calendar declaring today as the first day of first century and then start cataloguing history and recording future according to that calendar. And if the whole world was to accept my standards, we will have new standards of measurement for a non-existent commodity that was created solely to measure other phenomenon.


“So how can we travel to another end or point of a commodity that simply doesn’t exist?”


We can travel to and from one place and come back, we can measure lengths, breadths and heights from any end and any point, then measure them the other way. In both these examples and any other example we take we are measuring something physically existent. But time is only a measure of commodities not even related to its’ own existence. It is a relative figure that depends upon the happening or non-happening of other phenomenon.


That is why “Time Travel” is not possible.


ð Time Mapping:

However what is possible is (only theoretically) “Time Mapping”.


So what is “Time Mapping”?


Time mapping is nothing but a recording of past events in the form of picture frames that can be used either individually as pictures or run in frames as an old world movie reel.


“Time Mapping” is simply a new name for what is already known in scientific community, especially the ones working on “Time Travel”.


It is a well known fact that human eye and photographic cameras picture images because everything reflects light, in fact different colors of light differently. These reflected radiations in the form of photons of light, are absorbed by the chemicals inside the cells of retina or chemicals upon the photographic film or plate and the image is observed or recorded.


Also well known is the fact that light photons travel at a particular speed, the Speed of Light, which is the same for all radiations constituting light. The amount of distance any radiation (or light) travels at this speed in one year is called “A Light Year”.


Scientific community has always known that if somehow we built a vehicle that could fly faster than this speed of light, we can travel far away from earth and capture the images of incidents that happened before the current time on earth, that is, in past, simply because the light reflected by all the objects and their interactions, will still be recordable as it travels freely in space and away from Earth. Such imagery will however also require very fine image recording techniques as we all know the resolution power of our beloved telescopes.


This is what could be technically referred to as “Time Snapping” but for the real “Time Mapping”, that is recording the action as it happened, we will need a space craft that can travel at near impossible speeds as we will have to fly it around in a spiral route, either outwards or inwards. Outwards will be for recording the incident in reverse as the light reflected by events earlier would have travelled farther away from the Earth, and inwards for recording the event in its’ chronological succession as the light reflected subsequently will still be coming away from earth. We can fly the space craft in a circular motion as well, rather than a spiral, which would alter the speed requirements but we still will have to travel around quick to capture those 30 frames, if 30 frames per second is what we are aiming for. Remember, Earth revolves in a circular motion which completes in 24 hours. If we stay put at one point we will miss capturing the next bit of action for an event as the Earth had changed its’ position during that time and the next set of reflections was at a different angle.


Now consider if we were to record what happened only one year ago. What do you reckon will be the distance travelled by the light in that time? The same will be the radius of the circular path whose circumference our craft will be flying along.


I am sure you get the scientific zest of what I just stated.


And this is where the great man Einstein’s world famous E=MC2 comes into play.


ð E=MC2 What it means and what it is missing?

This equation is not meant to open any gateways into time travel but is rather a precursor for the calculation of Mechanical energy (Kinetic + Potential ‘cause let us not forget the influence of gravitational forces in surroundings). The mechanical energy that I am refering to over here is the energy required to propel our space craft once it is into it’s “Time Mapping” orbit so that it could take images of the past event.


The equation is missing the distance the craft will be positioned away from the Earth and the constant that will determine the increase or decrease in its’ orbit radius, depending upon whether it is in a circular path, outward spiral, or inward spiral.


It might be missing some more components but that is for the rest of the experts in the world to figure out for themselves. I am busy with other world affairs right now.


ð Difficulties in “Time Mapping”:

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten what I told you that I would explain. So here are the reasons why even the humble “Time Mapping” is also practically near impossible.


1.    The farther we travel from Earth, more the number of interfering objects blocking radiation.

2.    Since every object absorbs radiations, those leaving Earth will be absorbed by those lying in the way, and who knows, how many have already crossed the way.

3.    In real environment there are many other sources of radiation reflections. So technically radiations originating from other sources will mix up with Earthly radiations and make any fruitful imaging impossible. In other words, all we will be able to record is “White light” because that is what results when all radiations are mixed together.


ð Evidence that Time is a fictitious character (Hypothetical Variable):

Following are the two examples that will prove my statement:

1.    The value of time makes no difference to the physical state of an object.  For example, a block of ice may take longer or shorter to melt into water, and vice versa, depending upon how long it takes for the temeperature change to occur. But the change in the value of time will make no difference to the physical or chemical characteristics of the compound H2O (Water) or its’ physical state. It is the temperature which controls these changes.

2.    Force (F = mass x acceleration) and Momentum (p = mass x velocity) of an object are calculated using variables acceleration and velocity both of which require the value of time for their determination. But that doesn’t mean it is the characteristic of time which determines any of the four quantities (namely force, momentum, accelaration and velocity). Rather it is the value of force which determines the value of acceleration, in turn affecting the velocity and momentum of the object. If force applied is less, the resulting acceleration and velocity achieved will be less and the time required will be longer, and vice versa. Time is just a variable dependent upon other charactersitics. Both acceleration and velocity require one more character for their determination, that is displacement (or distance covered). But as already mentioned above on this page, the distance always remains the same, it is the time taken to cover it that changes, which is determined by both acceleration and velocity, both of which are products of Force. Offcourse we are at liberty as to how much amount of available distance length do we intend to use for our measurments. The only thing that is variable is the hypothetical character Time.


So let me put it in simple words:


“Don’t waste your time figuring out time!!”


Take care,

Amanpreet Singh Rai

(Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss)





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