Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss

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Darling When you coming home

ďFerocious by instinct.Ē

Writer, producer, artist: Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss

Rap 1:
Ainít the first time, can be last time.
When a hope fades, who asks time?
Got bills to fill, and pills to kill,
But I ainít got, whaí my heart chimes.
Mad rush and a hard game,
With daggers drawn, all they want Ďs pain.
Wonít play no more, then drop to floor,
This edge it ends when I walk no more.
But then she called.

Hook 1:
Lost all my day,
Thinking of you.
Canít wait to hold in my hands,
The only face that I know.
That makes me wanna,
Makes me wanna,
Smile and thatís you.

Rap 2:
Who fights to win, canít live to lose.
But lost in fights, is what you choose.
Money to play and money to burn,
More money to show, more money to yearn.
Hot gold feels stone cold,
When what you lose, no words have told.
Needs and greed, they blind side,
I couldnít recal what makes my pride.
But thanks she called.

Hook 2:
Ran over the world,
Lost it to you.
I can slave all my life but only,
Youíll I now choose.
And dance Iím gonna, Dance Iím gonna.
Right besides you.

Darling when you coming home, coming home, coming home.
Baby when you coming home, coming home, coming home.
Tell me when you coming home, coming home, coming home.
Wanna see you coming home, coming home, coming home.

Yeah, thatís right.
Iím coming home baby.
Coming home.
Right now baby.
And I love you,
I just want you to know that.


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