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How did Marie Digby and her goons used to play


(Also find on this page an example of how Marie and her goons used to threaten me indirectly.)


Don't play with the hearts of ordinary men and women, it ruins their lives!!


Friends, it may appear odd to you that she never wrote to me inspite of me asking her thousands of times to reply to me and still I kept writing to her and went to see her. I will explain and share a bit of a proof with you.


Now friends, when I started writing to her regularly after April 28, 2009 and started sending her songs, she and friends, namely digbyholics and on occasions "Oonchmovement", "Matchatt" and a few others, they started to tweet in chains, roughly referring to what I used to write to her, either in my message or tweet, or about the song that I would have sent to her, and my occasional commenting about their tweets through my messages or tweets didn't help me either. I will give you a recent example of one of her tweet chains:

  • Page I: Her tweet in PUBLIC timeline intended to make everyone curious as to what is she talking about. You hit on the "in reply to" link and get to next page.

  • Page II: You don't get the exact answer to the first question but there is another question waiting for you. You hit the "in reply to" link again and get to the next page.

  • Page III: What does Ayes deserves? (Ask me and I'd rather appreciate the friendly nature of Italian Mafia!!) So you hit the you know which link now.

  • Page IV:  Ok! Now you've hit a dead end and the whole story is still not clear. You have two choices: Quit the endeavour and forget about it, or try Ayes' page to find out in what contest this whole exercise was. In case you choose the latter, you end up at the next page.

  • Page V: You end up at Ayes page and can muck around wasting your time making head and tail of what is being talked about.

This is just an example, I don't have the evidence to link what was happening with me at the time when I was writing to her, so in love and pure at my heart, while she and her goons heartlessly played with me. The reason is, I was in love and I wasn't collecting evidence. However I assure you I was lead to believe that she is interested in me but wants me to propose to her like Kevin Jonas did to Daniela, on my knees with a ring at her door steps. It all happened after I had proposed her but she hadn't replied to me in any form for so many days. I asked her again and again but I didn't get any answer until she tweeted on July 3, 2009 (I think so, if I remember correctly) about the Kevin Jonas proposal story and how she would love someone to do something similar. If you read my youtube message dated July 3, 2009 (Message II) you will know I asked her if that was the case cause up till that time I had been asking her the right question the wrong way, through an online message. That's how I ended up buying a ring for her. Subsequently after my Japan trip, (I had talked a few times with her how I liked the movie "Ponyo on the hill" especially since she had recommended it at that time as one from her favourite directors) through her tweet chains she lead me to this picture. So putting two and two together and having been made a fool of by this girl and her goons, I finally ended up at her house on February 15, 2010 a day after Valentine. Infact some of you might remember how she had promoted her sister's sick representation of Valentine in one of her shots she had done for an exhibition. Yeah, I waited for her and her sister outside the venue for more than five hours on February 13, 2010 (February 14 in Australia and on my twitter page which is set for Australia).


If you add all this up to how she floated the rumours about how she was falling in love she didn't knew if that person also loved her and also if you remember how she and her goons promoted her song about love with a stranger, you will instantly realize the dirty tricks this chick was up to with me. I was an idiot who fell into her trap, but that was because I loved her. I still do, as much as I did the first day I realized I love her, but if I won't punish her now I stand to loose all my life and she stands to gain at my expense, as you people realize, I have no other option but to expose her true self to everyone.


Anyway friends, here's another proof at your disposal, to show how she has been milking Sam Milby and his fame right from day one.

  • Page I: Look at Marie's tweet number 2. It makes you wonder what could possibly she be talking about. You click on the link to what she has replied to and you get to the tweet which appears as tweet number 59 in darlasauler's page's saved copy I am providing next. The link provided in it is in Filipino I don't know. So the natural inclination would be to visit darlasauler's page and see in what context the link has been sent to.

  • Page II: Look at darlasauler's tweet number 58 which is in reply to Marie's Tweet number 2 above. The English language link provided there at that time lead to a post about the sighting of Marie and Sam together. (If you follow the link at tweet 59 now at the time of writing this, it leads you to a page that flashes images of Marie and Sam kissing on stage. How many times have Marie or Sam shown such an affection openly. If it's not for fame or publicity what is it about?) That's how Marie broke the controversy of her dating publicly.

Another example from the same date is as follows:

  • Page I: Marie Digby's tweets 2 and 4 arouse interest in the conversation that is going on over here. (By the way if she wanted to keep her personal life secret, she would have replied to her in a direct message like she claims to do when she chats with Sam.)

  • Page II: Wonder Cherry Pie's tweet doesn't mention the name of Sam Milby but generates curiosity as to who she is referring to

  • Page III: When you visit Wonder Cherry Pie's twitter page you realize what is happening over here.


Now friends coming to the example as to how she and her goons used to threaten me, here are a few links with their details:

  • On May 28, 2010 Marie Digby tweeted to Ayes something on the lines of, "Ayes you have a kind soul, don't ever change that." I don't have the saved file of it on me but that tweet was in reply to Aye's tweet at number 14 at the link I am providing below. Ayes and nice, wow, it was a shocker for me and I wondered what would make her deserve such a complement. So I checked what it was in reply to, which as I mentioned above was for tweet at number 14, which if you read doesn't make much sense. So I followed it to Ayes' page to see in what context it was written.

  • Ayes' Page: Well, if you notice her tweet at number 15 which is just below it, you will realize the kind of language this girl is capable of using and in what way. I've been at her receiving end along with many others like her a lot, all thanks to my love for Marie Digby. Had I been collecting evidence at that time, I would have blown each one of them away now.


Anyway friends, these were just some examples of how she used to play with me. Rest is up to you people. It is your choice as to support such a fake artist and a heartless unethical person who uses everyone including us as a means, or you choose to stand behind me so that I can fight and teach such filthy, rotten, racist people a good lesson. I have provided you all the evidence that I have been painstakingly collecting. I am just an ordinary guy asking for your help. I am as ordinary as any man walking down the street, as any man working in a shop, as any man driving a bus, as any man coming out of an office at the end of the day. The only thing is I want to make an example out of these cheap stake moral-less people so that next time when someone like them thinks of doing such a thing, he or she thinks a hundred times over before doing it. I leave the rest to you.


Bottom line is, "I need YOUR help friends, badly!!"




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