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GOD Of A Man

Eternity Versus Eternity


“Humans make plans, life brings surprises!”


Chapter Eight: The Impending

Dated: 18th December, 2459


Randomness has a beauty of its’ own, an enslaving charm, like a potent habit forming substance. Monotony exists in repetition and predictability, boredom is the aftermath. Randomness though keeps one guessing; shattering expectations at one time, and blowing the mind away with excitement at another. It is just like a trip! The best laid plans are merely thatch-roofs in the stormy weather of life, ready to be blown away while you lie asleep under them, comfortable in their deceitful warmth. If you are not ready for last minute adjustments, under-estimated compromises and overawing sacrifices, you will neither enjoy the situations life will put you through, nor appreciate the gains made out of the biggest losses.


Enlightenment in reality is not about finding GOD or another world. It is about finding oneness with the creation and its’ interactions in this world instead. An ordinary human being keeps fighting all his life, against his life, to create predictability in his life. Predictability feels comfortable. Alas, it never lasts! There are too many variables involved in one’s life, no matter how diligently one sets self up something will go awry from the plan. Fret one may, pity their self, but the reality bites harder than the worst dogs! There are always and only two options; either one fights to survive and succeed, or become a fatality of life. Enlightenment is about finding peace when one is at war with their own emotions! Enlightenment is about being at ease even when the mind is in turmoil! Enlightenment is in finding positive gains out of utter disasters! Enlightenment is in understanding; others are in a similar situation and need help, as much as one himself needs!


Knowing one’s mortality is a way of accepting one’s limitations, it is not about giving up. Life will challenge your choices. Strength lies in believing in your abilities and pursuing your goals, yet being ever ready to switch course, should the need arise. Success is sometimes not about achieving what you set out to, but how you manoeuvred the course to achieve something even better. Adaptation is the key to the questions of life, and New Saisho needs to figure out a way to use it now.


“Sir, where are we heading to?” Lieutenant James Michigan asked his Captain, as they set sail from the New Saisho shores.


“We need to dig up live nukes,” Captain Aman Ahluwalia replied, “As many as we can, as soon as we can!”


“Nukes?” almost everybody in the control room jumped out of their seats.


“That’s not all,” Aman continued, “We need to relieve the vessels of their technology as well; their nuclear powered hearts!”


“Sir, but will we find any?” Lieutenant Thomas Schneider, manning the wheel, asked.


“As I mentioned, we are not looking for just one Lieutenant,” his Captain quipped.


“Sir, isn’t it a bit too specific to look for in something as vast at the ocean around the globe? And we are hoping they would still be viable?” James asked, “Not to mention the junk needs to be at a location shallow enough to make things retrievable!”


“The job needs to be done Lieutenant, and it has been given to us,” Aman stressed the point, “And we will get it done, no matter what!”


“Sir, where should we start then?” Thomas asked.


“The Open House,” Aman’s three worded reply left them all agape, eyes wide open. But one look at the steely resolve on their Captain’s face, and they knew it was business end of the mission straight away.


Duty is a strange noun; abstract in origin but rigid in definition, binding in its’ sense yet lose in its’ encompass. The problem however is, its’ existence is a by-product of two other coefficients of abstract origin; honesty, and authority. Either the bearer of the burden needs to be honest, or the authority above vigilant and strict, else the duty forever remains un-fulfilled. First case scenario makes the state totalitarian, the second makes it authoritarian, the last one is chaos. However, off these, only the first one is where a society can survive even utter chaos brought upon it, by the vagaries of life.


“Does this mean this organism is of alien origins?” Bradley inquired of Suzanne.


“I can’t say anything about the origins yet,” Dr Suzanne replied, dwelling deep into her experience, “But it appears it was allergic to human skin, or something associated with it, which appears to have resulted in its’ gastric inflammation.”


As Dr Suzanne was explaining this one of the hanging heads of the monster rose behind her and shot at her face. Dr Suzanne’s team shrieked and pulled away, but Dr Suzanne, with a swift swing of knife, chopped the head of the monster like a vegetable, nearly taking away a finger or two off Bradley’s hand, with which he had grabbed the ugly thing from its’ neck to play a prank.


“Damn! You are fierce, Doctor,” Captain Bradley admitted with an appreciative smile.


“That was so rude and childish, so immature,” Doctor Suzanne was however not only unimpressed, but rather incensed, “Do you realize Captain you are not supposed to touch biological samples? It could be a hazard? I would have loved to see how brave you are, were this thing to be still alive!”


“You are talking to the murderer of your sample, Doctor,” one of Bradley’s men replied.


That quietened as well as calmed Doctor Suzanne by a notch, but she added, “Even so, you should not be touching this beast with bare hands!”


Bradley looked at his hand, from back to palm, finally settling his sight on his thumb and index finger. Few minute droplets of blood oozed out.


Blood; the same that flows in every human being, one of the most important tissues, always short in supply when needed, yet the most likely to be wasted for the silliest of reasons. Eulogised in literature as a symbol of nobility, basis of defining relationships in a society, and a measure of commitment to a cause; blood actually plays many more important roles outside its’ physical existence inside a body. Still, basis of some relationships is not blood! Blood needn’t be shed for every cause, when untiring efforts may suffice! Blood may not be from the nobility, but sweat of labour can make any blood noble!


“Wow! Is that it?” Hameed exclaimed as he began to comprehend what Jhiang was doing, “Do you really think that is the answer?”


“I am sure it is!” Jhiang replied, without taking his gaze off the screen or hands off the keyboard, “Let me however cross check it for the events that have already transpired.”


Jhiang put some values into a few blank columns, and then switched over to a screen showing a three dimensional image of the solar system. He zoomed in to focus on the three dimensional image of the missing space station, Earth and Mars. The machine computed the rest and depicted its’ results on the screen. “Bingo!” Jhiang’s expression summed up his success.


“That is superb brother,” a jubilant Hameed stated, “You’ve cracked the mystery.”


“I have but not without your help though,” Jhiang said as he picked up his water bottle to have a sip.


“That’s empty! I’ll get another one from the fridge,” Hameed said, “Why don’t you try to predict some future events?”


“Straight away brother, else what use would this monstrous effort be,” Jhiang triumphantly exclaimed as he buckled down in his seat again.


“Do you want anything else?” Hameed asked him as he left the room to fetch a water bottle for his best mate.


“Just water is fine,” Jhiang replied as he got busy with his calculations again.


“You are too careless about your health man,” Hameed commented as he walked away, “I’ll make some fruit salad for us though!”


“Whatever,” Jhiang was too busy with his work to bother about anything else.


Humans hold a lot of things dear to their hearts, yet it is the same things they neglect the most. In fact, the realization how much something means to someone often dawns at the very fag end, with not much left to salvage. But sometimes life is too cruel to offer even such largesse.


“Oh my GOD,” the emerging picture from the model shocked Jhiang. “Hameed!” he yelled in desperation.


“Stop yelling and wait! We’ve been working since yesterday afternoon,” Hameed yelled back from the refreshment area, “Let me fix us some vitamins and minerals now!”


“Get out of that place,” Jhiang however wasn’t listening, as he frantically jumped out of his chair, tossing it out of the way and himself nearly tumbling to the floor. He dashed out of his room, almost on all fours.


“What are you saying?” Hameed couldn’t hear him properly.


“Get out of there now,” Jhiang shrieked as he rushed out of his room and into their main lab room, making his way towards the corridor, where Hameed was supposed to be readying a nourishing fruit salad for the two. However this time he heard no reply!


Jhiang rushed to the refreshment corner, only to find it empty. But not just that, their fridge was missing, along with the cabinet housing their cutlery, and a piece each of the roof and the flooring, revealing the upper and lower levels of the building.


“Hameed!” Jhiang yelled again and again as he looked around to see any signs of Hameed, “Where are you? Stop kidding if you are trying to hide?”


“Hameed!” Jhiang shrieked out again as he collapsed on to his knees, holding his face in his hands, “Why, just why?” Jhiang broke down as he realized he had just lost his best friend forever.


However this time he didn’t lose track of the situation as emotions over powered him. “What’s next? What is next?” he murmured to himself as he pulled himself up with a conviction that had been so noticeable on his face since morning, “I need to find out what is up next.”


Jhiang immediately rushed back to his room and got back to working on the system. He punched in a few new figures to replace some old values, and then waited for the computer to show how the model of solar system reflected those changes. The model started zooming in on Earth, then Australia, then New Saisho, and the final image got him at his wits end.


Jhiang immediately grabbed his phone and punched in a few numbers, his hands trembling and fingers fumbling. “Hello, this is Research Fellow Jhiang Chu from National Space Research Institute,” he spoke into the handset.


“This is Secretary to the President Anne De Villiers,” prompt came the reply from the other end.


“Please listen carefully to what I say for I have no time for explanations,” Jhiang was concerned excited and scared at the same time, “Please evacuate the room at the western end of the Grey House immediately. You have four minutes and ten seconds to do it. Nine seconds now!”


“But what’s the matter?” Anne asked.


“Four minutes and seven seconds now, quick!” Jhiang yelled into the phone. In fact, the fierceness of his voice might have sent some shivers down Anne’s spine.


Anne immediately rushed out of the room, carrying the phone in one hand, and yelling in her radio set in the other, “Everybody evacuate the western end room of the Grey House immediately. No time for explanations! Just do it now!”


“But the President is in the room at the moment with his wife and son,” came the reply from the other end of the radio.


“Damn,” Anne exclaimed as she ran head over heels towards the identified room.


“Three minutes and forty five seconds now,” Jhiang yelled in the phone.


“I am on it! I am on it!” Anne replied back.


President Shoji Katsuo and his wife, who were playing with their only son at that time, were taken by surprise by the sudden commotion.


“What has happened Anne?” First Lady Lucifer O’Donnell Shoji asked.


“Uncle, Aunty, you need to get out of this room now!” Anne nearly shrieked, her desperation spilling out in the way of emotions, “Please get out of this room!”


“But why,” President asked.


“Its’ two minutes and fifty nine seconds exact,” Jhiang yelled loud enough to be heard without the need of putting the receiver to the ear.


“Questions later, first just get out of this room, please,” Anne nearly cried as she dropped the phone and wireless sets to the floor, grabbed one arm of her uncle and one arm of her young cousin.


“You get your aunty and cousin out,” President Katsuo asserted, “I need to retrieve some very important papers from that almirah!”


“I’ll get them for you,” Anne insisted, almost pleading, “You just go!”


“You wouldn’t know which ones’,” President Katsuo said as he pulled his arm out of Anne’s fast grip and dashed towards the piece of furniture housing the documents.


Anne rushed behind him and spoke almost commandingly, as if she was her uncle’s uncle instead, “I said just get the hell out of this room, now!”


President stared at her face as she dashed past him, opened the wooden almirah, grabbed all the files she could see and rushed, “Are these the ones!”


“Yes they are,” President replied as he rushed towards the exit, while his wife and son made their way towards another room.


But haste is inconsistent! Anne inadvertently spilled all the papers that were held loosely inside a folder. “Damn!” she exclaimed.


“Don’t worry, I’ll help you collect them,” President Katsuo said as he rushed back towards Anne to help her gather the papers.


“NO!” Anne yelled at the top of her voice as if it wasn’t the President she was talking to, rather a truant little school boy, “Get out of the room right now!”


The President had no choice but to follow the direct orders of his beloved niece who feverishly gathered all the papers with her hands, grabbed them close to her chest, and made a dash for the exit. Her aunty and cousin had made it to the safety, but for the President and Anne, valuable moments had been lost! Anne had barely stepped out of the room when a giant black hole appeared in the middle of it and spread in an instant, covering the entire room.


As astounding the sight was, as was it fearful! The hole started to suck the air and objects inside the corridor into it, pulling the President and Anne along. The two made desperate dives in opposite directions, with Anne still clutching the papers to her chest. The two somehow managed to cling to the walls along the opposite end of the door. As the giant hole pulled into it, things flew past the two, some hitting them as they struggled to stay rooted to the walls. But the hole kept pulling!


Finally the two ended up near the two edges of the door. At this moment President Katsuo made a twin life saving decision. He pushed his body away from the wall, but before the hole could such him in, he stretched his arms and legs wide, planting his hands and feet firmly across the face of the door, and on the walls beside it. He held his position by the sheer strength of his muscles.


“Jump behind my back Anne,” President called out.


“No,” Anne shook her head, “I am scared!”


“Jump behind my back now or you will be sucked in by this monster of a hole anyway,” President Katsuo exclaimed, “You will not only lose your own grip, but your body will drag me inside as well.”


A reluctant Anne finally nodded as she let her grip go and flung around to end behind President Katsuo. She wrapped herself around his back with her hands and feet firmly locked while the President held on to his position with all his strength. After gaining a bit of stability with their position the two noticed for the first time, what was in front of them. It wasn’t a black hole! It was the Universe!


They were standing on the edge of a Universe. They could see the dark shadow of a huge planet with many rings around the belly, a sun in the background, and many stars further away. A fire extinguisher rolled along the floor and through the President’s legs, straight into the hole, only to blow up into fragments due to the pressure less environment.


They watched it all, spread across the face of the door as if someone had accidently tumbled on top of a well, and is now eagerly awaiting someone to grab him from the top and pull him back and up again, to save him from falling in.




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