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GOD Of A Man

Eternity Versus Eternity


“Actions determine future, predictions adulterate it!”


Chapter Nine: Predicting Superstitions

Dated: 18th December, 2549


Life in itself is too complex to give one a breathing pause, yet every human being lives three lives concurrently; past, present and future. The burden of what was done in the past and the regrets of what wasn’t, always weigh down heavily upon the present. The ugliness of the past deeds adulterates the beauty of the offering of the present, and aggravates the brunt of realities by painting the conscience in guilt. And then there is always the fear of the unknown, the yet to come, the future. The unpredictability of life and the fright of getting caught unprepared are major causes of concern for every human being. Much of human life is wasted in present to prepare for an unknown future that may never arrive. Valuable time that should have been embellished with love, laughter and happiness is lost in the grind to build up for a perfect future. But problem with future is; it never arrives! It always stays one step ahead.


Understandably every human being wants to know what lies ahead. Unfortunately, the quest to find the answers is not only an imperfect and shady art, the thirst for such knowledge is also adulterated by fears and expectations. But then a half baked cookie neither tastes good, nor digests well! Any prediction, positive or negative can have future altering consequences. A positive prediction can make one negligent, as well as raise one’s expectations, both contrary to the outcomes of future. A negative prediction under right circumstances can however serve as a reminder to the bearer of the burden, egging him to put in that extra yard in a bid to change the expected outcome. The cumulated extra mile might be all the effort ever required to usurp the prediction comprehensively.


However one thing humans’ forget is; it’s not the predictions but their decisions, choices and actions taken today, which determine their tomorrow. Future is yet to be born but what will grow out of the soils of present depends upon what was sowed yesterday, and how tall it will grow and how much fruit will it yield depends upon the efforts that are put in today.


“Oh my GOD, look what you have done now,” Doctor Suzanne freaked out as she noticed the blood droplets ooze out of Captain Bradley Connors’ thumb and finger. “Suzie, give me an antiseptic swab quick,” she asked one of her team members.


Bradley however was amused at her reaction, “Oh C’mon now! You are behaving like a mother of a two year old!”


Doctor Suzanne glared at him blankly. “You can’t be serious,” she exclaimed shaking her head in disbelief, “Do you even realize what you have done?”


“What?” Bradley asked nonchalantly.


“Do you even know what this is?” Suzanne questioned, visibly upset with him as she grabbed a fibre swab dipped in antiseptic solution and wiped his hand with urgency, squeezing his finger and thumb to make it bleed, with an intention of cleaning out any foreign matter stuck inside.


“Do you?” Bradley rubbed it in further.


“That’s exactly the point,” Suzanne exclaimed, incensed, “We don’t even know what it is, leave alone if it is hosting any pathogens, germs or harbouring any venom in its’ spines.”


“I am still alive,” Bradley quipped.


“Sometimes things don’t work instantly,” Suzanne reasoned, “Sometimes effects show up much later, when it might be too late.”


At this point one of Bradley’s men arrived at the scene and informed his Captain, “Sir, the chopper’s ready!”


Bradley looked at him, nodded, and then turned back towards Doctor Suzanne, “Doctor, it was a pleasure meeting you today, unfortunately as I mentioned earlier, I have to leave though. My men will be here to assist you in every possible way, and I am looking forward to hear from your team, all about this thing.”


“What? You are leaving,” Doctor Suzanne asked, “You cannot go!”


Bradley smiled and then quipped, “Even I don’t want to doctor, but then duty is duty!”


“No, I don’t mean it like that,” Doctor Suzanne roared back putting her hands on her waist, “I mean, you cannot leave now!”


“And why exactly would that be?” Bradley asked.


“Because now, you are my specimen,” Doctor Suzanne quipped with a big teasing smile on her face, twisting her waist around, tapping her shoulder with the knife she had borrowed from Bradley.


“And what does that suppose to mean?” Bradley asked, still a bit teasingly.


“You see Captain, naughty kids end up in detention,” Suzanne replied, “Because of what you did, I cannot let you go now!”


Bradley looked at his hand and then laughed the matter off, “You mean because of this! Forget it!”


“I said, you are not leaving Captain,” Suzanne jumped in Bradley’s way as he tried to walk away.


“You cannot stop me Doctor,” Bradley reminded her coolly.


“But I cannot let you go! At least not for another seventy two hours,” Doctor Suzanne reasoned, “I need to be sure your interaction with this beast has not put you under any harm, and things take time to be ascertained.”


“Don’t worry about me doctor,” Bradley replied, “I will be just fine!”


“That is my job to determine now Captain,” Suzanne replied back, “But you cannot leave without my permission now!”


“I have a job to do Doctor,” Bradley replied, “And as I said, you cannot stop me!” Bradley then sidestepped Suzanne to walk away.


Suzanne however jumped in front of him again, “Now wait! I know I cannot stop you, but you’ll have to take me along with you then!”


“You want to come with me? Why?” Bradley asked.


“Because I need to know how your interaction with the beast affects you,” Suzanne replied.


“I don’t think it will affect me anyway,” Bradley stated, “And if that were to happen, you will only be wasting your time with me? Besides who will work on the beast and other specimens you might collect here, if you tug along with me?”


This made Doctor Suzanne give a thought to the situation. After a deep thought Doctor Suzanne finally yielded, “Okay Captain, you can leave, but on one condition!”


“And what is that?” Bradley asked.


“One of the members of my team will accompany you,” Doctor Suzanne replied and then turned towards her team, “Doctor Xavier Adams, I would like you to accompany Captain Connors on his mission.”


“Do I have to?” Doctor Xavier looked at the Captain’s face and sheepishly asked of Suzanne.


“Oh yes you have to,” Suzanne stated emphatically and went on to outline what he was required to do, “And I would like you to keep a record of his injury, every fifteen minutes for the next twenty four hours, and every half an hour for the next twenty four, and finally every hour after forty eight hours.”


“Injury! What injury?” Bradley asked surprise.


“And remember,” Suzanne continued, “If anything goes wrong, chop his entire arm off!”


Xavier first looked at Suzanne and then at Bradley, who gave him a glare that made him nervous. “Chop my arm off!” Bradley was surprised.


“Ok! Maybe just his hand will do,” Suzanne quipped.


“You are kidding right?” Bradley exclaimed.


“No! I am not a Captain,” Suzanne replied.


Surprises however may not always have to be random instances of probability. Sometimes surprises might simply be a random rendezvous with a predictable chain of events. The essence of surprise is not in the content of the event, rather in the context. And time somehow makes some strange associations with context. Five minutes can sometimes feel less than five seconds at one point, and at others, longer than five years. The essence of the feeling lies in the contextual element of the occasion. The most remarkable sights any human being can ever witness, yet the death making its’ proximity too obvious for comfort, is a surprise not because of the actual picture it presents, but because of the unexpected appearance at the gate of time. And no matter how appealing the sight is, the desperation of the beholder to see it through is quite palpable.


As President Katsuo held his position firm across the face of the door, his niece and Secretary Anne hiding behind him, grabbing him for her life, the sight of standing next to a near pitch black Universe where you could see another world right in front, was mind blowing. The greatness of the emptiness that filled the space was overpowering. It was too huge to be filled by anything known. But as much as the two enjoyed the view astronomers are so desperate to feel when they gaze through their concave glass arrangements, the fear for life might not have been their last concern, but the fate of humanity certainly was their first. And luckily for them, the opening collapsed into itself, just like it had appeared.


As soon as the opening closed, the pull it was exerting vanished and the two fell to the floor.


“Are you alright,” President Katsuo was up on his feet quickly as he turned around to make sure Anne was alright. Anne started sobbing. “Hey,” President knelt beside her and gave her a comforting hug, “Stop crying like a girl! You are not a girl, you are not my niece, you are my son!”


“Are you two alright,” the first lady immediately rushed out of her room, “I couldn’t open the door to our room! It felt like someone had grabbed it from this side and wouldn’t let me open it!”


“Its’ alright now,” President Katsuo assured her, “The trouble’s gone for the moment!”


“Oh my GOD,” the first lady exclaimed in horror as she looked inside the room behind the President’s back, “The room is gone!”


“What?” President turned around and looked at their open backyard and sky through the missing walls and roof, as his bemused security scratched their heads outside.


“Are you alright Mr President,” one of them asked, “I mean, what happened Sir?”


“It’s alright,” President Katsuo raised his hand to assure them.


“I need to call him,” Anne said as she collected herself and realized the job that lay at her hands.


“Call whom?” President asked but Anne wasn’t listening as she dashed towards the other end of the corridor, looking for a phone that could be dialled.


Technology represents a strange analogy. It is one thing which can express an antagonism perfectly at the same time. On one hand it gives its’ bearer a power beyond own reach, and at the same time it exposes the limitations set on that power, the inherent weaknesses. Finding a perfect balance between the two represents the expertise that could be mastered by the bearer on that technology.


“Hello, research fellow Jhiang Chu calling,” Jhiang was trying desperately to contact the Grey House again as his earlier call had been abruptly disconnected. Thanks to the missing cordless handset, the special line was giving an engaged tone. Jhiang finally gave up on that number and immediately grabbed his phone diary to have a look at the other numbers available for Grey House. The moment he pressed the end call button on his handset to try a new number, the telephone rang.


“Hello, research fellow Jhiang Chu here,” he answered.


“This is Anne, Secretary to the President. Are you alright?” Anne asked what Jhiang was trying to know of her.


“I am fine, but how is the President and everybody else,” Jhiang asked back.


“Everybody’s fine. How did you know it was going to happen? When is it going to happen next? And where is it going to happen next?” Anne however fired a salvo.


“I am going to find it out now,” Jhiang answered, “The basic model for predictions is ready but I need to develop it further to make it more comprehensive and detailed. I need someone to assist me in predicting future events using this one so I could concentrate on the next part of the project.” And then Jhiang broke down.


“What happened to you? Why are you crying?” Anne immediately asked.


“I just lost my best friend forever,” Jhiang replied, and there was a silence at the other end as Jhiang sobbed inconsolably.


Humanity has a long history of abusing substances for their psychotropic effects. Illicit trades have flourished across the globe and across centuries, led to fall of empires and wars of empires. But few have realized the strong psychotropic effects of emotions themselves. Any strong emotion is as overpowering as a corresponding drug. From a feeling of being in a state of euphoric trance, to a calming effect of a sudden shock, emotions can sway tempers in a wide array of reactions. Emotions can subjugate a man to their will, so much so as to infect and hinder his rational processes completely.


As the day darkened in New Saisho, as the evening breeze got nippier by each passing moment, the wildly sashaying fields calmed down as if the plants were huddling together to stay warm. The chill of the oncoming evening was turning uneasy as a consistent sobbing and murmuring broke the silence that had otherwise engulfed the ‘House of Faith’.


“I don’t know what to do with my life anymore,” Janice’s father, Alan exclaimed as he broke down.


“You need to be strong,” Priest Norman consoled him, exclaimed, “You have to bear the burden of your punishment.”


“But I don’t understand! What am I being punished for?” Mr Alan Dwight asked, “I have never hurt anyone!”


“GOD has His reasons that we may not know,” Norman stated, “All we can do is pray and seek forgiveness and strength.”


“But what should I seek forgiveness for?” Alan asked.


“For everything you have done that you don’t remember now,” Norman replied, “But it won’t be your prayers that will be effective, for you are the sinner!”


“Am I,” Alan was confused but somehow felt a strange adherence to the prophecy, “Can you save me? Can you bring my wife and daughter back? Is it possible?”


“I am not enlightened yet,” Norman said as he put his hand softly on Alan’s shoulders, almost patronisingly, “But Senior Granger can. He can feel GOD, and GOD has heard his prayers in the past. You need to seek his help.”


“But my daughter and wife; are they still alive?” Alan asked.


“That only Senior Granger will be able to answer,” Norman replied, “Seek his blessings! Be humble in front of him! Be honest! Accept your mistakes and who knows, his prayers might work a miracle for you!”





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