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GOD Of A Man

Eternity Versus Eternity


“Evil are the means that make an act, be the desires need or greed!”


Chapter Nineteen: Unforeseen

Dated: 21st December, 2459


Violence is the art of nature. There is nothing magnanimous about the food chain. Plants be the saints that produce everything for somebody else’s feast; the producers. May life as small as a snail to a mammal as huge as an elephant and many more, make the second stage; the herbivores. Be there those who feed on those below, the next stage; the carnivores. Yet it is the ones’ from amongst the saints that are cold-blooded the most, the heartless; the plants that feed on animals. A helpless innocent and docile creation, a snail takes ages to crawl across the open leaflets of a ‘Venus fly trap’, only for the traps to snap into a lock in a flash. The snail is dissolved alive to make the feed for the one who was supposed to make its’ own meal. The snail never makes a sound, the plant never hears none; just the nature watches motionless, one creation being exhausted to keep another going. But there is no sin in killing for food, for that is how nature intended its’ creation to work.


Sinister however can be the means employed to achieve ends. There is an inherent evil in nature that manifests itself in the intriguing guile of spiders. With eight limbs to fend for itself, a spider still has to spin a trap for an innocent prey. Unlike the pitchers, fly-traps and sundews, where the prey itself walks into their mouths, or glands, as one may please to name them, or the lions and sharks that hunt for their food, or humans that till their lands to grow it, the spiders stretch laziness and cunningness to their extremes. They won’t work for their food every time they need a feed. They just spin a trap once, and then milk it for as long as it is viable in a location. Then again, violence is the art of nature, and there is an unattached disdain for life in the way it works.


But nature however is not absolute in terms of predictable outcome. It rather works on probability. There is always an equal probability for an event to happen, as is for it to not to happen. Future is a probability that prevails. New Saisho stands today, staring at many probabilities. Its’ future is still undecided. The only thing predetermined is the choices its’ chosen ones will make.


The daylight was fading away too slowly for a lonely house that shone red under the dying sun. The air as if didn’t want to caress the walls that appeared to radiate heat. Mrs Ahluwalia had never felt lonelier or more desperate than today.


“Why are you crying mom?” innocent Rosie asked as her big round eyes swelled up. She held out her hand to caress her mother’s chin as she climbed up on to the couch and into Mrs Ahluwalia’s lap. “Please don’t cry!” she pleaded as she hugged her mother tightly.


“I can’t even tell you, for you will tell,” Mrs Ahluwalia left her sentence unfinished for the fear of Rosie getting a hint that might fuel her innocence into giving her brother an inkling. She hugged Rosie dearly to her bosom, and tried to rein in her tears.


“Mom, can you please call Jenny,” Rosie asked innocently, “I miss Aman. I want to sleep with Jenny tonight.”


“I’ll call her sweetheart,” Mrs Ahluwalia replied, “Even I need her by my side tonight. She is such strength to this old sack. What will I ever do without her?”


Strength, as separate from the physical characteristic, can often come from the most frail of quarters, especially when the needs are dire. Strength can be purely platonic, as in an abstract notion, or it could be a discreet emotional packet. The sight of a mentor appreciating a performance is uplifting for the disciple, and a mother’s caress and soft words are all the cure a bruised child needs. Strength that resides in actions orates better than a book written in eulogy, for words need evidence, actions only an audience.


With sun falling behind the trees, shadows had started climbing the walls of the ‘House of Faith’. Not a leaf moving, summer heat had almost parched the pavement. Jenny stepped out of her car, surprised at all the vehicles dotting the otherwise solitary hearth. What were all the people doing there when no mass had been scheduled for the day? Jenny tried her best to ignore the thoughts that were creeping up in her mind, but in her heart she knew, Granger and Norman were onto some games again. Determined to confront their corrupt practices she trode her way towards the main hall.


“Those who question GOD, who say GOD is only a spiritual and moral guide, a psychological handle, I am telling you, they are all lying,” Granger was giving his discourse, “They cannot see GOD because they are all full of sin and desires. And GOD only appears to those who are pure of heart, and in deeds; those who believe in HIM honestly, and want to see HIM.”


“They cannot see GOD because there is no GOD,” Jenny’s voice reverberated in the hall, “GOD was a creation of some intelligent but corrupt men, to control other men, through fear and superstition. Stop lying and misleading people you fool.”


“May GOD forgive this sinner,” Norman stepped out from behind Granger and tried to raise a defence, “She doesn’t even know her words question the truth of the greatest souls that ever breathed on earth.”


“Are you serious? I mean, really?” Jenny was outraged, “Have you forgotten how Saint Clara had clearly told us all how the great souls had to use the name of GOD to give society a sound moral basis, so that the society can prosper peacefully. Else there would have been no means to control the stronger men from destroying the society out of their greed and lust. Have you forgotten; if those great souls had not declared infidelity a sin, no man or woman would have enjoyed a happy married life, or a stable relationship? Don’t you know how greed for money and land can degrade men into wolves, and if it weren’t for the fear of GOD, unrepentant men would have made every other man their slave and women their objects of desire? Without the fear of GOD’s wrath, the heaven and hell concept, humanity would have degenerated into uncontrolled moral-less herd of animals. Not many are intelligent enough to understand that a happy society means their own lives will be happy too. Unrest, dissatisfaction and disorder in a society make lives of every person unsafe due to unruly elements. And all who understand this, not many have the intentions or reasons otherwise, to do the right thing that promotes the cause of a better society.”


“The one you are exemplifying, she herself knew little about GOD,” Granger replied as his clueless audience witnessed the scene unfold, “To begin with, she was a sinner, and then confused. She first claimed all those lofty things about GOD, and then she questioned her own beliefs. What did she know about GOD, and what do you know about GOD!”


“Saint Clara laid thread bare all the concepts behind all the ancient religions, and described all the reasons for why the Prophets, Messiahs, and Saints had said or done what they had been credited with,” Clara’s knowledge and understanding was at full display, “And those like yourself, who question everyone that challenges superstitious beliefs about GOD, and call them lairs, what make you honest? Just because I say there is no GOD I am a liar, and anyone who says there is a GOD is honest? At least what I say needs no proof for it is there for everyone to see. It is what you are saying that needs evidence.”


“Just because I cannot show you GOD doesn’t mean HE does not exist,” Granger replied, “Nobody knew bodies are made up of cells, or there are so many Galaxies in the sky. The science developed and everything was proved. So will be GOD.”


“Yes, and everybody knew world is flat, diseases are acts of dark magic, and some people are witches. Science developed and many such myths were proved to be lies,” Jenny replied, “Just tell me; if I say there is gold buried in that wall behind you, will you believe it? At least what I am saying can be tested right now by tearing down that wall.”


“GOD needs no proof,” Granger decided it was time to bank upon the tried and tested reasons, “Those who are pure can see HIM, and those who are sinners will not.”


“See, that is the problem with the concept behind GOD; it is full of superstition, and it banks upon superstition,” Jenny took his assertion to pieces, “Look at these people around you. Today they are not under the control of men half as intelligent as them, that too in the name of something that does not even exist. Years ago, many like you mislead masses into killing each other for no reason other than their belief in something they had never seen or knew was true. Today you are telling them there is GOD, tomorrow another will come and say his GOD is the true GOD, and day after another will say his method of praying is the best. Soon everybody will get divided into groups of who follows whom. While people like you will be raised to the pedestal of saints, ordinary people will die in needless bloodshed.”


“That is all a hypothetical scenario based on lies,” Granger tried to reason.


“Hypothetical! This is what happened for ages,” Jenny reasoned with vengeance, “Look at these people you are trying to trap in superstition. Today they all are free of all superstition; for those who don’t believe in GOD, don’t believe in good omens and bad omens, ghosts and vampires, superstitions and myths, heaven or hell, sins or good deeds. Their everyday actions are free of fear, and always in the best interests of the society out of good will. They are mentally strong. What you are doing is going to push society behind by ages.”


“What I am saying will reconnect them to GOD, the one you cannot see for perhaps HE lives too far away from us,” Granger retaliated.


“Oh yeah, what if aliens came to earth tomorrow and told us their GOD is the true GOD?” Jenny asked.


“There are no such things as aliens,” Norman interrupted, “And even if they are, they will never come to earth.”


“Aliens are nothing but life-forms from another world, who if intelligent enough, are more likely to visit us than GOD,” Jenny replied.


“That is enough! I won’t take a word more from you stupid girl,” sensing the situation slipping away Granger went on the offensive, “Stop misleading people with your lies.”


“You think I am lying?” Jenny was incensed, “Perhaps the problem is your level of intelligence, or lack there-off.”


“But Jenny,” at this point a member of the communion interrupted the discussion, “How do we find out for sure if GOD exists or not?”


“The answer to your question is easy to derive by the line of analysis proposed by Saint Clara,” Jenny decided to explain the concept in detail to everybody present there, “Right now you are analysing by imagining yourself as living inside the universe, trying to figure out what lies outside it, hence the confusion. The real answer, or rather the questions that answer your question originate when one imagines oneself to be standing outside our universe, outside this space, looking at it as if it were an object in their palm. And then rather than inspecting the universe for contents, the person needs to actually look around and question as to what is the place where they are standing. Then the person needs to ask themselves; if there is this place outside our universe, is there another place outside the place where they are standing? And continuing on with this line of thought the next question is; will there be another place outside that place, and so on? Finally; if none of these places existed, what would be there instead? Will that be the real nothingness? Contrary to the three dimensional space, how would that nothingness feel, and be made of? Then that person will automatically ask himself; if there was nothing, how could have GOD originated out of nothing, or could HE actually have? And if there was space already, then who created that space?”


“Shut up you sinner, and stop misleading these innocent people,” Granger burst out, “You will suffer in hell, you big egoist.”


“The only heaven and hell that exist are on this earth, in this life. If you are living a good life full of luxury, this world is your heaven, else, this life itself is the hell,” Jenny retorted back, “All you feel, hear, see or taste, all your memories that you collect in your life, are nothing but chemicals stored in your brain. Once you die, these chemicals get destroyed with your body, and all your memories, which are no use to a dead man anyway, are lost forever. And as far as being egoist is concerned, well, I don’t believe in superstitions. So sayings like ‘Pride hath a fall’ have no meaning for me, and they don’t weaken me a bit. My actions are not adulterated by superstition.”


Granger was left speechless, while Norman tried to mumble something in reply but couldn’t think of any answers or assertions.


Jenny could have carried on with her lecture, but her phone rang. “Hello mom,” it was Mrs Ahluwalia’s call, but the moment Jenny heard her voice, she nearly jumped out of her skin, “Mom, why are you crying? What happened? I am coming to your house straight away. Please don’t cry!” Jenny got really concerned for her to be mother-in-law.


“I think it’s time for us to leave as well,” a member of the communion spoke to Granger and Norman, and one by one, everybody took their leave.


“We need to get rid of this bitch now or she will ruin everything,” Norman exclaimed as soon as the last vehicle had driven off.


“You are not wrong,” Granger replied contemplatively, “Let me just confirm it with him before I tell you what we need to do. I am going to see him tomorrow.”


“Can I ask you one thing,” Norman asked Granger.


“Be patient,” Granger replied, “I cannot introduce you to him until he himself asks me to do so. He is a high ranking official and I cannot dictate terms to him.” And Granger left Norman standing in the middle of the hall.


Patience however is not a natural characteristic in most animals, including human beings. Patience sometimes has to be mastered by the subject, but is most of the time taught by life. Nothing teaches discipline more strictly than the unflinching punishment meted out by life. Every failure gives valuable lessons, including but not limited to, being patient for the results to develop.


“Lieutenant,” Captain Aman Ahluwalia was instructing his men, “We haven’t been able to source a diagram describing the layout of the submarine. So I cannot order cutting an opening into it, for we don’t know where exactly their stock of nuclear warheads was stored. You need to find the entrance to the craft.”

“But sir, this is a really thick sand and algal growth that covers its’ surface today?” Lieutenant Michigan informed his Captain.


“Look for it behind the sail of the craft,” Captain suggested his man, “That is the best place to start our work.”


After an hour and a half’s work under water, Lieutenant Michigan finally located the hatch, “Sir, I found the hatch, and a small compartment next to it that houses a control panel. Looks like a code lock mechanism could have been in place to operate the hatch from the outside. If only this keypad was operational today.” An unenthusiastic lieutenant randomly pressed a few digits, as if by force of habit, but his next few words shocked and surprised everybody as much as the result did to him.


“Sir, the keys have lit,” Lieutenant Michigan shrieked in surprise, “The locking mechanism is still operational.”


“They have? It is?” Captain Ahluwalia was surprised as well, “No wonder the Indians surprised everybody in the world with their technological advancement during the war. They effortlessly made the whole world believe they were the technology laggards, only for the world to find out they were way ahead of their American and Chinese counterparts. For this submarine they used radio isotope based batteries to run its’ systems. Since these isotopes remain active for thousands of years, no wonder the vessel has still got a power supply.”


“You know I’ve read in history how an Indian king ‘Hyder Ali’ and his son ‘Tipu Sultan’ were the first ever to use missiles in war,” Anne, who was standing behind Aman, supporting her elbow behind the back of his shoulders, made her presence felt, “The crude rockets manufactured in their arms factory at Srirangapattana were instrumental in Hyder Ali led forces defeating British during the ‘Second Anglo-Mysore War’. It was only after the death of ‘Tipu Sultan’ in ‘Fourth Anglo-Mysore War’ were the British able to gain access to their technology, which they subsequently developed into ‘Congreve Rockets’ that were deployed against Napoleon’s armies.”


The quest for power is like an overpowering blaze; the more you try to run with it, the more it fans, and faster it spreads. Every man seeks that resplendent heady feeling of being in command of everything. Expertise is never the object under consideration. It is always the ends that matter.


Sand-dunes may not rise as high as mountains, but sounds can still reverberate to give a false company to the choir. They say he’s never missed a target in his life. Perhaps it’s the meanness of his heart that makes his talent so effective. As he was practising his skills in an empty shooting range, a tall figure walked to the aiming spot next to his. The new comer matched him shot for shot. Finally, he asked the newcomer to join his company, “What brings you here?”


“Colonel wants you and your men in New Saisho,” the newcomer replied.


“That many of us will not get a leave,” he replied.


“You will walk into your commanding officer’s room tomorrow afternoon at twelve noon sharp,” the new comer advised, “You will complain about the boring and monotonous life you are living out here in the middle of nowhere, and plead with him for something adventurous. You need to keep him occupied for the next five minutes when at five minutes past twelve hundred hours your commanding officer will be hand-delivered a letter asking him to dispatch a team on a mission to New Saisho. Colonel wants you and your group of mercenaries to volunteer for that job.”


No more words were exchanged. The two headed their separate ways.



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