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Red Ridding Hood hot

ďProduced by: Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss.Ē

Verse 1:
Oh baby, baby, baby, (Baby!)
Donít you stay back home. (No! No! No!)
And let me love you!

You sexy, juicy, lady, (Lady!)
Why wonít you telephone? (Yeah! Telephone!)
And let me come too!

Precision in your magic. (Magic!)
This life donít feel so tragic. (Tragic!)
When you smell a thousand roses. (Umh!)
Iím lost in all your poses. (Hey!)
Whereís damn chain of thoughts?

Red Riding Hood hot!

Verse 2:
Hey lady, lady, lady. (Lady!)
What a day to roam! (Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!)
The best to find you!

Mascara, lashes, ready, (Lady!)
Ainít you living diamond known? (Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!)
The one that shines through!

Your fashion is for ages. (Ages!)
My heart a battle rages. (Rages!)
I may try to pull me better. (Yep!)
Easy losing plot in chatter. (Hey!)
You knock chain of thoughts!

Red Riding Hood hot!

Verse 3:
Hey baby, baby, baby, baby, (Baby!)
Wonít you feel my heat? (Yeah! My heart!)
And let it touch you!

Iím goody, risky, shady, (Shady!)
And I make no bones! (No! No! No!)
But let you see through!

Indecison leads to mayday. (Mayday!)
Itís never felt so ready. (Ready!)
One better always out there. (Uff!)
Lifeís perfect never nor fair. (Hey!)
Hold them chain of thoughts?

Red Riding Hood hot!


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