Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss

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God Of a Man
Across Two Eternities

ďA loss helps develop empathy.Ē

Chapter Twenty: Never forgotten, never forsaken
Dated: 5th July Ė 7th July, 2461

It is easy to get lost in the whirlwind that life is, so much that one begins to neglect whatever one gets accustomed to. If it is always there, it need not be acknowledged! A loss however can bring life to a grinding halt when what had been lost was so integral to daily play of life, that one suddenly no longer knows how to manage life that seemed so easy barely the other day. And this is the starting point of a vast learning; about how to first get your life back together, then how to appreciate and not lose what is still left on you, and finally, what others might be feeling when going through a similar phase. Empathy is born that very instant!

Empathy can be taught as well, by those who know how to teach values to their kids. But artificial learning is like knowledge that has been committed to memory without understanding. Such empathy is rarely felt from deep inside oneís heart, for that heart hasnít experienced the pain that empathy is expected to understand. None who hasnít lost all their money to a thug knows how it feels to sleep hungry when you had worked hard to earn your meal and much more. They may understand that the victim is distraught, angry and in need, but what they donít feel is the deep angst that burns inside the victimís heart, and how empowering as well as consuming that might be. But those who have been in a similar situation would know exactly the thoughts that would cross the troubled mind.

But even still, knowing how a person feels, will not tell anyone what would best help that person, for their needs might be different even if their pain was similar. Needs are a balance of abilities, resources and desires. Same loss may not leave two different individuals in same situation, even though the two would feel similar pain. The question is; who else knows what Captain Aman Ahluwalia really needs?


The rest of the chapter, and in a similar way the last chapter after this one, will appear in full in Kindle published work. This has been done as a mark of respect to the vote polled on twitter where the lovers of my work had responded in favour of a Kindle direct published work, rather than as a weekly free read.

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss,
Amanpreet Singh Rai


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