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My reply to the hurtful, filthy lies


(My reply to the restraining orders that I submitted in Los Angeles Superior Court)


My name is Amanpreet Singh Rai, resident of (My address). I am the defendant in the case number BS124914. I wish to state that the said restraining orders are not required. I will explain my reasons under the following headings:


a)      Background of the current situation.

b)     What happened on 15th February, 2010 at Digby residence and subsequently?

c)     Ms Marie Digby's assertions and my replies.

d)     Why the restraining orders should not be issued against me?


I will provide the evidence of all that I am writing on the date of hearing, and all the evidence is already at the disposal of Ms Marie Digby and her counsel in the form of my messages, her videos etc.


A)    Background of the current situation.


As mentioned by Ms Marie Digby in her statement, I have been writing to her for over a year before this incident happened. When I first started writing to her I clearly told her that I just like her voice and singing and that I don't have any feelings of affection for her as a lover. I also told her that I have been inspired by her and have started writing songs in English myself.


Subsequently, I realized that I may never get a chance myself to be able to record or release an English album as I wasn't too impressed of my own singing potential, so I decided to give all my songs to her, free of any charge or favour. I also promised her that I will write any number of songs for her if she asks me to do so.


As I kept writing to her I realized that I was actually in love with her and I proposed to her on 19th of June, 2009 through a message and asked her if she would like to marry me. I told her very clearly that even if she said no to me, it won't affect me and I will move on with life in a few days. She however did not reply.


After that I kept requesting her again and again to just reply to me once so that I can move on with my life and plan for my future, but she never replied. I was writing to her through my youtube account "thestrangeruknew" and also my twitter account "AmanpreetRai".


About that time her second English album "Breathing Underwater" had just been released in Asia region and she was starting for a tour to Singapore, Manilla and Japan. On 7th of July, 2009 I sent her a message, clearly stating that I will not come to any of the places she is touring unless she calls me to see her over there and also mentioned the same thing over a few times via my twitter account. On 19th of July, 2009 she uploaded a video titled "Singapore, Philippines & Japan" in which she said, "Follow me on twitter.. as I may tweet about where I am.. so that we can meet.. when I am in Asia." (Rough quote)


I asked her a number of times if it was meant for me or not, but when I didn"t get any reply I went to Japan, saw her perform at "Omotesando Hills" mall and met her over there and returned.


After that I continued writing to her and requesting her to reply me with a yes or no once so that I can move on. But she never replied.


In January 2010, I told her that I was planing to record and release a song, and also I would love to meet her on the Valentines Day, and asked her if I should come over to Los Angeles. I clearly told her that I will come only if she would meet me as there was no point in me travelling around the globe and wasting my money otherwise.


On 3rd Feb, 2010 (2nd Feb in USA) I tweeted her once again and asked her if she wanted me to come over to the states, but rather than replying to my query she uploaded another video on youtube titled "How I write a song " Marie Digby".


In this video she talked about how she wrote a song about her grandmother when she was visiting her in a hospital in Reno during the month of January, 2010. She sings about how if her grandmother hears voices calling her name, "I won't be going" signifying the fighting spirit of human soul. Now this would have clearly meant that she doesn't want me to come over to Los Angeles, but she continued in her video that how her sister asked her to write this song from the point of view of another person. She says that she wrote it from the perspective of a 5 year old child who is sick and who hears other kids playing in the play ground and how if he hears them call his name he will say, "I will be going." And the ambiguity was further increase when she mentions towards the end of her video that she is not sure if she should resolve the melody at the end with a single strum or let it fade out. And then she commented, "Nah! I like it unfinished. Kinda like the message of this song." (Rough quote)


This created a doubt in my mind and I again asked her clearly what she wanted me to do, but when I didn"t get any reply I came over to the states on 12th of Feb, 2010.


I kept writing to her via twitter and requesting her to meet me once but she never said a word.


On the morning of 15th Feb, 2010, I got up and just searched for her address via google and found a website which offered me her address and phone number details for a fees. I paid the fees and got her phone number and address.


I left her a message on the said number and asked her if she was available to see me that night and left my phone number with a request to call me.


She however didn't call me and I decided to go and see her at her house to know what the truth is so that I knew what was happening and can make a decision about my own future.


B)    What happened on 15th February, 2010 at Digby residence and subsequently?


I reached the Digby house around mid-day, with a bouquet and candies as I had come over for the Valentines Day. I rang the door bell and the door was answered by a girl who looked like Ms Marie Digby but not too closely. I thought she must be her sister Naomi, as I could have easily identified her other sister Erina who is a very different in appearance to the other two, so I called by her name, "You must be Naomi, right?"


To which she replied in affirmative and asked me who I was. I gave her my introduction and asked her if I could see her sister Marie Digby. She went inside for a brief while and returned to inform me that she wasn"t at home. I asked her if she could tell me when she would return, which she refused. She reasoned that she doesn't know me. I told her that I am the guy from the youtube and twitter account and I was expecting her to recognize me as I have been writing to all the three sisters, mostly to Marie, but occasionally to Naomi and Erina as well. She showed ignorance to it all to which I requested if she has got a laptop which she can bring out and I can show her my twitter page to which she replied that she only has a big desktop which she can"t let me use.


Then she told me that Marie doesn't meet anyone at home and rudely told me that she doesn"t know who I was and I should leave. In the meantime her mother also came to the door and asked me who I was and what I wanted.


I introduced myself and told her that I've come all the way from Australia and requested her to grant me an audience with Marie for a few minutes. I was once again rudely told to leave and threatened to be handed over to the cops in case I failed to do so.


I told her that even Naomi knows me and that I don"t mean any harm or anything bad but I only want to see Marie once, to which Naomi refused to acknowledge that she knows me, and I was once again rudely told by the two to leave or else the cops will be called.


I requested Mrs Digby for a piece of paper to write a letter to Marie before I leave, a request that was turned down and the warning repeated again, rudely.


I felt humiliated but I still calmly stated that I would appreciate if the cops were called, as at that point of time I thought that was the only way of getting my message to Marie.


The door of the house was closed and I sat on the small wall in front of the house, pulled a piece of paper from my own pocket and wrote a letter for Marie Digby. As I finished the letter I started wondering if I should leave the letter in the letter-box before I leave or should I keep it with me and leave. As the thoughts were crossing my mind, the first cop car pulled up and the officer asked me what the problem was.


I explained to him the reason of my visit and requested if he can help me see Marie Digby to which he replied in the negative. I then requested him if he could give her my letter, which was again turned down. Now before I could leave a couple of other cop cars pulled up and I was handcuffed by the officers, thoroughly searched for any weapons, my Id's were sited and I was asked to explain what was happening. I told them exactly what I have written over here. Meanwhile other units of the Los Angeles Department also arrived, and a doctor with the LAPD asked me if I was alright to which I replied in affirmative.


After a couple of hours waiting outside the Digby House in a police car I was told that I am being taken to a psychiatrist for evaluation, to determine if I was fine.


I was taken to Los Angeles County Hospital where I was told I have been admitted for a 72 hour observation. As I wasn"t aware of my rights or laws I requested for an attorney which was refused.


However, as I was perfectly alright, within 17 hours the doctors decided to release me, and I left the hospital within 20 hours on my own.


As I was leaving my hotel to catch my flight back to Australia I was stopped at the hotel by cops from Marina Del Rey and an LAPD official handed me the restraining orders.


C)   Ms Marie Digby's assertions and my replies.


Assertion: In her complaint Ms Marie Digby has stated that I wrote emails talking about explicit sexual acts involving physical violence.


Reply: My emails may have been heavily romantic in nature as I was deeply in love with her and I am a good writer but I don"t think they were sexual. Irrespective of this reason, I clearly told her over and over again, for e.g. in messages on June 14, 2009 and June 17, 2009, that if she didn't like me writing to her she just needs to ask me to stop once, and I will never write to her again. I told her clearly that is she wrote even one word "Enough" to me in a message, I will immediately stop writing to her. Instead, she never wrote to me. In addition to this, she could have simply blocked my account on youtube as well as twitter and none of my messages would have ever reached her, but the fact that she is quoting a message I sent to her on Jan 9, 2010 speaks volumes about the fact that she was never offended by what I was writing. Moreover, the said message on Jan 9, 2010 is the one which can be called closest to anything sexual, and which on a single reading will clearly show that it was nothing but a romantic message and not sexual. Talking about holding the girl you love in your arms in an embrace as strong as a python shows love and not sex. Talking about kissing the girl you love so hard to make her lip bleed shows how much the person is in love, and is not sexual.


Assertion: She says I threatened to kill myself or others to be with her.

Reply: I may have said romantically that I don't want to live without her anymore, or I don't want this life without her, but at no point did I threaten her that I am going to kill myself if she didn't reply to me or said yes. I have rather on numerous occasions stated that I am and eternal optimist who always lives in the hope of a better tomorrow, and at times even stated that I am a coward who can never take his own life. As far as I killing anyone else is concerned, even I would like to know when I said that.


Assertion: I was behaving in a violent and irrational manner.

Reply: If I was violent and irrational in my behaviour, the cops would have immediately arrested me. I would have been produced in a court of law and possibly sentenced by now. But instead, I was never charged for anything, but rather taken to a hospital just to make sure that I was alright. I wasn't even deported.


Assertion: She says I am delusional and dangerous for which I was hospitalized.

Reply: I was hospitalized to make sure I was fine after having been rejected by this girl. The fact that I was released within 20 hours of being hospitalized for a 72 hour period and allowed to leave on my own without being handed over to cops or Australian Consulate officials clearly implies that I am perfectly alright and all her fears are baseless and perhaps a result of her fears arising out of stories one reads or hears about stalkers and famous people.


D)   Why the restraining orders should not be issued against me?


The restraining orders should not be issued against me because of the following reasons:

1.      Whatever happened on 15th Feb, 2010 would have never happened had she made it clear to me at any point before the fateful day that she doesn't love me or like me writing to her. I would have never bothered to come to Los Angeles at all, or even write to her in the first place.

2.      Her fear that I may hurt myself or anyone else is perhaps a result of stories one reads or hears about stalkers and that is not true about me.

3.      Irrespective of the fact that a order is in place or not, I am not going to write to her, contact her, or watch her shows or videos anymore. But if the order is in place, it affects my future career prospects. I have already been asked by Teachers' Registration Board of South Australia, to explain my conduct, because of the reasons she has given in her statement to the court.

4.      The restraining orders will cause me unnecessary trouble every time I will travel to the United States, and possibly other countries, especially when I have no intention of knowing her or writing to her anymore.

5.      I am a law abiding person who has never broken any laws and who has got no past criminal record. A restraining order, especially when it is not needed, will put a blemish on my clean record.





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