Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss

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Who knows where it goes

ďFerocious by instinct - Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss.Ē

Verse 1:
One look at you,
Over there.
And when you smile,
Baby you slay.

Bridge 1:
I donít know whatís on your mind.
One more drink Iím gonna find.
Here I go.

Chorus 1:
Looking for trouble.
Downing a double.
Marching to you.
Still acting so fly.
Cause I gotta play cool.
Donít wanna look fool.
And who,
And who knows.
Who knows where it goes.
(You know where it goes.)

Verse 2:
The night is young,
Like you and me. Look in my eyes,
And you will see.

Bridge 2:
Get up close, come feel my hands.
All over you, youíll understand.
Cause you like.

Chorus 2:
Looking for trouble.
Downing a double.
Grabbing on you.
And making you sigh.
Cause girl you play so cool.
When this boy wonít act fool.
And I,
And I know.
I know where it goes.
(He knows where it goes.)

Bridge 3:
Címon now, donít waste time.
Iím so bad, youíll be fine.
(Can I have a beer; just beer? Shaken! And stirred!)
(There we go.)

Chorus 3:
Looking for trouble.
Downing a double.
Flying so high.
Like there ainít no sky.
Cause itís feeling so cool.
And girl you ainít no fool.
And you,
And you know.
You know where it goes.
(She knows where it goes.)


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