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My Victimization


NEW: Proof help cannot reach me!! (Read the last paragraph of this page and check out the scanned images of official letters provided alongside!!)


(Contains emails I wrote to the then PM, a recorded conversation between me and ABS, plus other evidence)


Friends, before I provide all of you with the evidence to support my claims, I want to ask some people a question each:


  • President Mr Barack Obama: "Sir, you are the first black man to lead America and after 200 years black Americans can finally claim they are equals. My question is, what about Indians? Do we have to wait for another 200 years before we will be considered equals as well?"

  • The then California Governor and one of the only three living personalities on this earth that I am a fan of Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger: "Sir, I follow you on twitter and I noticed how you so often tweeted about creating new jobs. Post recession your efforts were absolutely amazing and laudable. My question is, it's good you created jobs Sir but what sort of people were actually hired to do those jobs? Racists and corrupts?"

  • To the people of USA: "Friends, after all that I went through in the states I still don't hate America or Americans simply because of the amazing people I met during my two short visits, a junior lady doctor at LAC, a nurse and a ward boy, a bus driver Jim Luccit, a concierge at Hotel May Fair and countless other nameless faces. But my question is, my human rights were not violated in Iraq or Afghanistan or Iran or Pakistan but in LOS ANGELES California, the heart of USA. Now who should invade America?" Please don't get me wrong, but what I want to point out over here is, there's no point in solving issues continents away when there are problems in your own backyard.


Now friends when all this happened I was so shocked and hurt that I didn't even know what to do next. I was in a bad financial state, thanks to my two overseas trips because of this girl, one to Japan and the other to the US, and also the rings that I bought for her. I was incensed at the way I had been treated for no fault of mine and for doing the right thing that I decided I won't take things lying down like that. I wrote to the then PM of Australia at his official email, explaining in detail what had happened and also wrote as to how no one from the Australian embassy came to my aide, especially since I am an Australian Citizen. I forwarded a copy of the same email to the Ministry of Trade and External Affairs as also the Australian Embassy in Los Angeles. (Here's a saved file of the same email) The reply I got showed me how easy it was for everyone to miss a person of Indian origin caught in trouble while the local officials made merry at harassing me. (Here's the reply.)


I wrote again to the PM (Saved File) and again forwarded the emails to the two other institutions, this time requesting them for legal help of any kind, and I wasn't asking for financial help cause I knew, worst come worst my friends will gladly lend me some money for that, but the reply to my email exposes the insensitivity of everyone towards an Indian. I was told, it is my personal matter and I have to deal with it. (Here's the reply.)


Anyway, I realized no one is going to help me and I will have to fight for my dignity on my own. I travelled to Los Angeles again, using the meagre fourteen hundred dollars of saving my brother had left with me for safe keeping while he was on a visit to India. I went to the states with a hope of getting justice, after all it is America, but justice is what you don't get when you are a poor man. I couldn't afford a lawyer and I wasn't given a chance to show what I am putting forward for you guys to judge now. I felt humiliated, cheated and mutilated.


I was still very much in love with her but thanks to her dirty lies I had a restraining order against my name, a very first in my life. For someone who's never broken a law (Except for some minor traffic offences which we all are a culprit of and which can't be considered breaking law in the same sense as what some criminals do, although I am not justifying such actions over here) all this was a very hurtful and life changing situation.


I was depressed down and out, I could have killed myself, or taken to drugs, or become an alcoholic or many other things could have happened but I survived. I am a born fighter and I took this whole situation as a challenge. I told myself:


"I love this girl and I believe she is the one GOD has made for me. If I let her go, my faith in GOD will be lost forever. I have to get her and her love back but I will have to do it fair and square. Once I'll get her back not only will my faith in GOD be saved but also my dignity will automatically be restored as well as the girl who caused me so much harm will accept me in her life."


So friends, I chose to make a career for myself in the field of entertainment. Started learning music and writing two novels, with hopes of finally making a mark in entertainment industry, creating a niche for myself and wining over her heart. To keep myself motivated I created two threads on my twitter page "Peace Love Advice" in the form of trending topics, #BlindGirl and #WildMare. I started writing what I wanted to say to her using these threads as according to my restraining orders I can neither write to her, nor any of her friends. And that's where my troubles started. Actually my troubles had started as soon as she had finished shooting her movie last year. I'll explain that in a moment.


So friends, what happened after that is the real ordeal that I've been put through since the last eight months (Nearly eleven if we count what started last year after her movie shooting was over.)


Friends, I've been victimized and harassed by four organizations but I have direct proof against one and indirect proof against the another. The other two are a bit elusive, elusive in the sense that I was put under pressure by people from the two organizations but I cannot produce any evidence at the moment to nail them. Although, when the organization I have indirect proof against, if we make them bring forth the rest of the evidence, it will automatically link one of the other two and offcourse, whatever evidence I am sharing with you guys today, it will give you clear hints as to which is the last organization. So here we go friends.


Australian Bureau of Statistics is one agency which collects all sorts of data from random households that it picks up for study. They do it for six months. Mine went on for eight until I finally asked, are going to stop or not. My ordeal with them started around November 2009 and this call was received in July. It started after she shot her movie and perhaps, got in touch with ABC channel. Here are the links to the videos I made when I recorded their last call to me. Listen to it carefully and you will get all the hints that I was mentioning above. (Part One, Two and Three) If I make these people release all the recordings of the conversations they had with me and collaborate it with some evidence from another organization, we can link the third organization in it too. But I'll skip it for the moment.


Perhaps, it was just a coincidence you people will say and also say that I am reading too much into it and that I am indeed crack. Fair enough! But then I've seen more coincidences in my life in the last eight months than I've seen any time earlier in my life. Here's the second coincidence.


After my dignity had been raped in Los Angeles, I returned to Australia and contacted a very talented music director, Jakub Gaudasinski (Now he's a good man and still on friendly terms with me but at that time the situation I was in, it made me loose my trust. I beg for his pardon if I was wrong!!) for collaboration. The idea was to produce songs, with me as the lyricist and Punjabi vocalist, and we contacted a female artist for English Vocals. A fusion song was what we were aiming for. I mentioned to him how I am doing this to win my love back and the next thing I knew, he was contacted by a girl from ABC Australia network who was interested in covering the story. Here's his email to me regarding the same. What a coincidence, Marie Digby is signed to ABC America which is different from ABC Australia as the American channel is private owned while the Aussie channel is state owned. Once the arrangement between me and Jakub was called off, I tried to contact another musician for the same project but the girl I was supposed to be working with wasn't too keen anymore. But another coincidence we can say.


But then Jakub wasn't the only guy who was contacted by a girl. My boss at my present company Southlink, Mr Neil Henderson, a very genuine and upright man, he was contacted twice by a lady telling him to make it clear to me, "He cannot have it!" She enquired about my contact details from him which he flatly refused because of some serious security concerns. I am really greatful to Mr Henderson for standing up for me in such hard times. Australia needs many more men like him. Infact, when I was travelling to the states for the second time he gave me a letter to show the court that I am a good man. Here's a scanned copy of the same. Thankyou Mr Henderson for standing up for me.


Well, if these coincidences are not enough then let me get to the real python over here. But before that I would like to share with you the following documents as they are very important in my subsequent revelations as they are what clearly exposes their game over here.

As you can clearly see, what ever excuse was used to put me in the hospital was found to have been resolved and I was released on my own to travel free. From what Marie alleged in her filthy lies, I wouldn't have been walking down the streets anyway for months after that but you can see how in mere sixteen hours after having being admitted for seventy two hour observation, I was released. Reason being, I satisfactorily answered two very important question:

  1. Why don't you go to India and marry an Indian girl?

  2. Do you think they are rich?

Anyway, these people thought that the ordeal they have put me through at the hospital and the terrifying harassment LAPD inflicted upon me would be enough to scare me to my bones. But little did they expect that the humiliation they have inflicted upon me would incense me so much that I will decide to take the issue head on.


As I mentioned above, I decided I am going to stand up for my rights and fight for my love and dignity. But this is what these people don''t want because of the racial differences involved and the cheep stake publicity monger that Marie Digby is, she thinks she will use the situation to her benefit. So this is how the whole situation is unfolding now. I may as well present this in a separate page:


Letters from TRB and my replies (What's happening right now and how Marie is trying to milk the controversy while these people are doing it just because of their racial prejudice)


Now friends I have also mentioned a lot of times that I am not getting any help from any quarters. With no options left I decided to take my fight to political level. Besides I thought if I was going to fight for myself I might as well fight for the betterment of every body. If you visit the Politics page of my website you will see all that I have been doing for the sake of ordinary people like me and you. As a part of those endeavours I founded the "Always Shine Australia Party" and initiated the registration for Australian Business and Tax File numbers for the same. Australian Taxation Department (ATO) sent me a letter on May 3, 2011 informing me that I will be contacted by one of their agents on phone to make sure all the relevant details are correct. I waited for their phone which finally came on June 10, 2011, coincidently (Story of my life)  the same day as I recieved a reply from the Minister For Transport SA to a letter that I had written to the Premier of South Australia (Both the letters are available on my Politics page). I thought the issue has been sorted out but yesterday I received another letter dated July 4, 2011 from ATO which states very clearly in the first paragraph itself that the department has been trying to get in touch with me to regarding the subject mentioned in first letter but they have been unable to contact me via the phone. This clearly shows that I am not receiving any important phone calls. Rest I leave to your better judgement but here are the scanned images of the two letters from ATO that I mentioned above.

May 3, 2011

July 4, 2011



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