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Now arm twisting in India


A poor ordinary man's true story of his fight for

 his love, dignity and equality


Dear friends,


What I always dreaded when I started this fight finally happened over the last few weeks. The pressure being put on me to scare me into shutting up was finally diverted at my parents to put me under pressure as a part of cheap underhand tactics.


Before I explain what happened I would however like to mention here first hand, "I cannot prove the incidents is linked to my situation by any concrete evidence. All I am providing over here is circumstantial proof. But you all are intelligent and well aware how such crimes are legally committed. They are always JUST A COINCIDENCE." So here it is friends, the incident as well as circumstantial evidence.


But before I detail the incident I would like to share with you two pieces of evidence as to how much I love this girl in spite of all the mean and bad things she has done to me and no stone having been left unturned to victimize me into giving up my love.


  • Email to Mr David Diamond (Lawyer in LA) When all the stuff happened to me I was enraged at the humiliation and harassment caused to me, and I was desperate to get justice. So I contacted Mr Diamond for assistance. This email will show you how much I loved her in spite of all that she did to me. Mr Diamond gave up on me as he must have thought that I am wasting his time. The truth is, "I didn't want to fight with her." Yes I was angry with her, but then who won't be? And to a point I still am, and once again, who won't be?


  • Email to an employee of Manilla Times When things got too tough and I was seriously concerned about my safety, I contacted a lot of press and media agencies globally, seeking their help. Manilla Times have a special place in my heart as they were the only publication to print the advertisement for my novels when I contacted a lot of publications for advertising my products. This email will show you how I told her clearly, I ain't doing anything for money, but just for my love and safety.


Anyhow, this page is about how over the last few weeks even my parents were harassed to put pressure on me.


Now friends my father, a very honest and simple man (as those who know him personally say about him without another thought), retired as a Bank manager after putting in thirty years of service. When he retired he was due for retirement benefits. After getting the home and car loans he had against his name adjusted, he was left with a meagre sum that was just under Five hundred thousand Indian Rupees. As per Income Tax legislation as it was under the figure of Five, my father's lawyer got him a refund of around eighty thousand Rupees.


A few weeks back and after four years of his retirement, when he should have been resting his weary frame and enjoying his retirement, he was made to run from pillar to post collecting evidence and details as to where and how he invested his hard earned money. It was all within rules that Income Tax returns as old as four years can be taken up for a review. And we all know now, it was just a coincidence that the one belonging to my father was picked up for a review.


The harassment and mental agony he was put through was immense but being a brave man he made through it like many other battles he's fought in his life. He hired a lawyer and tried to work out a solution. He had two options at his disposal. One was to bribe the official troubling him with twenty-thirty thousand odd bucks to avoid the harassment, or the other was to repay the income tax department what belonged to him, what was his hard earned money. He chose to pay One Lac Sixty Thousand Rupees, as a refund with interest, advocate and other fees.


That's the kind of education I've had from my parents. And these people think that I will buckle down under pressure. Shame on them.


Now you'll ask what has this COINCIDENCE got to do with me and my case. Well friends, here's the reply to that.


Since the last two months or so (and before the harassment of my parents started) I have been writing emails to all sorts of agencies for help. To give you an example, I have written to Amnesty International, Office of Human Rights Commissioner ( A UN body), media organisations like news papers in Philippines and some other countries, TV channels in India (AajTak, Zee News, NDTV) and some others. None of them has offered me any help so far but this incident probably happened as a direct result of that, to put pressure on me to shut up.


Friends, a few weeks back the US President Mr Barack Obama was on an Asia trip and one of his major stops was India. I approached the TV channels in India before that trip. They didn't help me, perhaps because I am not dead yet and hence not news worthy (Unfortunately, an ordinary man fighting against racism is not good enough to make a news. I possibly need to get killed by someone to make a news item.)


Anyhow, none of them helped me but I guess to put pressure on me and make me quiet, this dirty trick was played on my parents. Here are some of the emails that I've written to a some organisations, just to show you what I mean:


  • Firstly the queries to and replies from Human Rights Commissioner's office (First Query, Second Query including the reply to the first, Reply to the Second Query). Friends, the bottom line is, they can't help me as the court orders are from US who is not a signatory to their doctrine.


Emails to TV Channels and a political party:

  • To AajTak Group (One and Two)

  • To NDTV (One and Two)

  • To BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party - Main Opposition Party in India)


To newspapers and human rights organisations:


Now friends, you can decide for yourself if this evidence is good enough or was it just a coincidence. I leave it all to your better judgement.


But I have neither broken down and nor will I yield against cheap tactics.



Amanpreet Singh Rai

(Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss)






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