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A Fatal Urge For: Carefree Kiss:






Mishiida Alexander

(A new chapter added every week!!)


*Content Warning: Contains occasional sexual references and violence. Recommended only for mature readers.


How the story unfolds..

1.      The story begins

2.      Chapter One: Familiar Unknown

3.      Chapter Two: You found me!! (Part I)

4.      Chapter Three: You found me!! (Part II)

5.      Chapter Four: "Mishiida Alexander"

6.      Chapter Five: Bitch my itch

7.      Chapter Six: Do you know her?

8.      Chapter Seven: Conniving fate

9.      Chapter Eight: Stay Close!

10.    Chapter Nine: Kill her to know her

11.    Chapter Ten: All of my family

12.    Chapter Eleven: The frail side

13.    Chapter Twelve: I am a man

14.    Chapter Thirteen: How does that make us good?

15.    Chapter Fourteen: Calm before the storm

16.    Chapter Fifteen: What was my fault?

17.    Chapter Sixteen: Innocence trampled

18.    Chapter Seventeen: No time to blink

19.    Chapter Eighteen: Get your girl!!

20.    Chapter Nineteen: Race on

21.    Chapter Twenty: Roses among guns

22.    Chapter Twenty One: Test of love

23.    Chapter Twenty Two: Knowing your sides

24.    Chapter Twenty Three: Finding love in rubble

25.    Chapter Twenty Four: Private Curt Sommers

26.    Chapter Twenty Five: Unexpected quarters

27.    Chapter Twenty Six: Searching for answers

28.    Chapter Twenty Seven: Get him

29.    Chapter Twenty Eight: Two Moons

30.    Chapter Twenty Nine: Love in the line of fire

31.    Chapter Thirty: Instant choices

32.    Chapter Thirty One: Thinning air

33.    Chapter Thirty Two: My time at my will

34.    Chapter Thirty Three: Don't mess with me

35.    Chapter Thirty Four: Great

-The End-




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