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Marie Digby's filthy, hurtful lies against me


(Read below for proof she knew me and also Saved proof))


Don't play with the hearts of ordinary men and women, it ruins their lives!!


Friends, there are people who spend their whole lives searching for true love and then there are people who get it on a platter in their laps and they destroy it with aplomb. Marie Digby sings about love, claims to be a hopeless romantic but falls in the latter category.

Friends, before I explain and answer each of her filthy lies she's levelled against me to get a restraining order with an intention to generate publicity in India for her movie, let me provide you the scanned images of the three pages of hurtful words for your scrutiny (The files are in JPEG format and may require a download before opening with your default JPEG browser):

Page I

Page II

Page III


I gave a point by point reply and and explained everything in my reply to the restraining orders which you can read over here. However, I think it might be better if I wrote some words over here as well.


Firstly Marie Digby says that she never met me before February 15, 2010 which can't be farther from the truth as I very well met her on August 9, 2009 at Omotesando Hills shopping mall after her concert. I was the first one to make use of her meet and great and I did what no one else may have ever done with anyone. I autographed her new album "Breathing Underwater" and gifted it back to her. She was surprised like everybody else around there and she asked me "Do I want something?" and I replied "No". This friends is in addition to all the messages I've sent to her on youtube and all the tweets I've written to her on twitter. And it's not just her that I was writing to. If you go through my tweets you will find at least hundreds of tweets I've written to her two sisters, Naomi and Erina. Infact, when this whole thing happened, I've been writing fairly regularly to her sister Erina. So before the court hearing date, Erina deleted her twitter account, simply because if I had asked for her to show her twitter accounts reply page in court, they wouldn't have had an answer as to how they can claim they don't know a guy who's face is flashing across the length and breadth of their reply pages.


Moreover, her lies are exposed straight away by the fact that she has replied to my only tweet I wrote to her through my other twitter page, "Peace Love Advice". Here's the saved file of replies page and you'll find the last tweet (The first reply to me when I started this page) was from her. And on the way scrolling down you will a reply from her best friend Chief Wakil as well who asked me a question once, when I used to follow and reply to his tweets, "Who are you?" My answer was, "I am the one who seeks Marie Digby's hand in marriage." He never asked me anything again. I don't know if he is a good guy and really knows what's happening over here or not, but he sure knows who I am. They were the times when I was indirectly threatened of consequences via tweets frequently hinting violence in one way or the other, or accidents. And what a coincidence it was, every time such a tweet was highlighted by Marie Digby by replying to it (It generally used to be by one of her close friends or goons) I used to be followed and verbally abused by someone or the other driving past me as I went for my daily jog. I cannot substantiate these allegations as I don't have any proof, primarily because I wasn't collecting any at that time, secondarily because, I don't carry camera or recorder while jogging. So I leave it to you people whether to believe it or not.


She claimed in court, "I've got so many fans I don't even know who writes to me." Well fair enough, but friends you tell me, if you follow her account any closely you must be aware how she sometimes answers to people who have hardly ten tweets in their account and have barely written one or two tweets to her. And here is a guy who used to write atleast twenty tweets to her daily (the actual figures are way more than that, possibly fifty or hundred) and she missed me, how convenient! Anyway friends, even if we were to accept her argument, what about her sisters? I am sure Naomi and Erina never had any such problems of hundreds of people following them and writing to them. Above all friends, I've been writing to her on twitter when she barely had a couple of hundred followers. How much more evidence does truth need to be proved to be true.


She has accused me of threatening to take my own life or kill anyone that came in my way. Friends read my messages and tweets and all you'll find is how I have told her again and again, just tell me once even if it's no and nothing will happen to me. Read messages dated June 19, 2009 (Also my proposal to her), July 5, 2009 and many more.


She's accused me of being a threat to her sisters and parents. Friends, read my messages and tweets and you'll find how countless times I told her, I will respect her parents like my own and her sister will not be sisters-in-law to me rather I'll treat them like my own kid sisters.


She's accused me of writing sexually explicit and violent content to her, friends read my messages and tweets and all you will find is what is contrary to what she says. Except for my message on January 9, 2010 which comes anyway close to writing explicit sexual content and even if you read that one you'll find it to be teasing and tantalizingly close to sexual but nothing more than that. And to think of it guys, that is the message I wrote to her nearly one and a quarter year of having been writing to her, after months of me having proposed to her, after nearly a hundred of long messages and thousands of tweets. Infact, on so many occasions I made it amply clear to her that if any of what I write to her offends her all she needs to do is write just one word "No" or "Enough" to me and I will stop writing to her immediately. Check my messages dated June 14, 2009, June 17, 2009, and many more tweets.


She's accused me of stalking her, friends I've begged this girl to tell me once, again "No" or "Enough" so that I could move on with my life. But she was having fun playing with me until I showed up at her door. My messages and tweet are an ample proof of what I am saying. The truth is, I wanted to record and release a song this year and was in talks with an Adelaide based band "Monkey Box" for the same. The money I spent travelling to USA to see her for Valentines was what I was going to use for my endeavour. I clearly asked her on February 3, 2009 via twitter if I should come or not and told her the money I will be spending will be what I am planning to use for my own song. I begged her for a clear reply so that I don't end up wasting my hard earned money. Infact, I had asked her the same on January 4, 2010 as well. I had no intentions of wasting my money if she wasn't going to see me, leave alone all the talk about stalking her or anything. Yes, I love her (and I still do) and I wanted to be with her atleast on Valentine's Day, but not at the expense of my hard earned money that I wanted to use for my own career. She rather recorded and put up a video of a song she claimed to have written when she was in "Reno" visiting her sick grandmother in a hospital. You will see how she cleverly pulled a dirty trick on me in that one. She first sang about how if she hears voices calling her she won't be going. Then second time she talked about how her sister asked her to write the song from a third person's perspective and she wrote, "I will be going". Clearly, the song put me in a fix and asked her what does she really want me to do as I was confused. When she didn't reply, I decided to travel to USA to see her with a clear intention, if she fails to meet me I will never see or write to this chick again.


Friends it's the same that happened when she was touring Singapore, Philippines and Japan. I wrote to her on July 7, 2009 and asked her if she wants me to come to see her or else I won't. I asked her the same question a number of times via twitter as well and that's when she put up her video on youtube where she said, "Follow me on twitter.. I don't know why you will do that.. perhaps I will tweet about where I am so that we can meet.." And that prompted me to travel to Japan thinking perhaps she wants to see me in person before she could make any decision about me. Her interviews about how she was in love with a stranger since she started writing her album and her goons teaming up with her and tweeting merrily about the song "Love with a stranger" added fuel to the fire as I was the one who was writing to her from my youtube account "thestrangeruknew" and I started writing to her just about the time she claimed she was falling out of love and falling in love again without knowing what the other person felt and how that other person is a stranger.


Anyway friends, she's claimed that I became angry and abusive outside her house and nothing can be farther from the truth. Friends, her sister and her mother were rude to me and when they refused to let me see her as also refused me a piece of paper to write to her but rather threatened to call the cops on me, I thought maybe they are trying to stop me from seeing her because of some racial reasons. I very politely told her mother, "Ma'am, I would appreciate if you called the cops. I will wait outside." Friends I quietly sat down on a small brick wall infront of her house and pulled out a piece of paper from my own pocket and wrote a few lines to her. I clearly told her in that letter all she need was tell me one word "Enough" and how I didn't want to come there in the first place. I told her that her mother has threatened to call the cops on me but in case that happens I will sue her for mental harassment and financial losses. My letter is not with me or else I would have put it for your scrutiny as well as it was taken away by the police. When the first policeman arrived I asked him if he can me an audience with Marie which he refused. I asked him if he can hand my letter to her which again he refused and asked me to leave. Friends, I was about to leave the premises when the second cops car arrived and things spiralled into what they are now. Friends, if I was aggressive and rude as stated by this moral-less ethic-less liar in her allegations, there was a security camera literally the size of a four wheel drive hanging outside her home (Garage) and recording every movement at their front door, exactly where I was sitting. I am sure you all understand what a mess it would have been for me in that case. I have a feeling she was expecting me to react in a violent manner so that she could use the footage to gain publicity but when she failed and the cops told her she was in trouble (I waited for more than two hours, handcuffed and in the back seat of a cop car outside her house as one officer after another popped in at the scene an went straight inside her house and GOD knows what they discussed and how much money exchanged which hands), I think that's when they decided on the ploy to take me to a hospital and then claim me to be mentally disturbed subsequently. However, I leave it to your better judgement for the time being.


She's accused me of being crazy and calling her my wife. True, I accept it, I did refer to her as my wife in my communications after struggling with her to get an answer for more than four or five months, a one word answer, either "No" or "Enough". Left with no choice I decided to irritate her to get an answer, and yes, I do believe she is the one GOD has made for me and I believe in GOD. But I know she is not my wife and the only intention as I said was to irritate her to get a reply. Los Angeles Superior Court judge didn't give me a chance to explain it and Teachers Registration Board Investigating officer is not ready to believe it. They don't want to, it doesn't support her side.


Friends you can see for yourself what a liar, cheat, racist and publicity monger this girl is. Friends, I am fighting a war against some real crooked people over here and I cannot succeed without your help anymore.


Please, friends help me!!




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