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She's Out to trap and use Sam Milby


(How she's used Sam's fame to find sponsors for her movie in Philippines.)


Plays a heroine wronged in love on screen, ruins a man's life in reality!!


In an industry where careers are made and broken, dreams fulfilled and shattered overnight, it's often stated, "Any controversy is a good controversy as long as it keeps you in news." But some artists in their desperation to succeed take this proverb to it's extreme and forget the real basis of any success story, "Talent and Hard-work."


One of the now famous rags to riches folklore, a story about a simple next door Jane to stardom is Marie Christina Digby. From a simple cover video of Rihanna's "Umbrella" to the release of two English and a Japanese album, this girl has sure come a long way. But then how much of her success is a result of her talent and how much of it is a handiwork of a clever marketing ploy is not too hard to identify. Her Asian roots, thanks to her Japanese mother, made her an instant hit amongst the Asian population searching for an idol to identify itself with in Hollywood and her story gave wings to many a young people's hope they might be the next lucky ones. There are young people especially in Philippines who love her to pieces, trust her and idolize her. However the million dollar question over here is, "Does this girl deserve all your love and adulation? Is she trustworthy?"


Actually behind the all innocent and homely mask hides a clever entrepreneur who will leave no stone unturned just to succeed at any costs. She happens to be one of the rare artists who has taken the proverbial "controversy" to another level of use and abuse. In her short career she has escorted more controversies than the actual creative work she has to show against her name. Hailed as a youtube sensation, it wasn't long after the release of her debut album "Unfold" the real truth about her already been a signed artist came out. Perhaps the ploy to project her as a youtube sensation didn't work wonders for her career as expected so it was decided to generate a controversy to give her the news space and grab public attention.


Her second album "Breathing Underwater" has also not been without it's share of controversies either. First it was a story about it getting leaked even before the release and then she went around the world claiming how it is a representation of her love story. Even as late as August this year when she was a traveling correspondent with the American TV channel ABC for Lilith fair, she was promoting her movie by the same name and based on the songs from the same album with the same story. The question is, "What happened to the stranger she was in love with, the one with whom her story in her own words was still a dot dot dot?" Well, it so happens, yours truly was at the receiving end of her cheap antics and clever ploy. (I will explain this point later in this write-up)


Perhaps her fake love story has outlived it's utility and failed miserably to generate the kind of interest she must have expected it to generate for her movie, or maybe she has ditched the poor guy for a more famous and handsome hunk, Sam Milby. Now that brings us to the reason behind this write-up, "Does she really love Sam or is she another American Gold-Digger out to trap the hot favorite actor in her only stable market, the Philippines?" Let us analyse what has perespired over the last few months.


In May this year, Sam and Marie were caught together on a date. They both denied being an item to the people and requested to be photographed separately. Nobody would have known about the incident outside Philippines and the incident would have passed into oblivion but not if Miss Marie could help it. She replied to a tweet that hinted and lead the entire world to the same story and suddenly everyone knew about what happened and Sam Milby found himself in a soup. On his part Sam clearly denied being involved with her and stated emphatically, it was just one date and nothing more. (http://www.newspaper.ph/sam-milby-nips-marie-digby-rumors-in-the-bud) If the link doesn't work click here for the saved file.


The story and controversy should have ended there but perhaps that wasn't what Miss Marie wanted. She wanted to sensationalize the issue, so she gave an interview claiming how she likes Sam and how they have been on a few dates (Sam admitted one) together and how she didn't want to use Sam Milby's name for publicity (Saved file if link doesn't work). (http://www.mb.com.ph/node/262068/marie-digby-admit)

 Girl, if you don't want to use Sam Milby's name for publicity why don't you just keep quiet and let Sam's word to the media take care of the controversy?


Anyway time went by and in came September, Sam was having a concert in Japan and next thing we know, Marie was tweeting about her forthcoming trip to Japan making people expectedly asked Sam, "Is he excited to meet her?" Sam on his part once again said it will be good but they don't have a commitment and he wouldn't mind if Marie dated someone else. Sam was perhaps still not sure about her and hence kept his cards closed. Marie however is not the one to let the opportunity slip away and she duly rocked up at his concert and on stage, apparently enacting being pushed onto the stage by someone. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBZg2GOuMzM) Sam, how many girls have you dated so far who have rocked up at your show and on to the stage uninvited?


Marie didn't let it go there. It has been claimed earlier that the two communicate via direct messages on twitter but Marie needed the world to know she is dating Sam, so she tweeted a nonsense tweet, "I am totally a toys r us kid" trying to lead everyone outside Philippines and unaware of Sam or Marie's whereabouts to Sam's profile so that everybody can know Sam was in Japan and they can put two and two together. If her love is a personal matter and she is not interested in publicity out of it why can't she just keep it private? Why is she tweeting intentionally to hint at her relationship with Sam Milby every now and then? Isn't she trying to milk his fame and publicity?


She's played her cards really well this time. Irrespective of what Sam decides about his future she has made sure she generated enough interest and publicity for her movie "Breathing Underwater" to attract sponsors and be shown in the Philippines.


What does all this suggest if not how Marie is trying to use Sam Milby's popularity even if he is trying to maintain distance from the acoustic star? Isn't she out to trap Sam Milby? She comes from a world renowned for women who marry rich and  famous men for their fame and money. What does all her actions speak about her? Is Sam in danger of getting caught in the wrong web?


I would like to ask Sam, "Are you sure she is the right girl Sam? Would you not find a better girl in Philippines?" The whole world in coming to Philippines to find a beautiful Filipino girl for marriage and you are searching oceans away. Infact I would myself love to marry either a Japanese or a Filipino chick only but unfortunately I love this heartless publicity monger. But Sam you for all the love, adulation, fame and fortune Philippines and it's lovely people have bestowed upon you, why do you want to date a girl who is neither a Filipino nor can speak their language properly? Sam, there are so many young and nubile Filipina beauties who would happily die for you. There are girls who are doctors, scientists, engineers and teachers, who are amazingly beautiful, who will make excellent wives taking care of you, raising your family and bear you intelligent kids. Why this girl who's openly using your publicity and still claiming to be innocent? Perhaps it's the punishment God is giving you for breaking poor Anna Curtis's heart.


As far as I am concerned, I have made some mistakes in my life for which I hadn't been able to forgive myself until this girl put me through all that I went through. But now the water has crossed over my head and I need to stop her before it's too late. She or her label, or perhaps both have decided to make me a scape goat to generate news leading to publicity in India. Irrespective of whether I came out with my story or not, their puppets in Teachers Registration Board South Australia who are working in tandem with them have already decided to declare me mentally sick, a ploy they have been working on since February this year. Now, if that were to happen I would be in trouble for sure but it will generate a good news item, "A teacher of Indian origin has been stripped of his teaching registration with concerns regarding his mental health. He was accused of stalking Marie Digby." As this new would make headlines across India, she would automatically get publicity and her label will be able to market her movie over there. That's how this heartless and moral-less girl works. The pain and trouble that would put me in doesn't bother her the least.


Friends, it is time to not only show this girl the proverbial door but also to make an example out of her so that many others like her in the entertainment industry and many more waiting outside it, desist from such an act ever again.


Friends, it is not just about me anymore. It's about all of us, the common ordinary people on streets. What has happened to me can happen to anyone, it could happen to you, your friends, brothers or sisters or someone close to you. At thirty years of age (Thirty one now) I never imagined myself doing such an idiotic thing as this entire episode. But then, I am a simple man without any malice or vile, just like any other ordinary guy walking down the street, his little kid holding his finger asking him innocent questions and marching alongside. We need to send a strong message to girls like her, "You don't play with the hearts of simple innocent people who make you the stars you claim yourselves to be. It ruins their lives, just like she has ruined mine, and to think of it I gave her all my love, unconditionally.





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