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Issues with my twitter account


Well friends, for a long time I've been raising issues like how I've never received any support from media organizations in my struggle and how some people with authority in certain organizations have tried to scare me into quitting my fight for my love and dignity. So many times have I also pointed out and shared evidence in the form of scanned images of official documents as to how these people have decided that their offence (and if the situation goes out of their hands, their defence) against me is to try and prove that I am mentally unstable. Well, friends here I am going to share with you some evidence about an act that has been committed twice to help those culprits. Rest is up to you to check and judge.


As I've mentioned on a few pages on this website as to how I am using my twitter account http://www.twitter.com/PeaceLoveAdvice as my weapon against them, to collect evidence as also to continue my fight for my love and dignity, it is really important as to what happens over there.


When I went to Los Angeles to defend myself against the filthy rotten allegations that had been made against me (which I was never given a fair chance to defend myself from), one of the evidence that I carried along (and the Judge never even allowed me to explain the context, meaning and implications of it) was a copy of all the replies that I had received on my twitter page until that time, including the one written by Ms Marie Digby and also one of her friends Chief Wakil. Then there were replies by various other artists with verified accounts like Jordan Sparks, Shontelle, Uday Chopra, even PigeonPoll (A twitter admin account I guess who even followed me for a while) and many other friends like Shaylala etc . Here's the link to the same if you haven't checked that file yet.


Subsequently one day I found all these missing from my replies page and had to write about the same to twitter to which I got a typical admin reply on the lines of, "It is a known issue and we are working on it." Here's the two replies that I received from the admin:



Ok, I agree it is a known issue and lot of other people have experienced it as well. But in my case it goes two steps ahead.


Months have past since then and the situation has got worst. With respect to my fight for my love and dignity, I started getting a lot of hate messages but I never got any messages of support (as I will show in a moment when I will share the latest image of my replies page).


One of the people whose page I saved was "Sarameeh" who wrote a lot of nasty stuff over a long period of time and she was just one of them (The copy that I am sharing with you is one of the first copies of her page that I saved). Here's a saved link of her page.




Note her tweet at number "5" where she shamelessly mentions how these people contacted the gorgeous Filipina actress "Anne Curtis Smith" and her sister "Jasmine Curtis Smith" and tried to influence their mind against me. If you have read my other pages you will know how I've mentioned that one of my company bosses (the company that I worked for at that time) got a call from a girl twice telling him to warn me of giving up my fight for my love and dignity or face consequences. I may also bring to your notice that the girl at "Manilla Times" who I was in touch with regarding the placement of my advertisement to promote my novels had also at one point refused to pick up my phone. She later explained to me that she thought the call (no number) was from a girl who had been bothering her.


Now before I give you a few more examples here's my replies page (Complete with all the replies it shows at the moment) when I last captured it on 9th April, 2011:


As you can see it is showing only a handful of replies and that too replies which reflect as a part of a social marketing thing, as if same reply forwarded to many people, so of no evidentiary value. Most of my replies which might have been of immense value in court proceedings if and when I might start them against my culprits, they are all missing. To give you an example, check the date on the twitter's reply emails (which are 29th and 30th August, 2010 respectively) and then compare it to the dates of the tweets that I am sharing in the following links and also with the dates on the replies that appear in the link that I just shared directly above this paragraph. Here are the links of replies (Check the dates on all of them for comparison):


  • Shontelle Layne the most amazing singer I've known and the most genuine person, her new reply is missing just like the previous replies from other artists (Wait until I share with you the biggest link, just a few lines below). If you can do one thing for me, "Support Shontelle Layne cause she's not only an awesome singer and a gorgeous girl but also a great heart".

  • One of my friends Cognition Switch just wrote to me a few days back. Check the date of his tweet especially and see how it is sandwiched right in the middle of the handful of tweets visible in my replies page.

  • My kid sister Shaylala's Tweet I and Tweet II


And if you think there's a bug just with the replies, wait till you check my direct messages.


First a look at how my received direct messages link looks like:


Now tell me how many people get a direct message from their idol? Sir Schwarzenegger who along with the Bollywood legend Dharmendra and Cricket legend Navjot Singh Sidhu are the only three people alive on this earth that I am a fan of, sent me a direct message last Christmas. Only problem is, it never showed up in my direct messages. But luckily I have set up my twitter account for email notifications as well and how glad am I that I did! Here's the email notification of the same that saved the day for me:


How the heck does all this make any difference, you will be tempted to ask.


Well friends, all these messages and replies mean that there are people who read the stuff that I write. Without these it is really easy to say that I am nuts writing crazy stories and stupid stuff. Remember my twitter account is not meant for fun. It is a strategic page that I have used to gather evidence. Each and every tweet that I have written and each and every reply that I have received could be important for me. Destroying my replies and direct messages has two implications:

  • Firstly, it's a clear act of evidence destruction.

  • Secondly, it also implies that I may have been cut off from those who support me and whose only means of communicating with me might have been my twitter account.


Both these issues are really very serious and have grave implications.


The only reason I am sharing this evidence with you is to make sure people are aware of the reality of my struggle and what kind of stuff I've been through. But will I give up my fight?




Simply because it's not just my fight anymore. It's a fight for all the people who are discriminated against for any reason in any part of the world, be it colour, race, religion or sexual orientation.


It's a fight for all the ordinary people who don't have resources or money to mount big legal challenges, people who are forced to resign to their fate and live the rest of their lives with moral stigmas on their conscience for no fault of theirs.


It's a fight for every ordinary man, for every ordinary woman.


It's a fight for every person who has ever loved someone in their life from the depths of their heart. It's a fight for every person who loves someone else more than their own life.


It's a fight for "True Love".


What do you all reckon? Should I give up my fight?


If you ever have something to say to me ring me directly on my mobile:



If I don't pick up my phone then send me an SMS at the same number and I will call you back. If you don't get any call back from me then take it as a hint that I never received your SMS.





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What everyone is saying:

In fact it IS a known twitter issue. I've got that twice personally. The only difference is that the DMs remained. All replies were gone.
Russian Ivan
2012-02-26 15:50:22

Ivan the point that I am trying to make here is that a website as huge as twitter should not be having such issues. It is un-professional. I means you have no evidence in case you need it. Direct messages have gone missing from my account, I didn't receive direct messages when I got the email notifications for the same. Replies have gone missing more often than not (that is, the replies don't appear on my replies page even though they are still there on the pages of those who wrote them. The point I am making is, it is very easy to hide behind the excuse that we have got issues. Besides, of all the websites like Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, Orkut and others, twitter was the first one to yield to the Government demands of censorship and has agreed to selectively ban certain tweets in certain geographical areas. Do you realize how dangerous this is? This means twitter can actually promote a class of tweets that promote a particular political view or otherwise while at the same
Amanpreet Singh Rai
2012-02-27 08:06:04

My name is:

I would like to add: