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The great betrayal


(Only one word "Enough" would have saved me all the trouble and my life wouldn't have been ruined!!)



Don't play with the hearts of ordinary men and women, it ruins their lives!!


Dear friends,


My ordeal started the day I first proposed this girl. Now just to make things clear over here, I had been writing to this girl on and off since October 2008 but without any romantic interests initially. Infact at that time I was very much in love with another girl, one of the most amazing people, Natalie Tyler Tran (a.k.a. Community Channel). (I hope this rings the bell in the ears of all those who know Marie Digby and her story about how she was falling for a guy she didn't know if he loved her as well. If not don't worry we will get to that soon.) What we are talking about over here is a time her first album was about to hit the markets and she uploaded her first professional video released for that album "Say it again" after I started writing to her.


Anyhow, since Natalie wasn't interested she being a good girl clearly told me straight away, "NO". I was expectedly heart broken for a while after that but as always, I survived simply because I am a born fighter who lives for a better tomorrow all the time. I took my channel "thestrangeruknew" off youtube and went into a seclusion mode around December end. But as the fate would have it, I got inspired with this heartless, manipulating chick Marie Digby to get back on youtube.


Now I've been writing songs and poetry on and off since 1997-99 but that was in Hindi (National language of India) and around 2006 I wrote the songs intended for use as my first Punjabi album (Punjabi is my mother tongue). But somehow I got inspired to write English songs, perhaps there were always feelings for her in my heart but I didn't realize them till late. I started writing to her again from late April. Somehow, I felt the songs I was writing will do me no good as no one would like to listen to an Indian guy singing English songs. So I decided I will give them to her without asking for anything in return. I didn't realize, I was in love with this girl. I told her, she can use my songs and doesn't have to bother about sharing my name details or anything or worry about giving me any remuneration for them. I just wanted her to sing my songs. Now to think of it, I realize I always loved her. And the other reason why I wrote and gave her those songs was, I didn''t like what she was writing herself. Without any intentions of hurting her die hard fans, I find her lyrics weak and boring. And I ain't saying this because I am a jealous jilted lover or anything. If you think of it, even after two English albums and a Japanese album if she is still finding hard to find her feet in international market, it''s a proof enough of the correctness of what I am saying. Infact I told her these thing clearly not once, not twice but many times. Here are the proofs to the same:

  • Message dated May 13, 2009: Just like most of you I fell for her publicity stunt regarding the leaking of her second album before it's release and I promised her to buy each one of her albums. I told her clearly, I am not into her kind of music. To this date, I am yet to listen to her debut album completely and I bought her second album and gifted it to her in JAPAN when I went to meet her but haven't bought another copy since then, partly because I could find it in any stores around here.

  • Message dated August 19, 2009: I explained to her how her lyrics may make good poems but they are not good for commercial songs considering the kind of success she was looking for.

  • Tweets regarding a wrong choice of song for cover: When she performed the cover of Lady Gaga's "Telephone" for the first time I realized the limitations of her vocal range. I immediately tweeted her and told her how she's picked up the wrong number. Since that day I cannot help but notice the same limitations whenever I listen to any of her new covers, be it Owl City's "Fireflies" or Usher's "There goes my baby". Infact I am yet to listen to her latest cover.

But it's not that I was pointing out to her the shortcomings only. I always knew, and I still do, what is wrong where and how it can be fixed. Remember friends Einstein's teachers were not Einstein, they were not genius. So friends I may still not be the next big thing on music scene YET but I do know what is wrong and where. I told her what was wrong because I wanted her to improve and also show her how I am important for her career.


Anyway, when I was writing to her, I used to write some long (By long I mean really long) messages on youtube and also through my twitter page meant only for her and her sisters, Naomi and Erina, www.twitter.com/AmanpreetRai. Friends, I've written her more than 5000 tweets, I've professed my love to her more than thousands of times, asked her for a reply over thousands of times. All I asked her was to write to me one word, "Enough" and that would have been the end of the story and I would have moved on with my life. I told her she doesn't even need to say "No" leave alone explaining why but she chose to play with my heart, simply because she and her goons who go by the name of digbyholics, you know which one's, they were having fun at my expense on one hand, and she was getting free songs on the other.


Friends, I have given this girl thirty one songs and although she hasn't used any of them so far, but we both know what those songs can do for her career. Infact if you remember the song competition for a guitar she did once, she most likely got the idea from my sending her the songs as it was started after I posted her the first of my songs. Infact I also gave her the idea to associate with a charity for her own promotion just before she started on her trip to Philippines, something she did later when she associated with one of her friend's charity. Anyhow, I told her clearly even if she was to say no to me she can still use my songs. However, she had thief in her heart so perhaps she thought I may have the same in mine as well.


Friends if you'll read my messages and tweets, you will see how I have suffered for this girl. each and every minute of my life. She made me run around the world following her, made me waste my hard earned money buying rings but I don''t care, simply because I love her and anything to make her happy. But one needs to have some morality atleast. What constituted her pleasure cost me twenty thousand dollars of my savings, all that I needed to travel to India and marry a girl of my parents choice or perhaps release my own debut album in Punjabi. She has not only caused me grave financial losses but also immense emotional pain and now there are people who have harassed me so much, had I been a week man, I would have killed myself by now. But unfortunately for them and this girl, I am a born fighter who doesn't give up.


Friends, when I was humiliated and harassed in Los Angeles and subsequently denied justice, I decided I am not going to let this thing pass by. They told me, "Go back to India and marry an Indian girl!" They asked me, "Do you think they are rich?" I ask them, "She always knew I was an Indian, she always knew I was poor, why didn't she just tell me once to stop, just one word was all I was asking for "enough!" Instead she played with my emotions, hurt me, caused me humiliation and now she and her supporters are shamelessly trying to generate publicity for her at my expense. Yes friends that's right, PUBLICITY.


Friends, if I won't come out with my story now and you won't help me out of this trouble, their intention is to declare me disturbed, then flash this news across the media, "A teacher of Indian origin stripped of teaching accreditation on account of his mentally deranged state. He was smitten by one Ms Marie Digby of USA" and you know what the rest of the gig will be from there on. Not only their intention is to make sure nobody believes what I have to say about her, but also to give her publicity in MY MOTHERLAND INDIA as also MY HOMELAND AUSTRALIA, after all it will make news here too.


WOW!! Think of cheapness and this tops everything.


Friends, I am posting all the evidence over here for your scrutiny. Please, save me from these goons.


Friends, I still love her and the restraining order she  got issued against my name has only motivated me to improve myself. I am learning music and singing and also looking for a female voice to collaborate with for my first commercial production. I am rapidly making progress as you all can notice from the works I have already created on my two youtube pages but this girl and the people helping her in Australia are hell bent on stopping me at any costs and why? Simply because I am an Indian guy who is not allowed to love a girl who happens to be half white and the thought of my success burns this girl and those people no end.


Friends, in USA I was tormented, my ordeal was intense, the threats were veiled but loud, love this girl or we will either declare you mentally insane or a terrorist. Read my blog "What is trauma" and you will get an idea about what I went through for her. Friends, I never got any help from the Australian Embassy as no one from it ever contacted me, but the Los Angeles Police department had time aplenty to try and scare me as much as they could. And thanks to their shrewd planing and the doctor at Los Angeles County hospital, people over here in Australia are leaving no stone unturned to try and scare me with the hope of scaring me away and saving this girl and also their friends in US from getting exposed. But they chose a wrong man to confront. All the details about my victimization are provided along with evidence for your scrutiny over here.


Friends, here are the two links to what actually I was put through in Los Angeles by the corrupt LAPD officers and LAC-UC Hospital Doctors at her behest, and how much she always meant to me:

  • Trauma: This is a true account of what happened and how I've suffered on account of her.

  • Story of a ring: This is how much she meant to me, still does.

Friends, all I am asking is, if she didn't love me, why did she put me through the living hell of my life, so much so that even today her bite is hurting me and is trying to destroy my life. Why, just because I loved her with all I had?


I don't know what more to say friends, I'll leave it to you to decide what is right and what is wrong. It's your choice now. Are you with me or do you think I am a jerk and she was right and is right.


Take care,

Amanpreet Singh Rai






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