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God of a Man
Across Two Eternities

Content Warning: May contain occassional sexual references and detail violent events. Parental guidance recommended.

The saga continues through:
  1. Infinite Lacerations.

  2. Chapter one: Save my hope.

  3. Chapter two: I thought kill.

  4. Chapter three: Spirituality of science.

  5. Chapter four: Brittle yarn.

  6. Chapter five: What we seek.

  7. Chapter six: Enough to burn.

  8. Chapter seven: Trouble flies faster.

  9. Chapter eight: Who goes there?

  10. Chapter nine: A reason enough.

  11. Chapter ten: The days of the Jackal.

  12. Chapter eleven: Tell me what you've never seen.

  13. Chapter twelve: Imaginary finds.

  14. Chapter thirteen: One betraya enough.

  15. Chapter fourteen: Not for the weak.

  16. Chapter fifteen: The morality of immorality.

  17. Chapter sixteen: The sphere of symmetry.

  18. Chapter seventeen: Tell me a story.

  19. Chapter eighteen: Whose world is it?

  20. Chapter nineteen: Who wants to live?

  21. Chapter twenty: Never forgotten, never forsaken.

  22. Chapter twenty one: Known!

And towards new beginnings!


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