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Poor Miss Japan Robbed


(Read the last part of this page for details)


She's out to cheat JAPANESE people now


(Marie Digby's label and associated TV Channels will do anything to promote her)


ABS-CBN's game exposed


Dear friends,


I know this page was long overdue but I hope you all will appreciate that I was busy collecting evidence. The people I am fighting against are not just RACISTS and CHEATS but they are shrewd foxes. This page will expose their true faces to you.


Now friends before I get down with what happened with poor Miss Japan at the Miss Earth 2010 Finale, I would like to shed some further light on the truths I shared with you on my page Publicity Monger. That story wasn't complete at that point. I left it there because I needed more evidence to nail the culprits. Now is the time to expose them.


Friends if you have already checked the evidence on my pages Racists and New Evidence you will realize how much pressure I was put through at that stage. I was seriously worried, and I am still concerned, that these cheap-stakes will go to any extent to keep me quiet and stop me from exposing the CHEATS that Marie Digby, her label and associated TV Channels are.


At that time to save myself, I was left with no choice but to expose these people to press. I first contacted press in October to expose Marie Digby. All that I've written on Publicity Monger page is actually the material that I shared with a LOT OF NEWSPAPERS in Philippines. Here are a few emails to share with you guys: (The matter is same in each, just the newspapers that I contacted are different)


I shared the details with Manilla Times first as it has a special place in my heart. It was the first paper that accepted and published my advertisement. However when they didn't respond I forwarded the details to other newspapers.


None of the newspapers published the story but what happened after that surprised me. Visit this link or check this saved file.


The newspapers may not have published the news I shared with them but the two artists backed out of their relationship which not a few days before that was so shamelessly projected as a budding romance in full public view. There were websites flashing photos of the two stars together on a stage at a show in Japan, kissing in Public, there were videos on youtube. You can still find that stuff on the internet. In fact I don't even know off a single celebrity hook up that was so open about their relationship, kissing and hugging in public on stage even before anything had been finalised.


And friends what a coincidence it was that just a day or two before that I had uploaded all the evidence on my website and forwarded the same to various newspapers in Philippines on October 26, 2010 which is also the date of the news item that I just shared with you above. Don't miss the website that posted that news item, yes ABS-CBN news. I will come back to it a bit later in this piece. For now here are the emails:


What a shame no newspaper chose to help me.


If you read this page, you will see how no media agency has come to my aid, no human rights organisation has come to my aid. All the evidence is there for you to see. If anything, even my parents have been harassed to put pressure on me, to make me shut up.


Anyway friends the thing is, the news Marie Digby was dating Sam Milby was floated by ABS-CBN, and their breaking up was broken by ABS-CBN as well.


The news generated publicity for both the artists. Marie Digby not only got sponsors for her movie to be televised in Philippines but also got a deal to be a host at the Miss Earth 2010 pageant. I will talk about that in a minute. Sam Milby on his part got his share of publicity from the entire episode. And I am sure the entire Philippines knows which TV Channels the two are associated with. The people of Philippines were cheated to promote two artists and their work to make money.


But one thing that hurt me the most, in spite of me not being a Filipino were the comments of Sam Milby. Follow this link or checkout this saved file. His comment "All the good ones are taken" reflects badly about what he thinks about the Filipino girls, girls who love him to pieces, girls who support him, girls the whole world wants to marry and is flying in to the Philippines to hook up with. If I wasn't in love with Marie Digby, I would have loved to marry a Filipino girl. Actually I have always wanted to marry either a Filipino or a Japanese to be honest. It's just my bad luck that I fell in love with Marie Digby and the worst is, I believe she is the one GOD has made for me. And now it has become a question of my faith in GOD and I can't back out. Anyway the point is, is Sam Milby saying that none of the girls who adore him to pieces is good enough for him? There are doctors, engineers, scientists, teachers and nurses, gorgeous looking Filipino girls who would die to marry him and he says all the good ones' are taken. I think what he means to say is that all the rich and famous ones are taken. What a shame these celebrities are, it's the hard earned money of ordinary people like you and me that gives them their bread and butter, our love and adulation that gives them fame but they won't marry one of us, just because we are not rich and famous.


Anyway getting back to the exposing thing, as you all can clearly see how the whole romantic affair was a set up to generate publicity for the two and nothing more than that. However, the mentioning of twitter and how they met on twitter raises some serious questions about the social networking website's involvement in this issue.


Now when I was humiliated in Los Angeles and then subsequently victimized in Australia, at one point of time twitter deleted a big number of my tweets that I wrote to Marie Digby via my twitter account. And considering how important evidence these tweets are towards my innocence I had no choice but to write to twitter to restore the same. Here are saved copies of my requests to them, One & Two. The tweets were later restored but I am not sure if they are exactly what I wrote to her as I cannot check the tweets that far back as the webpage starts to hang up when you open one too many old tweets.


And that wasn't the only time my twitter account had an issue. Twitter has a lot of bugs, or perhaps they hide behind bugs, I don't know so I'll keep my opinions reserved at the moment. Anyway, I am sure if you have seen this saved file you will notice how Marie Digby herself, her best friend Chief Wakil, and many other celebrities including Jordin Sparks, Uday Chopra and many other people have occasionally replied to my tweets. Only recently all my replies went missing. That was around the time "Teachers Registration Board" was at its' harassing best and the "Australian General Elections" were on our heads. Here's a copy of the email replies I received from twitter when I reported the issue to them. (Reply One and Two) Considering the importance of these tweets to establish that I am not just an insane dude writing funny replies to celebrities, I am sure you can see who would have benefited out of the BUG that twitter has.


Now add to this the news that Marie Digby and Sam Milby met on twitter and they chat with each other through direct messages (Read this page carefully). I mean, I love Marie Digby madly and when I wasn't legally restricted from contacting her, I begged her to give me a ring or her number so that I can chat with her. Now here we have two people who know each other personally, been on a couple of dates, and they won't talk to each other on phone. Rather they preferred to waste time by slowly typing a message and then waiting for its' reply. To think of it, even if one was to think that they were too cheap to spend money on telephone, what about Yahoo messenger? That costs nothing, and so does Skype or Google talk. Which one is easier and more closer, a phone call or a direct message? Promoting twitter, or twitter sponsoring stars, I don't know but I do remember last year Marie Digby was the first artist to do a twitterview (An interview on twitter) and this year her account was confirmed after this news was spread. Is it just me or do you people also smell a rat? I'll leave this one on you.


Anyway, the publicity this incident generated was used to land sponsors for her movie for TV in Philippines and I seriously believe it's her label that is behind it, or perhaps the ABC network of the US which originally bought the TV rights for the US shores.


Now comes the latest cheating incident.




Not only is she currently in the process of releasing a new Japanese album but also her movie is yet to be released in Japan. And once again she needs publicity to sell both her new album as well as find sponsors for her movie.


So what idea does her label come up with? Bingo, Miss Earth 2010.


At the last moment, or so we are made to believe, she was selected to be a co-host at the mega event, and then if her tweets are to be believed, at the last moment she was requested to perform at the Gala Dinner. Too much of last minute stuff happening around but more importantly too much of promotion going on. The biggest CHEATING that the cheap stakes did was the LAST MINUTE request to be the translator of poor Miss Japan.


Miss Japan doesn't even know she was set up just to promote this girl who has already cut out three albums, a movie and is yet to find her mark in this industry. Let me explain the two parts in detail. Miss Japan possibly lost on account of this cheap trick that was pulled at her cost, to promote Marie Digby.


First, Miss Japan needed a translator would have already been known to the organisers (I am sure they will be readying an excuse now in case someone asks them why and what about this episode). They were required to provide a professional and qualified translator to the girl. But that wasn't the case because Marie Digby had to be promoted in Japan. Miss Japan suffered on two counts. Firstly, a professional translator always has experience and better vocabulary and gives an edge than a girl who is hosting an international mega event live or recorded for the first time. Secondly, Miss Japan as a contestant only had limited make-up on, her hair was left flowing simply as any other contestant without any styling, her gown was white and sombre to match the occasion as well as competition. Suddenly she was put next to a girl who had plenty of make up on, her hair done stylishly, in bright and more vibrant attire. (Watch this video to decide for yourself) The FAKE BEAUTY paled the REAL BEAUTY. And I am sure the poor girl lost out on some valuable points, not just look wise but also translation wise. And all this was done to project Marie Digby as a better and beautiful girl, to create a market for her in Japan. Japan in spite of being her maternal grand parents home hasn't been a strong market for her. Miss Japan's chances were ruined to promote Marie Digby, her movie and her new album. That's how cheap and lowly this girl, her label and the TV channels she is associated with are.


Think of it yourself people, this girl Marie Digby was hailed as a youtube sensation when she already had a contract. When that didn't work to promote her enough, the controversy about her being an already signed artist was leaked to the media, to give her news space and promotion. Then for her second album, she shamelessly went around town telling how it is about her love affair. What happened to that love affair now? All I know is that she has ruined my life in that period and now everybody is trying to protect her and stop me from exposing her. Anyway, getting back to the point, now to promote her movie, first a news was created about her having an affair with Sam Milby. That worked to give her sponsors in Philippines. Now this cheap gimmick at Miss Earth 2010 which eventually ended up ruining Miss Japan's chances, was played only to promote her movie and new album in Japan. That's the kind of person Marie Digby is. How can anyone even support such an artist? And what a shame on all the newspapers and TV channels that I have contacted to expose this fake person but who have neither brought the truth out in front of the public nor has anyone come to my help.


But if you think all this sums up the cheap games this girl and her label have been playing to promote her, you can't be farther from the truth mate. Let me explain the second part of my earlier statement as to why she is struggling to make a mark in this industry.


Firstly, her lyrics are weak which I explained to her even before anything bad had happened to me, because I love her and I wanted her to succeed. Secondly, if you listen to her covers starting from Lady Gaga's "Telephone" you will notice how her voice falls flats at some particular spots doing a particular pitch. So her voice has limitations as well. Now friends, those of you who have known her long enough will remember one of the home made videos she put up in 2009 when her song was featured on "The Hills" for the first time (You know which channel it was) you will remember how simple and mature she looked. All this HOT NEW chick is the magic of makeup which she was introduced to when she shot her movie. And that's around time when my troubles also began.


Anyway, the point I am trying to make is, she is being actively promoted as a hot chick. And all this is being done very indiscreetly to avoid being detected. I'll give you evidence right now.


I've already mentioned above how she was shamelessly pitted with Miss Japan ruining that girl's chances only to promote her. Now I'll show you a few snaps and the trick being used over here.


  • Check this link (Or this saved file) and compare it to this one (or saved file) She posted the first photo earlier in the day but realised she is not looking good enough without her makeup. Later in the day she promoted the second picture (Saved copy of her twitter page and the tweet of Alexis Go that she replied to). You will notice how her look has improved by leaps and bounds with make-up and how by pitching her to a girl who is of slightly darker skin tone than her, she has been promoted as a hotter chick.

  • Look at this picture (Or saved file) Now I know her little sister Erina is good looking than what this picture shows her to be. In fact, in real life Erina is better looking than her. But look at the trick that has been played over here with the viewers. While Marie Digby is dressed up in a brighter dress with all her makeup on, and only a hint of Halloween with the mouse ears on her, look at how she has used Erina as a COMPARISON TOOL. She didn't even spare her own sister. The effort here is to make the people compare the two girls and while Marie Digby is supposed to look hot, her sister with her funny makeup and plain black clothes is expected to pale out in comparison creating the effect of a hot chick. This is what this girl is all about. A CHEAT, FAKE, PUBLICITY MONGER.


How can anyone support such an artist?


Friends, I have presented to you all the evidence that I have collected painstakingly to expose these cheats. No one is helping me out in my fight for justice and my love.


Yes friends, in spite of all the harassment I have suffered because of this girl, in spite of all the bad things she has done and all the lies she has spoken that have hurt me immensely, I still love her as much as I did the first day I realized I love her.


I am exposing her because I have been left with no choice. Without exposing her, I am defenceless against the cheap racists that I am fighting against.


I have to win not only the war of my love but I have to win my dignity back as well, which has been wrongfully taken away from me at the behest of this girl and for the sake of this girl.


Friends, these people have bought the media and media is not going to help me now. These people have power to influence Human Rights Organisations and they won't help me either. But YOU can help me.


Please friends, be my support and support me openly. Strength is in numbers! Show them the numbers. Help me friends, help me, PLEASE!!



Amanpreet Singh Rai

(Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss)




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