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GOD Of A Man

Eternity Versus Eternity


“Smaller than a pitcher yet larger than universe, is human brain!”


Chapter Seven: Questions to answers to questions

Dated: 18th December, 2459


Since times ancient humanity has striven to unravel the mysteries of creation beyond their land. The intrigues of what lay beyond the seas defining their borders, evolved into a quest to peep beyond their skies. More humanity delved into questions beyond realms, more their thirst for firsthand knowledge grew. Technology was the boon as well as the bane. Humanity could well see beyond the stars, but the ability to travel beyond their world never kept one nth the pace. However, it is not the failings which determine the future of a species, rather the achievements that lead them along their destiny. Human brain is marvellous within its’ limits! It can enable humans to manipulate material and create objects fraught with utter handicaps and yet, squeeze immense productivity out of the piece by extending the same.


Human brain is the most interesting of all the organs packed inside the tissue sack. The simplest in its’ construction, the most detailed in its sculpturing! The most sensitive of all tissues but controls every other conceivable tissue in the body! Its’ size is barely a litre, yet the amount of information it stores is much beyond the size of the universe itself. It can think beyond the Universe!


However, with every power is associated a weakness, and brain has many. From pride, vanity and greed to lust, savagery and contempt, the power of brain has been put to much more destructive employment than constructive. No group of populace has ever been immune to the vile, how could New Saisho be any different? But what will determine the future of humanity will not be the treachery, rather the intellect.


“Any headway,” Hameed Gafur, a junior research fellow at NSRI asked Jhiang Chu, who shook his head in negative. His eyes still peeled to the computer screen, Jhiang lifted the cup of stale tea to take one more sip.


“Man, you still drinking that tea? I made it for you last night! What is it now, like ten hours?” Hameed said shaking his head, “Let me get you some fresh one!”


“Thanks,” Jhiang said as he continued to juggle with figures on his screen, toggling in between a graphic design that didn’t seem to make any sense.


“Tell you what,” Hameed said, “You need some rest badly! You’ve been here since yesterday afternoon. You can’t expect a worn out mind to create a masterpiece!”


“I am fine Gafur,” Jhiang insisted.


“I know you have a bit of a screw loose upstairs,” Hameed continued, “But listen to me for once! If you don’t want go home yet, then don’t! But you need to get up from the system and take a walk. You need to refresh your mind; detach from the monotonous figures and shapes, and then get back to it with a rejuvenated fervour.”


“So what do you suggest?” Jhiang asked, finally breaking out of his meditative concentration.


“Lets’ start with going to the toilets first, release our bladders, create space for some more fluid,” Hameed said, “Then let us grab some fresh tea, walk to the chill out corner and watch the replay of last nights’ game I set up for recording. It was Lodgers versus Siamese Heat, baseball at its’ ugliest best, and a tie!”


“Well, if you insist,” Jhiang smiled.


“I do, please!” Hameed said as he pulled the chair away as Jhiang stood up, and Hameed jokingly bowed and presented the way.


“But we’ll use different toilets though,” Jhiang joked.


“That’s fine, I’ve set up cameras in all,” Hameed replied and they both burst out laughing. The two walked out, relieved their bladders, grabbed fresh tea, walked into the TV room and started watching the recording of the game.


“What a douche bag,” Hameed commented about one of the pitchers, “Even my wife can throw better than him.”


“It’s a ball, not a bowl,” Jhiang joked.


“What difference does it make? If she wants to get my head, she gets it, and if she wants to get my balls, then I run,” Hameed replied, “Its’ funny how one man can spray a small ball all over the place, yet hits the middle of the bat every time he pitches straight. Look at that wide loop way beyond the batters leg side! The last one was way over the batters head, almost got the Umpire in his.”


Hameed continued his blabber but Jhiang had already lost track of the conversation, his eyes had fixated on something distant. He was still looking at the pitcher on the screen, but his brain was watching something else.


“Hey man, what happened to you?” Hameed asked as he shook his friend out of his induced stupor.


“Man you don’t know what you have just done,” Jhiang said as he grabbed Hameed from the sides of his face and kissed him on his forehead.


“Hey no kissing man,” Hameed protested without realizing what Jhiang meant, “And don’t blame me for anything!”


“You just gave me the answer I was looking for,” Jhiang replied, his eyes lit up, “Come I’ll show you!”


He took Hameed back to his room and opened up the model showing how and when everything went missing. “Look at this,” Jhiang said, pointing to the screen, “All the things that have gone missing, if we draw a line from their centres, those lines are not parallel, but converging.” Jhiang then juggled a few figures and made the lines extend to meet. He keyed in some values in another program and out came the result he was looking for.


“What are you doing?” Hameed still didn’t understand.


“There, you see,” Jhiang said pointing towards the screen, “All the activity, whatever it is, is emanating from a single source, about a fifty billion light years away. It is all linked!”


“How can it be?” Hameed was surprised, “I mean everything missing is so different in size, mass and kind. Just look at the variation!”


“I know,” Jhiang replied, “That is the next question I need to figure out an answer for!” His attention was suddenly caught by a chart that was hanging on one of the walls of his room. “And I think I might have the answer already,” Jhiang said as he got busy with juggling figures in his mathematical model again. Hameed stood there watching intently, one hand resting on Jhiang’s desk and another on his seat’s backrest.


The worst of troubles can often have the simplest of answers, yet the complexities of the situation can clog the foresight and stall the intelligence. Step back for a moment, and the answer will invariably strike like a lightening. But sometimes answers can themselves raise more questions, more serious questions!


“The airstrip in Egypt was the last one to be readied as part of our policy to have landing facilities across the globe. It shouldn’t be a problem to set it up for the arrival of the oil miners’,” Rear Admiral Ahluwalia was briefing Captain Bradley. “Once you give an all clear I will inform the high command,” he continued, “Meanwhile you, leaving four men behind to manage the airport, need to take the rest with you and secure the perimeters of the oil rigs. We don’t want any nasty surprises for our mining team.”


“Sir,” Captain Bradley understood his job.


“I leave the rest of the details in your able hands,” Rear Admiral said, “You know your men better than me, so you pick your team, and you work out the finer details like timetable for the mission.”


“Sir, if I may,” Captain Bradley said, “Two of the men I would like to take along with me are currently on guard at the site in Kuwait.”


“A select team of scientists and doctors has already departed New Saisho and is expected to reach the Kuwait airport by late noon today. Once they are on site, you can aptly replace the men on guard,” Rear Admiral assured the Captain.


“Sure sir,” Captain Bradley nodded again.


“Once this job is done you will be required to take up your responsibility as Captain of NSS Full Bloom again, and I shall return to New Saisho,” Rear Admiral said.


“Sir, it is an honour to serve under you for whatever time I have been lucky enough to,” Captain Bradley graciously replied.


“You are a brilliant officer Captain. It is a luxury to have men like you,” Rear Admiral patted his man on his shoulders, “You can carry on with your work now.” Captain Bradley saluted and took his leave.


Wait and expectations make a very powerful combination. The more one expects, the longer the wait feels, and longer one has to wait, stronger the expectations get. However the best, or rather the worst aspect of this couple is; in the absence of one, the other becomes unbearable. From a soldiers’ perspective Bradley had already finished his job at the caved site, hence had nothing to expect from the scientific team arriving for specimen collection. Hence his agony was understandable. A man betrothed to his duty, he impatiently wore out the soles of his shoes, as he used the airstrip more than any plane had done in decades. Finally, the chartered bird arrived. His men made arrangements for the disembarking, and one by one, men and women with glasses thicker than their hands, disembarked.


“Welcome ladies and gentlemen,” Captain Bradley, his back to towards the plane now, addressed them as they gathered at the end of the tarmac, “My name is Captain Bradley Connors, and I will be escorting you to the site. Now if your team leader would please step forward, I need to discuss some details about the arrangements as I will be leaving shortly thereafter.”


“I am standing right behind you Captain,” a female voice from behind addressed Captain Bradley, “My name is Doctor Suzanne Dillon, Head of Pathology Department at the Steve Memorial Hospital and Research Centre.”


Bradley turned around and looked at his guest from top to toe.


“Nice to meet you Captain,” Doctor Suzanne Dillon extended her hand for a handshake.


“Nice to meet you too Doctor,” Bradley replied as he took her hand in his as softly as was practically possible for a man like him.


“Let me introduce my team to you Captain,” Doctor Suzanne said and proceeded to introduce the brains that made up the motley crew. Once the formalities were out of the way, Doctor Suzanne asked Captain Bradley, “So what arrangements did you want to talk about Captain?”


“Nothing special as such, just that you are being provided two choppers and five men on the sight to assist in transporting men, material and specimens,” Bradley replied, “I would have loved to be there to assist your team personally all through your mission, but unfortunately I need to leave for my next assignment as soon as I show you the site.”


“That’s nice of you Captain, and I am sure we will manage it from there,” Suzanne thanked him, “So shall we move?”


“Oh and yes, there is no hotel or motel in this part of the world anymore, and whatever accommodation once existed at the site, is now a part of history,” Bradley informed them, “But we have set up tents for you at the sight. Hope you won’t mind camping!”


“That’s fine Captain! We may look like nerds but most of us have been with the scouts,” Doctor Suzanne quipped.


“I must say, for a girl you talk real tough,” Bradley said with a smile, “But remember Mrs Dillon, this is desert.”


“Thanks for your concern officer but I am carrying my sunscreen as well as blanket,” Doctor Suzanne replied, “And by the way, it is Miss Dillon.” She smiled and walked off towards the waiting chopper as her team tip-toed behind her. Bradley smiled and looked at his men who immediately turned their blank faces down.


The flight from the airport to the site was much quicker than the wait for the arrival, and for varied reasons. At the site, as Bradley’s men assisted the team members to unload their stuff from the copter, Bradley, a gentleman that he was, extended his hand for Doctor Suzanne to help her alight.


“That’s fine, it’s not that high,” Doctor Suzanne replied as she hopped off, while Captain Bradley was left twisting his head with a smirk.


“This way Doctor,” Bradley pointed out to the direction as he led the doctor and her team towards the cave they had discovered the previous day, “My men have installed artificial lighting around the entrance and inside the cave. We have tried our best to secure the wall from collapsing but things are still unpredictable. Good thing is; the part of the wall with the current opening is not too steep.”


“Is there only one way in and out Captain?” Doctor Suzanne asked.


“At the moment yes,” Captain Bradley replied, “We didn’t touch the other side of the wall as it had collapsed earlier, and the specimen you are looking for, its’ body is situated directly opposite to that end. Another collapse and you might lose it in rubble.”


“Is it just one specimen?” Doctor Suzanne asked.


“It is one marvellous piece of creation,” Bradley replied. They all marched along to the edge of the wall where a rope ladder hung from the cave opening. One by one, all the team members climbed into the cave which was much better lit this time. They walked around the bend to have the first glance of the supposedly dead monster, still hanging from the roof. If they felt the floor beneath their feet slip, it wasn’t completely without explanation.


“That is your marvellous creation Captain?” one of the team members asked, his eyes wide open.


“Isn’t it beautiful?” Captain Bradley asked as the scientific team looked at each other and then at the Captain.


“I feel like throwing up,” one of the team members quipped.


“Oh C’mon you people, don’t be such weaklings,” Doctor Suzanne said as she put on her latex gloves, “It’s not such a huge monster.”


“Tell me doctor, ain’t you scared?” Captain Bradley commented.


“Are you Captain?” Doctor Suzanne asked back, “I see more blood in a day than you might have spill in a year Captain. Lets’ just say, I boil my veggies in blood.”


“That’s interesting to know Doctor,” Captain Bradley asked smilingly as he took a step closer towards the beast, almost putting his hand on it, “What do you use for spices then?”


“Bone ash,” Doctor Suzanne replied as she stepped up close to the Captain, put a hand on his knife hanging from his waist, and with a single jerk, pulled it out of its’ sheath, “I get plenty of it every time I saw open a skull to pull out the brain during post-mortems.”


Doctor Suzanne and Captain Bradley looked into each others’ eyes, the Captain smiled, the Doctor had a mysterious expression on her face as she stepped back from the Captain, and under the hanging beast. She put the tip of the knife to its’ underbelly, ready to tear it open.


“I wouldn’t want to do that,” Captain Bradley quipped, raising his brows and pointing his finger at the beast.


“That’s exactly what needs to be done Captain,” Doctor Suzanne replied as her still petrified colleagues watched on, “Else, how will we pack this thing in our specimen boxes?”


“I still wouldn’t recommend what you are about to do,” Bradley insisted.


Doctor Suzanne just smiled and in a flash, took five to six steps back, slashing open the beast’s abdomen. Tonnes of flesh and semi-chewed pieces of human limbs and bodies feel out, mixed in with a sticky mass, almost jelly like, and spread out on the floor. The ladies in the scientific team let out a collective shriek, while men closed their ears and eyes. “Oh my GOD! Oh my GOD! Oh my GOD!” were the last words heard in the cave before a pin-drop silence ensued.


“Not a single drop of fluid or piece of flesh on your body; I am impressed,” Captain Bradley said as he nodded in appreciation to the expertise of the Doctor who stood there, her hands and arms raised in air, her face giving the expression, “How was that?”


“But that’s a lot of flesh, most of it looks human in origin,” Captain Bradley said as he inspected the mess on the floor, “I can even see pieces of clothes and metal ornaments.”


But Doctor Suzanne was busy inspecting something else! Her attention had been caught by the hanging skin of the dead monster, “That’s strange!”



“Why, what happened?” Captain Bradley asked as the rest of Doctor’s team members slowly and slowly inched their way closer.


“Look at the inside of the stomach, this beast, whatever it was,” Doctor Suzanne said, pointing to its’ cut open guts, “The skin looks swollen and bruised, as if in an allergic response. Looks like the beast had bitten more than what it was meant to chew!”




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