Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss

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God Of a Man
Across Two Eternities

“Commitment demands action, and actions may bring rewards.”

Chapter Twenty One: Known!
Dated: 8th July, 2461

The seedling that sprouts into an action is always an underlying commitment, whether voluntarily assumed or entrusted upon by the situation. Without commitment of some kind, any action is unlikely. It could be an official duty, a moral obligation, an abstract desire to achieve something, or it could even be a conscientious call arising out of the situation at hand, but the initiating point of every action lies in a commitment. But whatever be its source, a call for an action upon an identified commitment, cannot be turned down without experiencing regret or guilt. As easy it might be to assume one, a commitment cannot be shed in the same vein!

Actions obviously lead to results, which may be desired, unwanted or regretted. Most often these results are foregone conclusions, and the actions are already tied to a predetermined remuneration for the efforts that might be expended in performing them. Rarely however efforts go so far beyond the scope of commitment, that merely results and remuneration are not enough to equitably satisfy their worth. This is where rewards come in! Actions beyond the call of duty deserve satisfaction beyond the scope of results and remuneration. Still rarely however, the results themselves are so brilliant and outshine every expectation, that even rewards seem inept to satisfy the demands of gratitude. This is where awards come in!

However, there is no automatic right to awards for brilliant work, or automatic connection to rewards for special efforts. No one becomes worthy unless honestly judged by their peers. However, peers who fail to perform their moral obligation, to judge impartially, are forever condemned by history and questioned by posterity. A simple commitment thus becomes a seed that yields numerous future values. People like Captain Ahluwalia know this, and hence are not perturbed by the fact that they may be judged for their actions. What they are more concerned about are their commitments, and lest they be left unsatisfied by an error!


The rest of this chapter, which concludes this line of stories in the series, will be published as a Kindle book, which should be available for purchase worldwide latest by 7th March, 2017. Arrangements are being considered for hardcopy prints too, so please bear with us.

Fatal Urge Carefree Kiss
Amanpreet Singh Rai


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