Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss

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God Of a Man
Across Two Eternities

“There are two ways to solve a problem; you either deal with it, or you deal it.”

Chapter Eighteen: Whose world is it?
Dated: 29th April, 2461

Of what good is intelligence that rather than being intelligent about how to secure more avenues for future, wastes its’ sweat and blood over available resources from avenues known since past? Humanity cut itself into pieces over and over again, for a piece of land that always belonged to it, rather than securing pieces of land beyond its own. No wonder when the time came to save itself from annihilation, an intelligent species that had only spent its intellect in developing better ways of self annihilation, found itself staring at a dead end, literally. There were always too many differences to stare and concentrate on at micro level; from natural like colour, to artificial like religion, and situational like geo-cultural. Humanity never stopped to look at one stark and overbearing similarity; of everybody being a human!

Religion was the biggest culprit of all; for those who believed in any were ready to kill anyone who believed in another or none. It is arguable if there were really any God at all; those who prayed and believed were actually worshipping a Satan who couldn’t let them live together in peace as one. The older the religion, the worst its level of social control, for there were far more layers of superstition and lies about things no one had ever seen; from horoscopes to astrology, from palmistry to clairvoyance, an endless list of psychological devices. That these lies lasted well beyond scientific enlightenment, is a testament to the corrupt desires of various priesthoods, to maintain their shop and control, and the impressionable gullibility of the so called intelligent species. It would be an understatement to make, that by twenty first century, some ancient religions had lived way beyond both their best before and use by dates. For very little good they had to offer to humanity, they took a way heavier toll on it.

It took a catastrophe to wake humanity out of its numb stupor. The pain was real when the reality was starkest, and the efforts were hectic when the straits were dire. Stumbling and rolling, humanity finally found a way to get itself out of a deep grave. That it took more than a fair share of wild probabilities to work in its favour; bears a testimony to the lack of commonsense displayed by the most intelligent species of earth. But lessons taught the hardest are learnt the best, and there were over a couple hundred human souls on earth two, temporarily named ‘Heaven’ as an ironic acknowledgment of the past and grateful acceptance of the future, who could have vouched for the accuracy of the assertion.

The delight was real when everybody onboard the six spaceships learnt that the new found solar system was indeed a piece out of their universe, as much out of place as they were. But the worlds they were looking at were not dead dark places like the one they built five of their new ships on. They were alive and thriving places, with humans having no idea as to who and what they might encounter down there. Careful observations were precisely the recipe of the day, and they took seven of them. But the results were finally out, and they had a post Jurassic world, and a post ice-age world right in front of them. The third one was still coming out of its original freezer. There were a few more worlds around the area, but none close enough to interest them as a matter of urgency. Time was always important, but somehow it felt like ticking way too fast now, especially now that they had all started thinking fondly about those that they had left behind.


The rest of the chapter, and in a similar way the last three chapters after this one, will appear in full in Kindle published work. This has been done as a mark of respect to the vote polled on twitter where the lovers of my work had responded in favour of a Kindle direct published work, rather than as a weekly free read.

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss,
Amanpreet Singh Rai


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