Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss

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Hot bodies and wet souls

ďProduced by: Fatal Urge Carefree KissĒ

Verse 1:
This ainít my first time falling in love,
And it may not be my last.
But I hope it is!

Let us be honest and say what we want,
For truth may save a break.
And secrets sabotage!

So listen up, oh my rose!
Speak up now, to get close!
Speak your heart, oh my rose!
Let our words, be the hose!

Cause when night falls and love burns,
Our deamons pop to roll.
Then no oneís listening none,
And nature plays its role.

Let our hearts pour under sun,
And egos sink down hole.
For night is when we yearn,
Hot bodies and wet souls.

Ainít night when we all yearn,
Hot bodies and wet souls.
Itís night when we just yearn,
Hot bodies and wet souls.
So love where you are?

Verse 2:
Weíll always be busy, itíll never be easy,
To make time out of our lives.
Thatís how life goes!

Needs are smaller but desires are bigger,
Patienceís ransomed when love is the trigger.
Thatís how it falls!

So listen up, oh my rose!
Now is time, to get close!
Cause we here, oh my rose!
Let your touch, be my hose!



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