Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss

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Bankrupt in love

ďFatal Urge Carefree KissĒ

No one falls into love, to lose it a day.
And no one is perfect, try all we may.
Itís not like a one way road to a heart,
And neither is love meant to tear one apart.
Or test when you break!

Why should I wait by your door, hope you change your mind?
Do I love you no more, would you like to find?
To hell with you ego, and keep all your pride.
I donít care what I lose as I leave you behind.
Cause Iím bankrupt in love, thanks to you.
Oh baby bankrupt in love.

Verse 1:
Gone are the days when I bought you the flowers,
A glint of your eyes that would make me growl.
All thatís a lie that I wonít live no more,
For Iíve seen all your corners and known all your doors.
What a shame all I know now that you are defined.
And are you defined?

Verse 2:
All of the dreams feel like fancy of childhood, castles in air,
How I live for your choices, do my feels you care?
I left all you space that I felt squeezed like zoo,
The diamond is heartless but worth more than you.
Why am I here, I think Iíve lost my way.
Boy Iíve lost my way!


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