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GOD Of A Man

Eternity Versus Eternity


“You dream what you want, you get what you seek!!”


Chapter Two: Taste of Fire

Dated: 14th December, 2459


Superstitions have a strange affinity to faith, and their relationship is more than symbiotic. The two, counter-active in action, are fodder for each other and yet parasites at the same time. While faith tries to strengthen a person’s belief in the unknown, superstitions instil a fear of the same. However, more a person believes in the unknown, more their superstitions will grow, and more a person is superstitious, stronger will become their faith! A balance of all these tussles is the dreams; pleasant or nightmarish depends upon the balance. But do the dreams have any meaning or significance? The superstitious would spoil themselves and indulge their crania in pursuit of an answer, the scientist however will never mind!


Dreams, at their best, are a hypothetical representation of life one wishes to enjoy. Beyond the unconsciousness of the human mind involved in relishing these fantasies, dreams neither have an existence, nor significance. Achievements are a product of efforts, not dreams! Only when these dreams are the fodder for efforts, the achievements mirror the hypothetical existence to the extent where commitment lasts. If it lasts long enough, one can live their dreams for real!


As the golden brown fields sashayed in the hot southern summer breeze, like a petite nubile young lasses, drunk with the heady mix of their own beauty, the centuries old restored “House of Faith” stood motionless in pristine solitude, just a mile outside New Saisho. A huge cast iron bell atop one of its’ minarets struck to signal noon, while its’ doors stretched open to welcome anyone who sought refuge. Inside the sandstone marvel, a small group of kids from a town kindergarten were in attendance, huddled around their fairy, listening intently to the story she had to tell them that day.


“So the Prince said to those gathered around him, as the love of his life lay dying in his arms,” she could be heard saying, “I have  only but one heart, with which to save my love, or save the doctor. Let both me and my love perish, so that my people can live.”


“So did the Prince and Bella die?” a toddler barely able to hold his tears asked.


“Oh no,” their angel calmed their nerves, “Just as the Prince made the choice and tried to stab his heart, the curse was broken, and all three of them, the Prince, his love Bella, and the doctor were saved.”


“But how did the curse break?” another young one, a girl, asked.


“Remember what the witch’s curse was,” she asked them, “She had cursed the King that his son will have to make a choice as to whom he would sacrifice himself for, but she did not say that he will have to sacrifice himself.”


“I don’t understand,” the first kid retorted again, “How did the Prince not die?”


“Let me answer it Jenny,” a burly voice from behind demanded their attention.


“Good afternoon Father,” Jenny replied as she got up and bowed in respect to the elderly fellow who had just arrived in the prayer hall cum class room.


“Good afternoon Father,” all the kids stood up too and greeted the Reverend.


“You see kids,” the Reverend replied, “The evil Witch had cast a spell that if the Prince made the wrong choice everyone will die, but she didn’t say the Prince will die even if he made the right choice. So when the Prince made the right choice, the curse was answered, everybody was safe and nobody died.”


“Oh,” the kids seemed to finally understand.


“Ok kids, it’s time to go home now! Your school van has come,” Jenny said as she noticed their school van arrive outside, “I’ll see you next week now.”


“Thank you teacher,” the kids said as they picked up their tiny school bags and ran. Little Rosie however ran towards Jenny, hugged her and said in her soft lovely voice, “I love you Jenny!”


“I love you too,” Jenny said as she knelt down and hugged the cotton ball and kissed both her cheeks, “Now go, your friends are waiting.”


“Bye,” Rosie said as she ran outside and towards her waiting school bus.


“She is such a cute child,” Jenny exclaimed as her eyes filled up, “Can’t believe she’s lost her mother too!”


“How is she coping with it?” the Reverend asked Jenny.


“She’s a very soft and loving child,” Jenny replied, “You would have to watch her at Aman’s mother’s house, she is an absolute darling there. The two had an instant chemistry.”


“Mrs Ahluwalia and Rosie’s mother were first twins in over a decade. I’m sure Rosie sees her own mother in her, and offcourse Mrs Ahluwalia will love her sister’s piece of heart as her own,” Reverend replied, “By the way, what’s up with the feisty young man these days?”


“He is leading fishing boats to Antarctica for the summer,” Jenny replied, “I couldn’t talk to him for the last two days as I was busy at the Saisho Aged Care.”


“Girl, I am sure your parents will be proud of you in heaven,” the Reverend replied, “You make me proud!”


“Thank you father, I am honoured,” Jenny graciously accepted the complement.


Meanwhile, far away in the middle of the calm sea, Captain Ahluwalia stood still, his keen gaze trying to pierce through the thick cloud cover, so as to get a whiff of the incoming projectile’s actual trajectory. Suddenly four dark red balls appeared just under the cloud cover, dragging long dark tails shot across the sky, like needles that have been inserted under the skin.


“Retarder rockets! Watch out for any falling debris boys and get ready for the fine adjustment,” Captain Ahluwalia concentrated harder with his gaze as he continued in his hand held radio unit, “Team B, get ready to come in! And Team A; Boys, remember to let the ropes go.”


Just as Ahluwalia finished his instructions, the space ship “Clara” pierced through the clouds and sped towards the sea. One by one two parachutes ejected at its’ rear end, only to be blown away within fraction of seconds. However the jerky pull each one of them exerted on the shuttle, broke its’ momentum prior to the actual impact, so as to reduce the expected extent of damage.


“Move west, quick,” Captain Ahluwalia yelled in the radio as he twisted the steering of the motor boat and pressed the accelerator, his head turning around to keep the space shuttle in sight, as he and his men tried their best to push the tube matt under the bird’s nose.


“Get ready for the splash,” Captain Ahluwalia yelled as he and his team just about managed to push the matt into position, “Let go the ropes now!”


The top three layers of tubes burst as the space shuttle hit the matt hard, pushing the remaining two deep under water with it, drawing out all the ropes from the escorting boats, as a huge wall of water rose high up in the sky and fell down hard on the motorboats that were being desperately steered away from the centre. Such was the force of the impact on the surface that the resulting dip at the point of impact nearly dragged a couple of the motorboats in.


“Team B, come in now!” the water drenched Ahluwalia issued fresh instructions to his B team that rushed forward, dragging another five tire thick tube matt, just as the buoyancy of water tossed the space craft up and back out in air.


“Push the matt under it now,” Captain Ahluwalia yelled on the two way radio as Team B pushed the matt around in a way that the tail end of the shuttle landed on it. Meanwhile the one tire of tubing still left intact in the first matt had also surfaced quickly enough to support the nose of the ship on it. Wild cheers reverberated across the sea as the marines high fived each other at the success of their effort.


“Well done guys,” Captain Ahluwalia said, “Now let us wait for the inflatable balls tied to the ends of the ropes, to surface.” He was referring to the hard plastic balls they had used to tie the ends of the ropes, so that once the shuttle and mattress emerged out of water, they knew exactly where the rope ends were, making their job of towing the spacecraft back easier. Within a few minutes all the balls had popped out of the sea, and Captain Ahluwalia and his men had the control of the space craft.


“Good work boys! Now let’s take the chic home,” Captain Ahluwalia exclaimed as his men clapped with hands held high. “We got the shuttle Sir,” Captain immediately radioed in to the base, “Bringing it home now!”


“Great work Captain,” Admiral Mir’s voice boomed from the other end, “Congratulations to your team!”


NSS Mighty waded its’ way towards the motorboats and arrangements were made to return the space craft ashore.


As the dusk approached, leaving the door open for the night to arrive, an impatient Admiral Mir measured the length and width of the Presidential suite at the Grey House while a very pensive looking President sat in his chair by the window and gazed outside, somewhere far-far away. The intense silence in the room was quantized into fixed duration beats by Admiral Mir’s footsteps; otherwise even the clock had decided to count time in whispers only. The monotonous regime was finally broken by a telephone call and immediately, like a cat pouncing on a prey, the two men swooped around the small piece. Admiral Mir looked on when President Katsuo nodded at him to go ahead. Admiral immediately put the phone on speaker, “President’s Office, this is Admiral Mir.”


“Sir, Captain Yuri Topalov is regaining consciousness,” the female voice at the other end gave them the news they had been eagerly awaiting.


“Thank you Doctor,” Admiral Mir acknowledged the message, “I’ll be coming in person to speak to him right away.”


As the call disconnected, President Katsuo directed Admiral Mir, “Keep me up to date with everything that goes on. I need to know what just happened out there in space and how does it affect the rest of us. It could be something really important and we might need some exceptional circumstances policy decisions.”


“Yes Sir,” Admiral Mir nodded and then after giving the Chief his salute, he almost lunged out of the room and nearly lunged all his way up to the roof-pad to the waiting chopper. In no time the chopper was in the air and making haste towards the shore hospital.


Admiral Mir, flanked by a handful of his trusted men, wasted no time in reaching the bed side of Cosmonaut Yuri who was still writhing in pain.


“Good evening Admiral, my name is Doctor Suzanne Dillon,” the young doctor in attendance by the bedside introduced herself, “I’ve operated upon your officer here.”


“You’ve done extremely well doctor,” Admiral Mir acknowledged, “Now if you would please give me a few minutes with my man.”


“Sure Sir,” Dr Suzanne nodded and started to leave.


“Please don’t go too far in case we need you,” Admiral Mir added.


“I’ll be waiting just outside the room Sir,” Doctor Suzanne replied, “Your man here is on our priority watch list.”


As Admiral Mir nodded to the Doctor’s reply, Captain Yuri Topalov spoke out, “Sir, did we go to the Sun?”


“Sun?” everybody including Admiral Mir was taken aback by the cosmonaut’s comment.


“Sir, how did we end up on the sun?” Captain Yuri asked again.


“Captain, you were not on the sun,” Admiral Mir stated firmly, “You were sent to the former International Space Station, and that station is now missing. Tell me what happened there?” Even Doctor Suzanne had stopped in her strides, trying to overhear the conversation.


“What space station sir?” Yuri asked as he looked around at the faces surrounding him, as if still in a daze, “That space station! It fell in the Sun!”


Everybody was shocked into silence before Admiral Mir gathered his wits and turned around towards Doctor Suzanne, “Is he on any medication?”


“He certainly is,” Doctor Suzanne replied, “But if you had seen his injuries, that too when he was wearing something as technologically advanced as his space suit, you wouldn’t question what he is saying.”


“I am telling you Sir,” Yuri continued, “As I floated around the bend, I saw the Sun, huge, and extra huge, right in front of me and it was hot. I turned around to escape but it started pulling me and the space station in. I don’t want to go there again. It was hot! It was burning!” And Yuri started panicking again.


“Relax officer! Relax!” Admiral Mir tried to calm him as Doctor Suzanne immediately rushed towards him to give him another dose of sedative as his blood pressure shot up.


Once Yuri had been put to sleep, Doctor Suzanne turned to Admiral Mir and said, “Sir, even his pupils have a bit of charring. His eyelids barely saved his eyesight!” Doctor Suzanne then excused herself as she left a very pensive Admiral Mir by the side of his sleeping man.


Far away from them, and far away from the other side of the globe, a unique electromagnetic storm was building up on the surface of the Sun. The commotion continued when suddenly a very small chunk of Sun went missing from its’ surface, as if someone had taken a bite off an apple. The fluid surface of the Sun immediately filled up the ensuing crater, but even if it hadn’t, humanity still would have never picked it up due to the small size of the crater, and the blinding luminosity of the Sun.


The space and everything humanity had ever known, was vanishing!


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