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Tu Rehnde

“Produced by - Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss.”

Verse 1:
Ni tu ishq di vapari kadi teri meri yaar?
(You’re a trader of love, how could there be a relationship between us?)
Larre yaaran nu tu laven, karen baar li tayari.
(You sweet talk us, while planning to settle abroad/elsewhere.)
Teri akhan de ishare mull mehnge penge,
(Your play of eyes will cost dearly.)
Akhan de ishare mul mehnge pehnge!
(Play of eyes will cost dearly.)
Chad kar na tu aiven man aiyan kuriye,
(So stop doing the bidding of your heart girl.)
Tu rehnde! Haan rehnde!
(You leave it! Yes, leave it!)

Kacche ghariyan te lagan taraiyan kuriye,
(It/Love involves swimming on an unbaked pot – a reference to the incident in ‘Sohni-Mahiwal’ love story where Sohni drowned to her death when her unbaked pot dissolved midway in the river.)
Tu rehnde! Sacchi rehnde!
(You leave it! Honestly, leave it!)
Taithon nibane na ishq wafaiyan kuriye,
(You won’t be able to keep the vows of love.)
Tu rehnde! Haan rehnde!
(You leave it! Yes, leave it!)
Chad rehnde!
(Just leave it!)
Baby rehnde!
(Baby leave it!)
Honey rehnde!
(Honey leave it!)

Verse 2:
Nit gharon aj javen ban jaan ton pyari,
(Today you leave your house ready to kill.)
Kal jind suk jau, buri ishq di bimari.
(Tomorrow this love will snuff the life out of you.)
Yaar husan de jaam peeke fateh kehnge,
(Lovers will enjoy your beauty and then bid goodbye.)
Husan de jaam peeke fateh peenge!
(Enjoy your beauty and then bid goodbye.)
Hunne kar lai tu mor muraiyan kuriye,
(So return all the gifts and tokens exchanged so far, right now!)
Tu rehnde! Haan rehnde!
(You leave it! Yes, leave it!)


Kade tedda tedda taken, kade gutt nu ghumaven,
(You steal glances at us, and swing your braids around.)
Rahe ard ke tu kharen, loki sanu manda kehnge.
(You stop in our way, yet people will blame only us.)
Tu rehnde! Haan rehnde!
(You leave it! Yes, leave it!)

Akh sade utte rakhen, larre sareyan nu laven,
(You are keen on us, while flirt with all others.)
Ni tu tidiyan to daren, peche kundiyan de penge!
(While locust gives you fright, here ragging ring horned buffaloes are about to get into a wild tussle.)
Tu rehnde! Chad rehnde!
(You leave it! Just leave it!)

Teri gali gera lavan, sus kora-kora vehndi aa,
(When we drive through your street, our mother-in-law glares at us.)
Koi samjavo kuri Ranjha kehnu kehndi aa.
(Someone tell that lady, whom her daughter calls Romeo.)
Rehnde! Susse rehnde!
(Leave it! Mother-in-law leave it!)

Aj yaar jehre kende taithon kuri phas jayu.
(Those friend who are firing me up today, saying I’ll get the girl,)
Gal asle te aagi, thodi g**** p**** jau.
(Tomorrow if the situation demands a gun to win her, their a**** would go weak in no time.)
Rai rehnde! Kaka rehnde!
(Rai leave it! Boy leave it!)

Hove ishq ya lariyi moore jatt chalde,
(But love or war, Jatts/men always lead the march.)
Chahe lakh samjhalo kadon baagi talde.
(So reason in vain, but the rebels won’t stop.)



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