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New Evidence


(I don't have a choice. If I won't bring this story out in public, they will make one out of me.

Read the underlined portions of this link.)


So friends things have been put on fast track now, ever since I posted all the evidence on my website. I have already contacted a few "International Human Rights Organizations" and also a few "Media Houses" across the globe.


Anyway, this is what has happened since I attended the meeting at the Teachers Registration Board and posted the evidence on my website.



I received this letter in the afternoon on Monday, November 1, 2010 and just like the other times it was a coincidence that in the early morning of the same date, before retiring to bed around One O'clock in the morning (I sleep late as I finish my work around midnight and I do my guitar and piano practise at night after that; working hard for my love) I had written a couple of tweets mentioning how I've contacted some "International Human Rights Organisations". (Here's the link, tweets number 22 and 23) Trust me friends, next letter is also a coincidence. Anyhow, this one said that the Board doesn't wish to correspond any further on this matter until the matter is pending investigation.



What a coincidence I received this letter the day when I blasted a few people needlessly troubling me in the early hours of the morning, (you know when friends). (Same link as above: Read tweets from number 2 to 11)


Anyway, I have replied to this one and here's the reply: Page One and Two


Friends, I am also uploading the two pages of transcript from the meeting for your observation. Please read the underlined parts: Page One and Two


As you can see, neither was I told what allegations have been found true to warrant the order that has been passed against me, nor was any evidence provided. How was I supposed to defend myself in such a case? What else would you call that meeting if not a sham?


Look at the page two and see how they admit they will consider the evidence only after a psychiatric report and then go on to claim in their letter dated October 18, 2010 (Page One and two) how they have ALREADY considered the evidence and found out that I needed a psychiatric evaluation.


  • Letter Dated November 12, 2010 (Page One & Two):

This is the latest letter that I have received from the board, same thing over and over again. However I had to reply to this one for legal reasons and I have done exactly the same. I have not only explained to them in detail how they are victimizing me but also informed them of my intentions of initiating legal proceeding against the erring officials. Friends read the underlined parts of this page, the presiding officer herself made it clear to me that whether or not I agreed they will order a psychiatric evaluation and failure to comply will result in the suspension of my teaching registration. Read the underlined parts of these pages (One & Two) and see how no evidence was discussed in the meeting denying me an opportunity to question it and defend myself and later these people sent me a letter (Dated October 18, 2010 Page One & Two) claiming evidence has been perused to pass an interim order suspending my teaching and ordering me to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. What evidence was perused?


Also read the underlined parts of this page and see for yourself friends their own counsel was suggesting a time frame extending beyond Christmas but the haste of these people to pre-pone the whole process to December 7, 2010 clearly shows their true intentions.


I have raised all these points in my reply to the board. (Page One & Two)


Friends the thing is, even if I agreed to the psychiatric evaluation it will be nothing more than another setup just like all the rest that I have been through just because I love Marie Digby and I had the guts to ask her, "Will you marry me?" I did everything that was humanly possible to put a smile on the face of this girl, just because I love her. Now this is my punishment for the same.


The truth is clear, they want to get a cooked up report from a Psychiatrist and then use that in conjunction with the filthy hurtful lies of Marie Digby and rubbish all my true evidence. Why? Two purposes:


  • Preventing me from exposing Marie Digby as they will then be able to claim that he is insane.

  • Marie Digby will get publicity out of this whole episode.


However friends, I am giving them a befitting reply on this one. Here's the letter I am sending them in reply: Page One and Two


  • Letter Dated December 10, 2010 (Page One & Two)

So friends, this is the final piece of communication from the board informing me that my registration as an employable teacher has been suspended. Thanks to my expose on the website, I escaped being put into a mental hospital for the sake of publicity.


But the real battle starts now. These people deserve no mercy for what they have done. A strong message needs to be sent that discrimination on no account will be taken lightly.


Friends, it's time for us to take the battle to their camp now.


Friends, my reply to them will be in the form of a court notice now. But I don't want them to feel content that they have broken the law legally and won't get caught. So here's three email printouts just to tell them, "They will be punished for their SINS!!" I call it "sins" because discrimination against any person in any form is a sin against GOD himself, because GOD has created everyone equal.




Now friends, the kind of situation I am in, the kind of cheap stakes that I am dealing with, the kind of influence and money power they have, do you think I can fight alone?


I need your help friends, badly.


Please help me!!

Please save me!!




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