Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss

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Lights of Glory (Master Mix)

By: Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss "Amanpreet Singh Rai".

Rap 1:
Yeah my songs are shit,
And my music sucks.
And I canít even sing,
Hit some notes by luck.

Now watch me rise to top like an Eiffel tower.
Aye buddy! Could you please press fast forward?

Yeah I was just an average,
Joe from the block.
That you wish you never knew,
Watch the babes I rock.

And live it!

Rap 2:
Donít wish I wonít write,
More songs like this.
For I canít even bother,
You ainít worth a diss.

I built a life out of ashes when Rome went bust.
But donít worry for your babe, she ainít one I lust.

Yeah Iím a better man,
Like Iíve always been.
That you wish to better someday,
But then you ainít me.

So suck it!

Watch the chickens come home.
With their egos of foam.
That you wouldnít care,
For they left you to roam,
Roam in fire.

How they shut all their eyes.
Didnít even hear your sighs.
Theyíll all fade away.
When you see lights of glory.
And thatís your story.

So letís go up, up and up.
Touch the sky, donít give it up.
This world is now our bitch.
Let the losers feel the itch.
As we light,
Our ĎLights Of Gloryí!


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