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Ve Lalariya

ďProduced by: Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss.Ē

Verse 1:
Kare minatan kuari, peya chunni vich dab.
(Thus pleads a bachelorate, whose scarf has faded. Ė Chunni is not really a scarf but the cloth piece that Indian girls use to cover their heads.)
Kiven roop nu chuppavan ve makhaul kare jag.
(How shall she hide her beauty for the world laughs at her plight.)
Kiven Ranjana sunnavan main ramaj dildi.
(How will she tell Romeo what ails her heart?)

Ve Lalariya,
(Hey dyer of cloths.)
Ve Lalariya guachi nahiyon Heer mildi.
(For once lost, a Juliet canít be found again.)
Ve Lalariya.
(Hey dyer of cloths.)
Ve Lalariya guachi nahiyon Heer mildi.
(For once lost, a Juliet canít be found again.)
Oye Lalariya.
(Oh dyer of cloths.)

Verse 2:
Rut pyaar wali aayi, roop punya da chan.
(Itís the season of love, and my beauty akin to moon.)
Russa mahiya gal lavan, jhat jaave oho mun.
(Can bring my cross lover in line in a flash with a hug.)
Naven suit naal phabdi na chunni mildi.
(Alas, canít find a matching scarf for my new dress.)


Verse 3:
Mul thokvan tu laven, par rang jande lath.
(You charge prices at will, yet your dyes fade out in no time.)
Tere chit mandi maya, phare baanh tu diye hath.
(All you want is dirty money, always trying to grab more than what we offer fair.)
Kade khot vichon patua na kali khildi.
(You idiot; flowers wonít grow out of moral rut.)


Baby whatíchu sayin, (Baby what you are saying)
Tere yaar ne gawah. (We are witness to all.)
Teri sad hai kahani, (Your story is indeed sad.)
Gal dillin diti la. (And it has touched our hearts.)

Tere hak vich main hun gavan, (Now I sing in your support.)
Te mande thug nu main sumjavan. (And reason with the evil thug.)
Teri chunni rang de, (To dye your scarf.)
Haan chunni rang de. (Yes, dye your scart.)

Nahin tan hatti hathon jau. (Else heíll lose his shop.)
Nale chittar morning khau. (Will end up beaten by the morning.)
Pher kera baap bachau, (No father will come to save him.)
Jadon patte chal pe. (When his beatings would start.)

Taiyon pyar naal samjavan, (Thatís why I reason kindly for the moment.)
Kuri di chuni rang de. (Dye the girlís scarf.)
Lal suha rang de. (Dye is deep dark red.)
Kuri aa honey sweet ji! (For the girl is sweet like honey.)


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