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My Battle for my Love, Dignity and Equality


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I am a qualified Forensic Expert with a University Gold Medal in Masters of Forensic Science Spl. Chemistry and Toxicology, I am a qualified and experienced High School Science teacher. I used to drive as I had to make both ends meet and driving was the only work readily available for an immigrant who had nothing of his own in a new country.


 I have also finished my musical training and just released my first two singles from my debut album "I'm Fine". The singles are titled "Dance" which is a house track, and "All For My Angel" which is a short dubstep loop.


This page however was written in the last quarter of 2010!!



Friends, for the last eight months I have been struggling day in day out trying to come to terms not only with the harsh reality of having been tricked by the one I loved the most, but also fighting against a pack of wolves out to bite every bit of flesh off my body.


It's been more than five months now since I've had a day off from my daily routine, or rather weekly routine. I work for five days a week as a bus driver with Southlink, a company that covers a part of work for Adelaide Metro services. My job takes minimum eight hours of work plus a forty minute to one hour break out of my day. It takes me about half an hour to get to work and another half to get back. So basically I am left with fourteen hours to do the rest of my stuff.


Friends, I tried to collaborate with a producer and a female artist to record and release a song and I even took a ten thousand dollar loan from my bank, hoping to record three songs with videos actually. But as you people know now from this email evidence, I wasn't sure if he was working at the behest of this girl and her label so I had to call off the arrangement. Left with no choice but to learn music on my own I've been taking regular Piano and Drum lessons since last week of April. Other than that I've been teaching myself how to play guitar and tumbi (A folk instrument from Punjab), and also learning how to record and produce tracks. I have made rapid progress in all these fields now as you might notice in the works I have compiled for my channel "Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss".


However all this takes some major time out of my week. My drum and Piano lessons demand an hour each every week, while I practice Piano and Guitar for half an hour everyday, five days a week. I practice tumbi whenever I get some free time at work, generally when I am waiting for my next trip in a layover zone, while I practise drums for an hour each on two days I am off from work. Moreover, I write a chapter each for my two novels, each of which takes me a minimum of five hours for writing, editing and uploading, and also I work on my DAW creating sounds and music for my intended first releases.


Friends, I have cut down on every conceivable expense to save money for my music lessons and also repay my bank loan. I spent five hundred dollars each on getting a tattoo on each of my shoulder but everyday I jog in a pair of torn T-shirt and torn track pant, wearing worn out jogging shoes, simply because I needed tattoos for the image I want to create for my stage and music act whereas money spent on jogging attire appears to be a waste and I can very well make do with old worn out stuff.


The question is, why am I putting myself to so much trouble especially when daggers are already out for me?


Friends, inspite of all that she's done to hurt me, I still love her and I love her the same as I did the first day I realized I love her.


Friends, I believe in the ancient belief of "Karma Yog". It basically has two important components: Firstly, you do what you are supposed to do without worrying about the consequences. Secondly, for every sin you commit, you have to serve punishment to become pure again. Now I have committed a few mistakes in my life that I am not too proud of and I believe whatever she did to me was GOD's way of punishing me for those. Also, one of the age old beliefs in India is, "There's a saint in every dacoit." I am waiting for the saint in her to wake up.


Friends, I believe in GOD and I believe she is the one GOD has made for me. But then, I don't expect her to marry a bus driver, or a teacher. So friends, I have decided I am going to use the three years time of the restraining order to improve myself and be someone she would love to marry. And that's what I am working hard for friends.


But friends, now I need your help. I need your help to save me from the dark designs of these racist cheap stakes who are out to stop me at any cost and degrade my love into a controversy fodder for an even cheaper and ethic-less girl.


Friends, she said in court, "I have so many fans!" I want to tell her, "I have so many friends!"


It's my battle to win my love back, my dignity back (which will be automatically restored once she marries me) and a fight to promote equality for everyone irrespective of their caste, colour or religion.


Are you with me friends?





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