Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss

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God Of a Man
Across Two Eternities

“Rationality and belief are mutually exclusive!”

Chapter Nineteen: Who wants to live?
Dated: 4th July, 2461

The premise of belief is based on the unquestionable validity of the assumptions held dear. It is not that beliefs are not questioned by those who hold them. It just happens that they don’t stop looking for answers to those questions until they find ones that support their beliefs. Anything to the contrary is always considered an anomaly, or perhaps a result of insufficient effort. Their research is always clouded by their desire to find a construct that fits their beliefs perfectly, so they could be encased in an even firmer background. The best case scenario in such circumstances is the fixation of a natural exception as a universal rule, while the worst case scenario is when the entire belief ends up being supported on an imagined framework. Needless to say, in either case the holders of such belief are living on a flawed theory.

Progress happens when rationality replaces belief. No thought is beyond questioning, challenge and replacement, provided the questions raised against it are valid, honest and investigatory. Rationality accounts for every answer encountered, to build a database of all known scenarios, so that exceptions are known and explainable, while the emerging rule is truly universal in application otherwise. The best case scenario then is advancement of knowledge, while the worst case scenario is a rule subject to further alteration or replacement as the society would progress. But progress would happen nevertheless in any case.

The reason the two cannot co-exist is; once a mind starts thinking rationally, it also acknowledges that beliefs are no longer permanent. And when beliefs are no longer permanent, they stop being beliefs, for then they are merely understandings subject to further questioning followed by a validation or rejection. While a rational life becomes stable, for it is always supported by firmer ground of reason, the rational mind is always in a state of flux, always on the lookout for what would challenge the current state of affairs for good. Humanity that still breaths on a lost earth knows this, and is thus prepared for whatever may come.

Nobody wanted to leave their loved ones behind, for everyone preferred to die and rest in peace with them forever. But everyone was still interested in knowing their fate as and when it gets locked or avoided. All eyes today were on the constant dark skies above, with telescopes focussed sharp on the incoming demon of death. And then there were two last remaining hopes of humanity, NSSS ‘The Impact’ and NSSS ‘New Bounty’, under Captains Shania Williams and Stephan Grojenski respectively, making haste to make a last stand. Grojenski’s team was to take the first shot, having had ample time to rehearse their actions. Williams’ team had barely returned thirty six hours ago, from their sojourn to the supposed lonely planet. They were the backup.


The rest of the chapter, and in a similar way the last two chapters after this one, will appear in full in Kindle published work. This has been done as a mark of respect to the vote polled on twitter where the lovers of my work had responded in favour of a Kindle direct published work, rather than as a weekly free read.

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss,
Amanpreet Singh Rai


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