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Song: Just For You


Artist/Lyricist/Producer: Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss ďAmanpreet Singh RaiĒ




Itís never been like this before.

Iíve never been in love for sure.

Those who carry hearts on sleeves.

All are fake and scars they leave.

Youíre the one I trust for start.

No oneís ever touched my heart.

Iíve been lonely for so long.

Donít know if Iím still so strong.


Living my life.

Just for you.

Iíll ever die.

Just for you.

Wanna be the one.

Just for you.

Else I care none.

Just for you.




Never felt so long so soon.

Got me dancing to your tunes.

Always thought that I could hold.

Feelings shall be never bold.

Donít know what you do to me.

Iím a puppet I can see.

Just canít hold off all your charm.

Wanna loose me in your arms.


Wanna look good.

Just for you.

All that I should.

Just for you.

Make my every call.

Just for you.

Love you like a doll.

Just for you.





Donít know how I make you feel.

Only you I wanna steal.

Never wanna loose you know.

Gonna be mine donít know how.

Love you all I wanna say.

Wish you also feel the same.

Thought of losing makes me cry.

If you leave me I will die.


Wish I could fly.

Just for you.

Everything I try.

Just for you.

Wanna have a dance.

Just for you.

Like to romance.

Just for you.



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