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A Fatal Urge For: Carefree Kiss:






GOD of a man

Eternity Versus Eternity

*Content Warning: Contains occasional sexual references and violence. Recommended only for mature readers.


Once upon a time in future..

  1. The Saga Continues

  2. Chapter One

  3. Chapter Two

  4. Chapter Three

  5. Chapter Four

  6. Chapter Five

  7. Chapter Six

  8. Chapter Seven

  9. Chapter Eight

  10. Chapter Nine

  11. Chapter Ten

  12. Chapter Eleven

  13. Chapter Twelve

  14. Chapter Thirteen

  15. Chapter Fourteen

  16. Chapter Fifteen

  17. Chapter Sixteen

  18. Chapter Seventeen

  19. Chapter Eighteen

  20. Chapter Nineteen

  21. Chapter Twenty

  22. Chapter Twenty One

  23. Chapter Twenty Two

  24. Chapter Twenty Three

  25. Chapter Twenty Four

  26. Chapter Twenty Five

  27. Chapter Twenty Six: Kill the moon

  28. Chapter Twenty Seven: Lice

  29. Chapter Twenty Eight: Quarantined

  30. Chapter Twenty Nine: Does it hurt?

  31. Chapter Thirty: The calling

  32. Chapter Thirty One: Hammer and tongs

  33. Chapter Thirty Two: The year of leap

  34. Chapter Thirty Three: Silent screams

  35. Chapter Thirty Four: Blind strike

  36. Chapter Thirty Five: The last steps to cradle

  37. Towards hope

And the saga continues!



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