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God Of a Man
Across Two Eternities

“No phase lasts a lifetime, unless one decides to keep making the same mistakes for its entirety.”

Chapter Ten: The days of the Jackal
Dated: 4th March, 2461

An obsession or a passionate distaste is no more than a passing phase. It seldom lasts a lifetime, unless one intentionally decides to never move on, or never learn. Everything that one likes, from body piercing to body art; all these tastes have a shelf life, and are generally acquired as a result of an individual’s personal involvements during a time period. In a time where people are reluctant to commit to the same person for the rest of their lives, any choice that lasts forever should be made very carefully.

There is nothing wrong with venting out your frustration or passionately driving towards a goal; and a constant reminder to keep one on track with regards to the same might not appear to be a bad idea. However, what could have once been a fire fodder in one’s past, might eventually turn into an ugly reminder of it in their future. It is not easy to accept that you made a wrong choice. But it is harder to live with a constant reminder of the same. Every permanent choice should thus be considered very carefully before a commitment is made. If possible, permanency should be avoided.

It is not that one would always regret their every decision, every fondness, and every hateful memory. Some might even be the source of biggest achievements in one’s life. This is thus not a case for altogether blanket avoidance of commitment. It is more about looking way ahead into the future, and then planning about every eventuality. Greatness is the hallmark of those who either know how to correctly predict their future, or who make sure they make happen what they had planned for, or at least covered for in their blue-print. Greatness is the hallmark of many on board spaceship ‘Maa’, and two such people happen to be considering one such decision right now.

“Are you sure we can’t do without him?” Aman asked Anne once again.

“I am sure we can’t do without him,” Anne replied, “All I am not sure is whether we can do anything with him.”

“That’s why I still suggest we leave him asleep,” Aman made his case against waking up Norman once again.

“We’ll have to take our chance,” Anne however had made up her mind, “Just take her to Mishansa, and hope she’ll tell us exactly what is in his mind.”

“You think she won’t,” Aman’s curiosity was raised immediately by an unguarded comment from Anne.

“I personally can’t trust someone who can read my mind, but whose mind I can’t read,” Anne immediately tried to cover up her act, “Which is why I avoid her as much as I can.”

One cannot avoid one’s destiny; not because it is predetermined by some supernatural entity. Destiny is unavoidable because it is a result of the choices that have already been made. Good decisions set in motion probabilities that have more good results as possible outcomes, while bad decisions would attract probabilities beset with hard times. This is all the more good reason to carefully consider one’s life choices as they are being made.

“Congratulations Gentlemen,” an exuberant Rear Admiral exclaimed as NSSS ‘Full Bloom’ flew through its first space tear, to re-enter a universe its’ passengers now call ‘Home Universe’. “How much time till the next space tear opens?” Rear Admiral immediately asked his Chief Engineer Marcus Dodd.

“Five days Sir,” was the quick response.

“Where are we though?” an inquisitive Lieutenant Reginald asked.

“Close to the centre of Milky Way,” Marcus replied.

Things that are close yet far are those that the claimant is not yet ready for. However, it’s merely a matter of time and efforts, before the gap is closed. All one needs is patience and perseverance.

“I have a guest for you,” Aman quipped as he shoved Norman into Mishansa’s chamber.

“What is this?” Mishansa however wasn’t impressed by the liberty taken by her host and friend, but her words stopped in her mouth as her gaze fell on Norman, and her mind caught the waves of his mind. “Why do you bring him here,” Mishansa asked meekly.

“Can you tell me, what filth flies through this guy’s grey matter?” Aman asked a bit condescendingly.

“Why do you belittle a man like this,” Mishansa’s words however took him by surprise, “All his fault is that he speaks what he believes!”

“Really,” Aman however was shocked at the exposition, “You mean this guy really has a; head gone nuts?”

“You’ve met a lot of weird people in your life Captain Ahluwalia,” Mishansa quipped in response, “Why so much distrust of this one?”

“Because this one speaks what threatens the future of everybody else,” was a short but well weighted reply from Aman, as Norman gazed on, amused at how things had turned out, in spite of his gravest fears!

Fear however has a bigger use than what it is always accredited with. It brings along caution that would otherwise be missing in any wise human’s efforts.

“Wait, there’s a settlement,” Second Flight Lieutenant Daniel Ross exclaimed as NSSS ‘The Impact’ flew across the surface of its host planet, and came across the block of dwellings that house two precious lives these days.

“Don’t stop,” Captain Shania Williams however immediately commanded, “It could be an alien settlement, and the last thing we want is an enemy hot on our trails.”

“Should I capture some footage though,” Daniel asked.

“Nothing more than what our external cameras would pick up in their ordinary course,” Shania replied, “We won’t have time to go through any of it though, especially now that we know we might not be alone on this planet.”

And the NSSS ‘The Impact’, which had barely slowed down as it hovered above the settlement, was soon flying away at break-neck speed.

“Wait!” was one more cry of despair from Jenny, who had braved the hot afternoon sun, and rushed out with Jack, who was the first one to spot the new arrival from the window of their living room.

“Why are they leaving us again,” a dejected Jack exclaimed.

“Wait,” Jenny however was still making a desperate rush behind the ship that was now almost out of sight, as if in a mechanical mode that made her overlook reason.

“I want to cry,” little Jack however rushed up to her, and gave her a hug as she collapsed to her knees, having finally resigned to her fate once more.

“It wasn’t father’s ship,” she quipped wiping her tears, “I saw the name in bold; NSSS ‘The Impact’. Father’s ship is called NSSS ‘Full Bloom’. You saw that Jack; didn’t you?”

“Who were these?” Jack however asked, expectedly a bit confused.

“I don’t know who was in it,” Jenny replied, “But what it means is that either father has found our earth, or people of our earth also live here on this planet now.” Despair was soon replaced by an optimistic conviction on her face, “Do you know what this means Jack? We are not alone anymore! And I am telling you; they will be back for us one day very soon.”

It is important to find some silver lining in a horrible situation, for the sake of your own sanity. Not only does it brings hope that all hasn’t been lost, it also gives you the motivation to continue your efforts that may eventually bear fruit on a better day.

“I am surprised; truly surprised,” Norman exclaimed as he joined Mishansa’s side in the sighting chamber of NSSS ‘Maa’, where she often comes in, to sit and gaze at the stars. Mishansa however didn’t even bother to turn her face around and give him a look. “To be honest, I was scared,” Norman continued once he was close to her, “Scared as to what you will tell everybody about me.” He then paused to consider his words, for he wasn’t sure as to what and how much should he divulge, “You see; I don’t think anyone trusts me on this ship.”

“And don’t you know why they don’t,” came a crisp response as Mishansa took a sip of the hot soup from the bowl in her hands.

“You see, I have this belief,” Norman started his defence, but then paused, “I mean; they say you can read people’s minds.”

“Stop thinking about what I can do, and what I know about you,” Mishansa finally turned around and looked him straight in his eyes, “And yes, you are right! I do have some plans with regards to you. Although, if I were you; I may cut out the sex part!”

Her words shook Norman completely, and he nearly fell backwards, but managed to regain his balance, and composure, “What do you know about me?”

“What don’t I?” asked Mishansa, a sinister smile growing on her lips, “And what should have I told Aman; that you were there when his fiancée caught you people in their act so your partners in crime, Sepoy Eighty Three and his goons, followed her and tried to kill her.”

Her words wiped the colour off Norman’s face, “You know it!”

“That’s nothing,” Mishansa replied and continued, “Do you really want me to go and tell Chief Flight Officer Chris Davis the story of your betrayal of his wife Michelle Davis?”

“No, please no,” a desperate Norman was immediately on to his knees, begging of her, “They’ll kill me!”

“I know,” Mishansa replied and continued as she turned around on her feet, away from him, “So wouldn’t you like to know why I didn’t disclose any of this to your nemesis?” She paused in her steps and looked behind from above her shoulder, trying to gauge Norman’s reaction.

Norman finally began to realize there was more to this woman than what he or anyone on this ship had noticed. He stepped up closer, and in a hushed voice asked, “What do you want from me?”

Mishansa turned around once more, took a step towards Norman, gently grabbed him by his shirt, and exclaimed in a husky voice, her lips moving closer towards his, “Let’s just say, you need me, and I can use you.” And she put her arms around his neck and pulled him towards herself, and planted a big deep and passionate kiss on his lips.


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