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God Of a Man
Across Two Eternities

“The answers are always already there, the right questions only help one understand them.”

Infinite Lacerations
Dated: 25th March 2460

The value of questions lie in the rationality they generate. Best questions are those that help reveal what has hitherto been hidden from one’s conscious appraisal, a fact that was always there to be discovered. The Earth was always globular, yet it took ages for humankind to discover that truth. What ultimately led to that discovery were the questions regarding why everything moves the way it does, and so on so forth. The answers to all those questions had been there ever since all those things had existed. Yet they were hidden from the conscious discovery until the right questions were raised to reveal their truth.

Equally important is the reason why one should ask questions, for how else would one develop own understanding and appreciation of things as they exist? What enlightenment would be achieved by knowing what someone else knows or thinks about something, when the real knowledge is one that one discovers on their own initiative? What improves one’s understanding of life, and in turn who they are as an individual, is one’s own understanding of things small or mighty. Questions are the key to self-improvement.

But self improvement does not restrict itself in positive impact to the individual alone, for what is an individual without a society that they live in? Every improved self carries with it a bonus for the society that it breathes in. Knowledge may never be restrained, for it would ultimately be discovered by one and all, sooner or later, but of course, sharing would lessen the burden discovery entails. And sometimes this burden is heavier than the shoulders that dare carry it. And who would know this better than the cursed souls of New Saisho, the day when they nearly perished. But then that’s what nearly is; never there.

The blow was near fatal, for Earth had been mortally wounded. Yet the end was not imminent. It would have been a total blackout, for there is no light in a starless space, and yet man made globes were still lit up. Yes, it was an immediate onset of a freeze, what with the warmth of its’ Sun having been lost forever, but the artificial assemblages were still available to serve their creators. But the fact that everything had managed to descend into utter chaos, is merely a reflection of human fallibility in the face of calamity.

The panic had driven everyone back to their homes, to be with their families, even before the turn of events had ripped the Earth out of its’ own universe, and into the unknown one. But once the monstrosity had finally culminated in stripping Earth off a massive piece of its body, the fear of impending doom had taken over. It wasn’t long before the beast inherent inside every animal species, came alive inside some humans. Rioting broke out! Some wanted to die rich, and some wanted to die having had consummated with the prettiest of mating partners, or the most number of them. None was safe and everyone vary, of the looming end! Time was the only thing yet to be confirmed.

While mayhem had run amok in the town, barely a few kilometres outside it, many broken hearts were trying to come to terms with the greatest betrayal of their lives, committed by those whom they had not only considered their nearest of the dear ones’, but those they had grown especially close to over the course of last few weeks. The heartbreak was in fact made worse by the great love and bonding that had barely and abruptly culminated only a few hours ago. Wails became cries, and cries turned into hysteria. People, men and women alike, including the young unlucky siblings left behind, were left cutting and bruising themselves, pulling out their hairs, scratching their nails on rock and concrete. The scene was anything but bearable. They cursed them, then they cursed themselves, and then they continued suffering in their agony. Finally, mad they ran, straight towards their homes, to grab at the belongings of those who had loved and left them, and wail some more. Their agony knew no end.

“Stop! Just stop!” was the yell that finally put a stop to the mayhem. Mrs. Michelle Davis, wife of Captain Chris Davis, the Chief Flight Officer with Spaceship Maa, was perhaps the only one still left with her sense and sensibility around her. Yes she was heartbroken, for she too was human, yet there was this unwavering and undaunted resoluteness about her, that always made her standout from the crowd. Like others, she too was dragging herself back to her house when she was waylaid by an abhorrent male. That she managed to free herself of his clutches and rush towards a nearby shopping mall to seek assistance, bears a testimony to her resolve in the face of adversity. Yet, what she was desperately seeking; was not to be found in any shopping mall that day in New Saisho. The establishment had been overrun by a crowd of hostile rioters. And the mayhem that she had so far been oblivious too, was right there in her face.

But not to give up easily, she managed to break through the rioting crowd, grab a megaphone, and climb atop a decorative fountain in the middle of the mall, and yelled the aforementioned words, to attract everybody’s attentions. But what followed next changed the course of future for what was left of humanity on that dying Earth. Her next few words became the rallying cry for the rest, the ones that made sure everybody stayed calm and focused from then on. Shelly Layne, the reporter with a local news channel, and Jim Rendell, her cameraman, were still there in spite of the happenings, committed to their jobs till their death, reporting live on the events unfolding in New Saisho streets. They carefully recorded each and every word Michelle said that day; “The worst is over, and we are not dead yet!”


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