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Racists at work


(I don't have a choice. If I won't bring this story out in public, they will make one out of me.

Read the underlined portions of this link

(Evidence of what is happening: All the letters and details provided and explained in the lower half of this piece.)


Friends, my ordeal with these people started the day I returned from my first trip from Los Angeles and went into the Teachers Registration Board to inform them of the situation. As a registered teacher it is mandatory for every teacher to inform the board about any legal matters he or she might get involved in. Since, this was a civil matter, and above all a personal thing between me and Marie, and I hadn't been sentenced or anything, this thing as per rules warranted no action against me.


Friends I am so glad I did that cause if I hadn't, what these people had done to me since then and all within rules, I have reasons to believe that I would have been put behind bars by now for hiding a legal issue with my teaching registration cancelled, my story the headlines across the globe and Marie Digby gladly milking all the publicity promoting herself and her movie. The people who are involved in this fiasco may have racial prejudice against me but she sure is exploiting it well.


Now friends, the legal value of the restraining order against me as far as teaching is concerned is NIL and the only way they can corner me is by declaring me mentally disturbed. That is what exposes the entire game this girl and these people have played so far.


Los Angeles cops, when they spent nearly three hours inside the Digby household while I waited outside in handcuffs in an uncomfortable car must have analysed all the evidence that I have shared with you, namely youtube messages and my twitter pages. Now I clearly wrote to her in the letter that I wrote for her sitting outside her house, "Why should I not sue you for causing me mental harassment and financial damages?" Those people, they all knew if I was to do that not only Marie Digby will be in financial mess but will also be exposed. Their only hope left was to harass me so much that I would get scared and forget everything that has happened (That will easily explain all that these people did to me). Also, to make sure they had an advantage over me in case I came out with my story, they forced me into the Psychiatric ward of LAC-UCH. They released me well before the time cause if they had kept me there Australian Embassy people would have been required to be involved and the whole thing might have gone to media straight away, which would have exposed everything. So they let me off and allowed me to travel back hoping that I will be easily scared by their helpers in Australia to keep my mouth shut. This is where two officials from Teachers Registration Board stepped in and as I mentioned here, their were other people involved as well, one of the organizations since Nov-Dec 2009. I would rather believe that ABS is less of a statistics collecting organisation but more of a public branch of official spying agencies, rest you can decide on your own friends. Below is provided all the proof with explanation as to what has been happening since February 2010.


First thing you might notice is how I've received one letter every month. And we are talking about something which was a personal matter between me and Marie Digby and not a criminal offence.


01. Letter dated February 24, 2010 (Page One and Two)

This is it how it all started. I did the right thing by informing the board of a civil matter and I was asked to provide all the evidence as if was a court which will be deciding if what Marie has alleged is true or what I have to say is fair. All within rules and I had no objection. I duly wasted two days explaining all the stuff that happened and provided all the evidence like Youtube messages, twitter pages and video clips from youtube.


02. Letter dated March 31, 2010 (Page One)

A harmless covering letter of the transcripts of the interview held at the TRB office earlier that I mentioned above and all within rules. But importantly, another month another letter. Nothing suspicious in my head till then.


03. Letter dated April 6, 2010 (Page One)

Another month another letter, reminding me how "We are still thinking over the issue." That was fine with me, it was all within the rules and I wanted them to take their time as I had nothing to hide and I hadn't committed any crime.


04. Letter dated May 31, 2010 (Page One)

Another month, another letter. Nothing to do with the case but it set me thinking, are they trying to tell me, "We are watching?" I still reserved my judgement.


05. Letter dated June 15, 2010 (Page One and Two)

Another month, another letter and the cat was out of the bag. I was told I need to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. For the first time it dawned upon me that they were actually trying to stop me, stop me from fighting for my right to equality, stop me from trying to win my love back, just by my hard work. As I mentioned here and here (My reference to using #BlindGirl and #WildMare trending topics to keep myself motivated and focussed, learning music is a tough gig, especially when you are running out of time, all the time) I was working hard to make a name for myself. I wondered if they have a plan to just set me up as I wasn't even given a choice of picking a Psychiatrist of my choice but given a board nominated short list. I smelt a rat and I was right. (Read the underlined parts of this page.)


I decided to let go off my teaching registration, so I wrote to them informing them how I am pursuing a career in entertainment industry and how I am neither involved with teaching, nor interested in it.

My reply: June 25, 2010 (Page One and Two)


The matter should have ended there but it didn't.


06. Letter dated July 19, 2010 (Page One and Two)

Another month and another letter, Ms Wendy Hastings, the registrar still insisting that I need to do what they are saying and like her previous letter suggested me to take legal advice.


I was incensed, incensed because she had clearly told me that I may choose not to undergo psychiatric evaluation which would mean I will be suspended from teaching register. Now I was ready for the suspension or cancellation, either way, of my teaching registration, that too indefinitely or permanently as the board may have decided but THEY WERE TRYING TO FORCE ME TO FIGHT.


Why should I have to fight when I don't need to or care to? Why will I need legal advice when I agree with what they were going to do? I sent my reply to Ms Hastings quoting her own words and asking her, why do I need legal advice when there is nothing to fight about? But for the first time I thought, "Are these people trying to make it a news item?" The reason is simple, if I won't fight and let them cancel my registration, they will have no reason to go to the press about how a teacher of Indian origin had his teaching registration cancelled for STALKING "Marie Digby". It would have made headlines across the globe, including Australia and India, giving her unprecedented publicity. So I refused to fight and told them again, they can cancel my registration, I have no objection and I won't hold the board responsible for it.

My reply: August 2, 2010 (Page One and Two)


07. Letter dated August 18, 2010 (Page One and Two)

Another month another letter, inviting me for a preliminary meeting before the actual inquiry. This letter was infact personally handed over to me, one day before the Australian Federal Elections that were held on August 21, 2010. It was another coincidence that I wasn't rostered for work that day, so I was at home and also, Marie Digby posted this picture via twitpic that day, pointing at a ring in her finger (Although she would have us believe she was pointing at the kitty in her hand, but you people get the idea). Considering how close the election results were, I am sure Prime Minister Ms Julia Gillard might be interested in knowing what's happening over here. I wasn't interested in fighting, so I told them in concise terms, "You can cancel my registration, I have no objections."

My Reply: September 14, 2010 (Page One)


08. Letter dated September 28, 2010 (Page One and Two)

When nothing worked for them and they couldn't scare me into fighting a needless legal battle, this was their last trick, a letter bearing the letter head of "The ATTORNEY General's office. The attempt was to scare me into believing that this is some terrible mess and I should fight legally. I wasn't scared but I was incensed. I chose to keep quiet and as I had already told them I won't be attending the preliminary meeting, I didn't attend it.


09. Letter dated October 5, 2010 (Page One)

Another letter, just a harmless covering letter but perhaps sent in the hope that it will make me attend the meeting. And yes, I did attend the meeting and what a sham it was. I told them that it is a civil and personal matter between me and Marie and I have already provided all the evidence to prove that all the allegations she's levelled against me are false, but they insisted they want a psychiatric evaluation.


I reminded them, a psychiatrist found me perfectly normal in less than 16 hours of admitting me in a hospital for 72 hour observation period, are they questioning his authority in his field? But they were still adamant.


I told them they can suspend my registration but I want it to be clearly mentioned in the orders what evidence was found against me to warrant such an order. They refused, saying this is just a preliminary enquiry (then what the hell was the preliminary meeting about) and we are not discussing evidence. I was told I needed to undergo a psychiatric evaluation first and then there will be another meeting where the evidence will be discussed and a decision made.


I realized, this was a sham and there was no point arguing with them. I am hundred percent sure that the psychiatric evaluation will be too, simply for two reasons: They need to cancel my registration and make it a news to provide Marie Digby the publicity and secondly to help her escape being exposed by claiming I am mentally disturbed an no one should believe what I am saying.


Friends, even if I don't expose them now, they are still going to do their dirty work.


I have attached the page of the transcript of the meeting for you to see for yourself what is happening at number 12 below. Here is my reply to the board to inform them of my stand. They refused to accept this letter in the meeting (I wonder what the meeting was for) and asked me to post it, which I duly did with another covering letter.

My Reply: October 14, 2010 (Page One and Two)


10. Letter dated October 18, 2010 (Page One and Two)

A letter giving me ten days to make a choice of the doctor.


11. Letter dated October 21, 2010 (Page One - Cover page)

Just the cover page of the transcripts of the meeting that were sent to me.


12. A page from the transcripts: I have no choice

Friends, see for yourself, I have no choice and why? Just two reasons:

  • Firstly, they cannot see a person of Indian origin improving his life and becoming better than them. If they were honest, they would have been supporting me in my efforts to learn music, writing novels and trying to make a name for myself. They would ACCEPT I am a role model kids need to follow simply because inspite of all the bullying, harassment and emotional distress I have been put through, I neither committed suicide, nor did I take to drugs, alcohol, immoral activities or violence. Instead, I chose to use this setback as a motivation, as a challenge and took it upon myself to improve my life and social standing.

  • Secondly, they are desperately trying to generate a news that will fetch "Marie Digby" (Who happens to be from the same race even if halfway, as all the people who have been victimizing me come from. Trust me friends, not even a single Black, Asian or Indian person is involved in this fiasco), the publicity she needs to promote her movie internationally.

Friends, all the evidence is at your disposal now and you all are fairly intelligent to see for yourself, what is happening over here and how I am being victimized.


Friends, if you feel I am being wrongly victimized, if you feel I am doing the right thing, please stand up for me and rally behind me. Please SAVE ME!!





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