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GOD Of A Man

Eternity Versus Eternity


“Happiness seeks company, grief needs company, but hatred expels company. One emotion love, can swap them all.”


Chapter Eleven: Future searching present

Dated: 19th December, 2459 onwards


Spices are always used in moderation for they are meant to enhance the flavour, not create a taste. The real taste resides in the bulk of the content. Human emotions too are like spices, they enhance the flavour of the mood. From euphoria to listlessness, from glee to gloom, the array of emotions is as vast as the sky that envelops the earth. But if one looks at it like a disconnected scientist intent on laying thread bare the intricacies of an object under observation, all emotions can be grouped into two categories; simple emotions and complex emotions. Similarly, even mood can be broadly classified into two broad distinctions; happy or sad. Simple emotions are those which can effect only one mood change in a human, like glee and euphoria will only make a person happy, while gloom and listlessness define the edge of the darker shade. And then there are complex emotions like love that can create either of the two shades in the same person, perhaps not at the same time.


However, one emotion stands out of the crowd by virtue of peculiarity; the hatred. And unlike other emotions it has a mood of its’ own, a mood marked by an incoherent passion. It has the ability to enslave every other emotion, an ability to make a person happy and sad at the same time. But alas, with all the emotional resources at disposal, it still forever is lonely. While happiness seeks company for it multiplies when shared, grief stricken might seek solitaire, but it invariably is the company that finds them and gives them that soft shoulder to rest the weary head on. Hatred on the other hand expels company. Passions might unite unlikely pairs, yet their hatred keeps them lonely amongst the crowd.


But as overpowering and widely influencing it might appear, hatred does yield to one emotion it can itself control and be controlled by; love. Love when degenerates into passion, creates unimaginable hatred, and love when rises to dizzy heights, can switch extreme hatred into unparalleled love. Love can be a poison, can be a medicine, it can be an antidote! Love is what defines humanity! Can New Saisho be any different?


The overcast sky and moist sand betrayed the scorching heat that had been managing the desolate concrete structures, since they were constructed a year ago. Egypt was as welcoming towards the handful of guests as it might have ever been in the sands of time. Silent as monks in meditation, the structures stood tall, each one on their own and in their own space, as if cross with each other. Having arrived at the base camp in Egypt and set themselves up for their temporary stay at the small mess cum living quarters, Bradley’s men were having a cup of tea in the dinner room when Doctor Xavier walked in.


“Hey Doc, want some tea?” one of the soldiers asked, “Come take a seat.” And he pulled up a chair for the doctor to join the group.


Private Simmons poured Doctor Xavier some tea in a cup and passed it across the table to where Doctor Xavier was sitting. Everybody started sipping the hot drink, silently. After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence Doctor Xavier finally got the courage and asked, “Can I ask you guys a question?”


“Sure Doctor, fire away,” Private Mathews said as he put his cup down.


“First promise you won’t tell this to your Captain,” Doctor Xavier added.


“Oh don’t be ridiculous,” another soldier in the group said, “You’ve got Private Dickens’ word.”


“Ok,” Xavier heaved a sigh of relief. “Here we go,” he really built up some suspense before asking, “Is your Captain gay?”


At this point everybody at the table burst out laughing!


“Why are you laughing? Have I asked something wrong,” Xavier was perplexed, “Stop laughing!”


Finally Private Simmons got up from his chair, walked around the table to where Doctor Xavier was sitting, pulled a chair next to him, sat down and put his arm around his shoulders, “Doctor, we all are!”


“Oh my GOD, you people are too much,” Doctor Xavier freaked out and rushed out of the room abruptly, almost bumping into Captain Bradley who was coming back from his jog.


“Want to see my hand doctor,” Captain Bradley asked as he grabbed the running Doctor from his shoulder.


“Not now!” Doctor Xavier shrugged off Captain’s hand and continued his quick march to his room.


“What happened to him boys? Seems like he just saw a two headed monster,” Captain Bradley asked his men as he entered the mess.


“Sir, he was asking us questions about you,” Private Mathews replied as everybody stood up in attention.


“At ease boys,” Bradley said and asked as he wiped his face with a tissue, “What did he want to know?”


“He wanted to know if you were gay,” Private Mathews replied.


Bradley smiled and then asked, “You didn’t tell him the truth did you?”


“No sir,” Mathews replied, “Sim told him we all are!” And everybody, including their Captain burst out laughing again.


“Stop pulling his legs boys,” Bradley quipped nodding his head, “Or he might eavesdrop to his senior.”


“We didn’t think that far Sir,” Private Simmons replied, “She is one hell of a doctor.”


“Careful boy, she is your senior officer’s wife,” Bradley quipped with a smile.


Private Simmons immediately sprung to his feet, in full attention, gave a salute and exclaimed, “Sir, never again Sir!”


“At ease boy,” Captain Bradley said with a smile as everybody laughed again.


“Sir, only one question,” Private Mathews asked, “Who will inform the doctor?”


“Inform what?” Bradley asked.


“That she’s a senior officer’s wife,” Mathew added as everybody laughed again.


“What was that position that was open in New Saisho Sim?” Bradley asked Private Simmons, tensing his brow.


“Sir, never again sir,” Private Mathews was immediately pleading.


Bradley stepped up to him, patted his back, and exclaimed with a smile, “Relax boy, we all are joking.” Captain Bradley walked up to the tea pot to pour some hot drink for self, and asked, “Who is this Private Dickens by the way?”


“I don’t know sir,” the soldier who had mentioned the name replied, “I just made it up.” And the good times continued to roll for the moment.


Rolling has a peculiar habit of changing momentum if left uncontrolled. Soon enough rolling becomes spiralling, and spiralling becomes ballooning. Before long the entire breathing space is consumed and the only end result is a blow-up. Experience however knows how to keep momentum in check, when to accelerate, when to slowdown and when to halt.


“I want you guys to slow down the vessel now,” Sergeant Alfonso Schaeffer was directing his juniors in the control room.


“Sir, if I may ask,” an officer behind the controls asked, “Why are we going through the Shooting Darts region?”


“Corporal James Michigan, we don’t question the orders! We follow them,” Sergeant Schaeffer sternly replied.


“I am sorry Sir,” Corporal James apologized.


“How is it going boys?” their Captain’s voice startled them.


“Sir, you are already up?” Sergeant Schaeffer was surprised as looked at his watch, “I thought you wanted me to wake you up in another hour and a half.”


“Where are we now? What are the co-ordinates?” Captain Aman asked patting Sergeant’s shoulder.


“Sir we are about thirty nautical miles from the suicide belt,” Sergeant Schaeffer replied, referring to the Shooting Darts region by its’ vernacular name.


“Then we are already there Sergeant,” Captain Aman replied, “You never know how the sea would manage its’ resources. Floating objects, however fixed, tend to move long distances in water.”


“Sir, what exactly is this belt made of?” Corporal Michigan asked, “I remember them telling in the academy that it is some form of algal mesh.”


“It is not the actual algae,” Captain Aman replied, “It is a web made of gelatinous secretions from the radiation affected variety of submerged algae that grow along the sea bed. It doesn’t dissolve in water, and being lighter than water, it is floating below the surface, still attached to the sea bed.”


“Sir how long is this belt and why has it become notorious?” Sergeant Schaeffer asked out of curiosity this time.


“It extends from the southern edge of Kagoshima in Japan, and stretches all across the Pacific to the southern tip of Argentina, in an arch about hundred nautical miles wide,” Aman gave the details of what they were up against, “It is notorious because over the centuries it has trapped in it a wide array of floating objects, which now act as projectiles against vessels. They are stuck in the gelatinous mass which is firmly fixed to the sea bed, and being deep under the surface, the weather conditions above do not alter its’ composition or location.”


“Sir but if it is submerged deep in water, how come it is dangerous for the ships,” Corporal James asked.


“Occasionally due to disturbances in sea water some of the trapped matter becomes loose and floats closer to the surface. Some of it is attached to underwater features like cliffs and plateaus which are not too deep. It does tend to lurk just beneath the surface, and becomes dangerous to the vessels. What enhances its’ deadliness is that some of the stuff is too small for the radars to detect, and too strong for the vessel bodies to survive their water and algal fling aided impact,” Aman explained, “The trickiest part is this belt has entrapped a lot of anti-ship mines from the third world war.”


“But sir, are those mines still in a working condition,” Sergeant Schaeffer asked.


“Trust me, there’s every likelihood of someone coming across a live mine even today,” Aman replied, “They were really good at killing each other those days. This aspect of technology was fairly advanced for the times!”


“Perhaps that’s why no ship has ever made through this belt since,” Corporal James softly added, trying to be careful not to offend his seniors.


“We will Corporal! We will be the first ones,” Aman said tapping the officer’s shoulder, “Otherwise they have already listed our names for a posthumous Demetria Cross this coming National Day on twenty sixth of January. We don’t have time!”


“Sir, I don’t fear death,” Corporal James replied, “Its’ just that I want to charge at death fully aware of the consequences.”


Captain Aman patted his back, “Time to get on with the job now! Stop the vessel right away and prepare for lowering the nine motor boats into water, along with the fishing net.” He then turned around and addressed Sergeant Schaeffer, “Get the people on the first list I handed you last night, up and ready. Wake up your seniors to take charge of the control room.”


“Sir,” Sergeant knew immediately what it meant. Been long enough with his Captain, he knew the Captain is going to lead the escort boat at the top himself.


Life is a queer struggle! Those who are living it are always trying to take control of it, yet it is life which keeps running their worlds in every direction. Anyone who thinks they are in charge of their future, they generally end up being questioned about their adequacies by the future itself. Those who learn to grow and improve with life, letting the life lead their way, are generally the most adapt at managing through the tricky phases.


As the chill of the night froze the darkness, the noise of the generator was the only thing waking up the rocks and sand. Alone in his room, Captain Bradley removed the bandage from his finger and thumb to inspect his healing wound. The incision was precise for Doctor Xavier was good with what he could do, but there was a strange olive greenish edge to the healing skin. Captain Bradley took a deep breath, wandered deep into some distant thoughts, finally got up and walked out of his room for a meaningless stroll, unmindful of the chill. His steps stopped by the side of Doctor Xavier’s room as a woman’s giggling caught his attention.


“Seems like you are having all the fun,” Doctor Suzanne’s voice boomed out of the night as Bradley walked beside the window to Doctor Xavier’s room. The doctor was busy over the satellite link, doing a video chat with his senior.


“You are laughing! Yes you can,” Doctor Xavier replied, “It’s not you who is stuck with a bunch of weirdos.”


“But why are you suddenly so insistent on getting out of there,” Doctor Suzanne asked.


“Oh my GOD, you wouldn’t believe,” Doctor Xavier was bitching about his experience with Bradley and his men, “This morning he went to the toilet and didn’t come out for an hour. When I asked him what he’s doing, he said he’s left the door open and I could go in and have a look at his hand.”


“Don’t tell me you followed him to the toilet,” Doctor Suzanne burst out laughing.


“Oh don’t be ridiculous,” Xavier complained, “I was just doing my job that you have asked me to in the first place, and you know very well how seriously I take my work.”


“So did you?” Doctor Suzanne teased him.


“You’re being such an insensitive bitch now,” Xavier complained again, “I am gay, not a weirdo. He and his men are weirdos.”


“I am sure they are just teasing you,” Doctor Suzanne replied, “Don’t get frustrated or they will keep bullying you.”


“Do you know they are all gay?” Doctor Xavier’s words suddenly quietened Doctor Suzanne.


“What? Oh no, even Bradley,” her voice suddenly changed, “I mean how do you know?”


“His men told me,” Xavier replied, perhaps noticing the discomfort of Suzanne, “You know I personally like Bradley a lot!”


“You are a jerk! Stay away from him,” Suzanne replied, “Stick to your job!” And then she asked almost pleadingly, “Are you sure Captain Bradley is gay?” Bradley smiled overhearing all this conversation.


“Well, I’ve never be as sure about my matching pyjamas and cap,” Xavier was enjoying too, “In fact, I am thinking about the names for our kids!”


“Oh just shut up!” Doctor Suzanne got irritated, “Just tell me how is his wound so I can go to sleep! I have a lot of work to do tomorrow.”


“Hey! Why are you getting so hyper now?” Xavier asked, “What’s the matter? Do you like him?”


“Don’t be ridiculous! Why would I get hyper?” Doctor Suzanne’s face got flushed and pale as she tried her best to hide her discomfort, “I am just interested in his case professionally. What do I care for him? Yes, you are right. He is a weirdo!”


“Hey, you love him,” Xavier exclaimed teasingly, nodding his head around.


“Oh C’mon, where have you dragged this conversation to now,” Suzanne complained.


“By the way, I don’t think he is gay,” Xavier added and then paused to see her reaction.


“Really, you think so? How,” Suzanne almost jumped on her feet, “I mean what to me? He could be anything, do I care!”


“Well, if you were only interested in him due to professional reasons, then I have already given you the details for the day,” Xavier replied heartlessly, “You can now hang up!”


“Ok! I will hang up! What else is left to ask anyway,” Doctor Suzanne fumbled for words, “Is there anything else I needed to know?”


“No, just hang up,” Xavier gave a curt response.


“Well, just out of woman-woman curiosity, just for the sake of gossip,” Suzanne pleaded, “How do you know he is not gay?”


Xavier smiled, and nodding his head quipped, “Are you sure it is just for the gossip sake?”


“Ok, don’t tell me then,” Suzanne replied.


“Ok, bye,” Xavier said.


“Oh C’mon, don’t be ridiculous,” Suzanne pleaded.


“Ok, I don’t want my poo-bear to lose her sleep over this,” Xavier replied, “I know he and his men were just teasing me, after all if I wouldn’t sense it, who else will.”


Doctor Suzanne smiled and said, “Oh I love you my poo doll!”


“Ok, ok, now let us not rip the government of any more funds. I will call you again tomorrow,” and Doctor Xavier terminated the connection.


Bradley quietly sneaked away from his window, and back to his own room, smiling. And suddenly he realized the nip of the night and quickly sneaked into his quilt.


Comfort is a very relative feeling. It has got nothing to do with the situation or the surroundings, but it is all about the ability of the subject to adjust to both. The level of comfort depends upon the effectiveness of the adaptation of the subject, and not on the ease or otherwise of the situation or surrounds.


The Grey House stood still as the last bits of night fell all around it. It felt like it had been forcefully pinned to the ground by the iron grip of the night earlier, but now it was gearing up to get up on its’ mark and charge head on into the new day. A pair of feet quickly marched along the stone and grass walkway to the main entrance where the guard in attendance held the door open.


“Doctor Jonathan, please follow me,” Miss De Villiers welcomed him and led him towards the guest room, “Admiral Mir has just arrived and the President will be with us shortly.”


The two made their way to the guest room. Doctor Jonathan had barely exchanged pleasantries with the Admiral when the President walked in, “Good morning Gentlemen, please take your seats.”


“So what is the urgent piece of information you have for us this early in the morning,” President asked the Doctor as soon as everybody had settled in their seats.


“Sir, researcher Jhiang’s basic model, in spite of its’ limitations, has yielded a wealth of information based on which we have marked out the areas of New Saisho that will become unsuitable and risky for the population in the coming few weeks. Here’s a copy of the map on paper, plus I have got the details on this disc,” Doctor Jonathan replied handing over the two objects to Anne who showed them to the President.


President inspected the map quickly before handing it over to the Admiral, and said, “We will get these areas vacated as per the information you have provided doctor, but what is the information that is troubling you right now.”


“Sir,” Doctor Jonathan swallowed a big lump down his throat before stating, “Jhiang’s current model hangs up after predicting three months of events. Jhiang believes that is because there is a big front of events arriving around the time.”


President and Admiral immediately jumped on to their feet. “How big are the events? Is Earth in danger of sustaining damage on the lines of Mars?” President asked.


“Sir, maybe not in three months time,” Doctor Jonathan replied as he stood up too, “But Jhiang tested the model over a varying range of time, skipping information in between, and his model shows no Earth in Six months time.”


Everybody fell silent for the next few moments. President Katsuo finally commented, “But it is just a prediction based upon a new model. It might not be correct.”


“Sir, I hope it is not true,” Doctor Jonathan replied, “He is busy working on his upgraded model he intends to fit into the new space craft we are developing. Once that is complete, the super-computer based model will give us all the answers we are looking for right now. But one thing is sure, we need to get our escape vehicle ready as quickly as we can.”


President nodded his head, then looked at the Admiral and asked, “Who is looking for the submerged technology?”


“Sir, I have dispatched one of the two best men I have,” Admiral Mir replied, “And his instructions are clear. If all goes well, he will be back with the catch before the third week of January.”


“I need to speak to your man right now,” President replied, “Anne, get me Admiral’s man straightaway. Admiral what is the name of your man and his vessel?”


“Sir, it is Captain Aman Ahluwalia, in charge of NSS - The Mighty,” Admiral Mir replied.


“Oh! Aman,” Anne quipped at the mention.


“Do you know him?” President asked.


“Not personally, but I have seen him on the news a few times,” Anne replied, “He’s very flamboyant and stylish.”


“He is a highly decorated officer Miss Anne,” Admiral Mir added the emphasis.





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