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GOD Of A Man

Eternity Versus Eternity


“The price of ego is love, and the price of love is sacrifice.”


Chapter Fifteen: Blindside

Dated: 19th - 20th December, 2459


Loneliness is sought as well as dreaded. The loneliness needed for a visit to one’s own heart is sought, while the loneliness that emanates out of an empty heart is dreaded. But a heart is not always empty because it has lost all its’ love and faith, or because it is now occupied by an intense hatred. Sometimes the love in a heart can get severely constricted by a hard shell made up of a person’s ego. Too long and the love is smothered by the shell, leaving the heart empty. Ego does not ask for a price, it takes it! And by the time the individual realizes what has been given up, it is always too late.


But then, in all honest opinion, even love is not too different from ego, for love itself has never been an easy take. A queer habit of love is; it always fructifies in the most hopeless of situations. Perhaps the rebellious underlining of a relationship increases its’ romance and appeal to the heart so much, it throws away caution, logic and practicalities to wind. It is but imperative that at some stage the individual is forced into a spot where he has to choose either between love, or what stands to be lost in lieu. Love itself comes at a cost of a sacrifice. However the sacrifice for love only leaves an empty space in life, the heart still remains full of love, even for what has been sacrificed. And memories never leave one lonely!


But what happens when a person is lonely not because of ego, complete loss of love, or overpowering hatred? What if someone never found love before? Loneliness is sneaky and creeps up at the most uncomfortable and unconventional of places. It invariably creates a situation for the heart, and even the best are not spared. New Saisho’s best just might find themselves cornered in the least comfortable of situations.


With pain writ large on his face, lines of sweat dripping along his cheeks, Captain Aman Ahluwalia concentrated hard at water as the day took its’ final plunge. Unknown to him, Anne was waiting as hard for him to finish his job, right by the edge of the deck at the bow end.


“Alpha one to alpha two,” Lieutenant Schneider called his Captain.


“Alpha two receiving,” Aman replied.


“Sir, we are at least 30 nautical miles clear of the ‘Shooting Darts’ zone now,” Schneider replied.


“Alpha two to all units,” Aman issued next set of directions, “Prepare to reboard The Mighty.”


The fishing net was rolled back and one by one all the boats docked with ‘The Mighty’, where they were lifted aboard. Captain Ahluwalia’s boat was the last. As the Captain laboured his way up the rope ladder and finally climbed over the edge, he almost tumbled over due to weakness. Anne quickly stepped forward and cushioned Aman’s falling frame on her shoulder. Her arm around his waist, she assisted Aman regain his balance on his feet.


“Thank you Miss De Villiers,” Aman replied as he remembered her face from her frequent appearances on television, “I am surprised you made this trip.”


“Let me assure you Captain, you and your team are invaluable assets for New Saisho,” Anne replied as Aman tried to stand firm on his feet. But it was too tough after all the day on his knees in a small boat. He almost tumbled again, but this time Anne grabbed him firmly with her one hand behind his waist, and the other grabbing his arm closest to her and lifting it around and behind her neck. “Let me help you Captain,” Anne exclaimed, “Unless taking help from a woman hurts your man ego or soldier’s pride.” Aman was left speechless as Anne led him, almost hugging him to her bosom.


Pride at best can only last a life time, memories stay forever. Those who couldn’t be questioned by their counterparts are judged by those who follow. Actions are scrutinized in time and judgements are delivered by future. Both tyrants and heroes are remembered equally, but it is the latter that are revered. Future’s verdict may or may not be important for the present, but what worth is pride that knows it is going to be dismantled when it would be least defendable? Is it really pride or is it mere stubbornness to reject the truth? What differentiates a hero from a tyrant is how they answer to themselves.


“All right boys, what’s the update,” Captain Bradley Connors asked his men at the airport site.


“Sir, the landing strip has been cleared of sand and debris,” Private Simmons replied on the wireless, “There were a few patches along the runway that needed repair. The job will be finished in another half an hour.”


“Good work boys,” Bradley lauded his men, “But it is way past noon and really burning. You could have left it for tomorrow.”


“Sir, you’ve never taught us to leave work unfinished,” Simmons replied, “We couldn’t have disappointed you.”


“You sure didn’t soldier,” Bradley nodded, “Keep up the good work. We will join you in ten minutes.” He then turned towards Doctor Xavier and asked him, “I am sorry doctor this trip did not yield anything for your research.”


“That’s alright Captain,” Xavier replied, “How is your hand doing though?”


Bradley looked at his hand, untied the bandage and showed it to Xavier.


Doctor Xavier examined it and replied a bit pensively, “I can see it is healing, but it does have a strange greenish tinge to it. Perhaps we should get it examined at New Saisho facility.”


“I don’t know when that would be possible Doctor for we are not supposed to dock there in another three months,” Bradley replied, “But don’t you think it is doing just fine?”


“It appears to be so,” Doctor Xavier reluctantly agreed, “But I would still suggest you give us a visit at the Hospital as soon as it is practicable.”


Bradley stared at his hand for a brief moment, and then asked, “How is Doctor Suzanne? Is she finished with her sample collection?”


“She should be done with it today,” Xavier replied, “I will talk to her in the evening. Why do you ask?”


“Nothing,” Bradley shook his head, “I was just curious.”


Xavier looked at Bradley’s face as Bradley turned his eyes away. Xavier’s gaze however wandered somewhere far away, his face became a bit sad.


The ability to foresee is an inherent quality in every human. However how developed it is varies from individual to individual. Commonsense is the superpower to foresee future. Sometimes a strange feeling warns one about an impending danger; the feeling called sixth sense. Sixth sense is nothing but a message from the subconscious mind, which has already analysed the future course of events using the commonsense. Now it is giving a warning signal to alert the individual, to either take necessary precautions, or prepare for loss management.


“How are the predictions going,” Doctor Yardley asked Jhiang and Nagarjuna, both busy with mapping the time table of expected chain of events.


“Sir, the system is really running slow as a lot of events are happening at the same time,” Jhiang replied, “Luckily for us most of them are happening in outer atmosphere or surrounding space.”


“The President is really concerned about our people out there, some of them brilliant soldiers, and some brilliant young scientists,” Doctor Yardley replied, “We need to get this information organized as soon as we can. But we also need to keep our work on the main project moving. So you continue with the work you were doing, and I will sit down with Nagarjuna on this one.”


“Yes sir,” Jhiang replied as he made way for his senior to join Reddy on the current job, while he himself returned to his work on the supercomputer based model.


A misconception about work is; it is possible to disconnect from it during personal time. The fact however is; once a man starts working, work itself becomes a part of his personal life. Not only does it provide for one’s finances, it also defines one’s personal circle and relationships. Friends are not just the people one grew up with, or people who live in one’s neighbourhood, but friends are even those who work with someone. Any person, who has shared a part of their life with someone, becomes embedded in the memories from that part. Those who went to school with one are friends from school, those who grew up with one are friends from neighbourhood, and those who work with one are friends from work. One may move on with one’s life, but friends from school, neighbourhood, childhood, or youth, they remain one’s friends for life. Similarly, one may switch careers and jobs, but friends from previous jobs will always remain friends from previous jobs. One can choose one’s work, one can even choose one’s friends at work, but one cannot choose to leave one’s friends with work.


The cool breeze flew across the vast stretches of waters as the evening matured into a beautiful starlit night. It was as if the breeze was a playful child spinning around in gay abandon with no one to pull its’ ears for being naughty. The shenanigans of the lights on board NSS ‘The Mighty’, playfully and sublime, seemed to reciprocate the feelings. The night was silent, the ship peaceful, on its’ final stretch to the ‘The Open House’.


“Can I come in?” a soft sweet voice asked Aman just as he had grabbed his phone to make a call to the love of his life, Jenny.


“Miss De Villiers, please come in,” Aman replied as he tried to get up and greet her.


“Please don’t get out of your bed,” Anne however insisted, “There’s no need to be formal with me.”


“I am sorry Miss De Villiers, you had to travel all the way from New Saisho because of me,” Aman exclaimed.


“Oh, that’s all right,” Anne quipped tapping his hand softly, “Beside I consider myself to be responsible for what happened.”


“Please don’t blame yourself Miss De Villiers,” Aman replied, “I lost my concentration.”


“You could call me Anne Captain,” Anne quipped.


“I’ll try, but only if you call me Aman,” Aman answered.


“Done,” Anne exclaimed thrusting her hand for a hand shake. The two smiled and shook their hands.


“I see you were about to call someone,” Anne asked.


“Oh yeah, I was about to ring my fiancée, Jenny,” Aman said, “She’s been really worried.”


“Oh,” Anne exclaimed, a bit of disappointment in her voice, “I remember her ringing me before I flew out, and asking if she could come along. Unfortunately I had to refuse.”


“She called you! Stupid girl,” Aman exclaimed a bit embarrassed, “I am so sorry Miss De Villiers.”


“Again Miss De Villiers,” Anne interrupted and Aman repented, and they both laughed. But just then the phone in Aman’s hand rang.


“Hello,” Aman answered, and as soon as he recognized the voice at the other end, exclaimed, “I was about to call you Jenny.”


“How are you,” Jenny broke down as soon as she heard his voice, “Are you alright? No, you were not going to call me, you’ve forgotten me.” And then suddenly her voice changed and she asked, “Why are you calling me Jenny? Is there someone else around?”


“Oh yes Jenny,” Aman replied, “Miss De Villiers was just telling me how you had called her earlier.”


“She’s there with you,” Jenny’s voice became serious, “What is she doing there? Is she in your room?”


“Oh no, I am all right Jenny,” Aman tried to answer her without inadvertently offending Miss De Villiers in any way, while Anne tried to pretend to be not interested in the conversation by looking away.


“Answer my question first,” Jenny’s voice became businesslike, “What is she doing with you?”


“Oh I am alright dear,” Aman replied again.


“That is not the question I asked,” Jenny roared, “Ask her to leave your room right now!”


“Yes dear, she has been making sure I get all the help that I need,” Aman was still trying to be diplomatic about the uncomfortable situation.


“So that’s the situation now,” Jenny quipped in a mean tone, “Call me with my pet name and tell me you love me.”


“Oh dear, don’t worry about me,” Aman replied again.


“You are going to die,” Jenny however meant business, “Either kick the bitch out or I am cutting the line, and forget it if you think I’ll answer your call then.”


“Oh I understand dear, but you need to understand too, it’s my job,” Aman haplessly answered, but his reply was cut short by an engaged tone. “Hello, hello, hello,” Aman tried in vain. He tried to ring Jenny back, but Jenny if anything, meant each and every word she had just said.


“What happened,” Anne asked.


“Nothing,” Aman replied, “The connection broke.”


“Oh,” Anne replied.


After a few moments of an uncomfortable silence Aman asked Anne, “Tell me something about yourself Anne. Have any boyfriend, or partner?”


“Well,” Anne replied after a brief pause, “I am completely a single girl.”


“I don’t believe it,” Aman replied, “How can a gorgeous girl like you still be a single?”


“As it happened,” Anne replied after a brief contemplative pause, “I was one of the biggest nerds in my class, which sort of kept me under the boys’ radar all through my school. By the time I got to college, my Uncle had already become the President and none of the boys around me had the guts to approach me. Once I finished my college and university, and since I started my career, my position has come up between me and many a heart. Men seem to get completely overawed by my rank and education, they themselves lose their confidence to approach me, and I don’t like men who don’t have an attitude or confidence. Honestly, I never actually found a man who was my match before.”


“You said before,” Aman replied, “Does that mean you’ve found someone now?”


Anne was caught by the question, and mumbled a reply on the lines of, “I don’t know! I am not sure!”


Certainty is a highly volatile commodity. It hold true only as long as the conditions remain favourable and conducive. It doesn’t take much for things to swing around and start a wild ride. Certainty is the first casualty.


“Good Morning Mr President,” Admiral Mir Abdullah greeted the first citizen as soon as he entered his office.


“Admiral Mir, I just got an email from National Space Research institute today morning,” the President didn’t waste time in formalities, “Here’s a map of the next series of events that will happen globally. Please make sure none of our men or vessels are in the areas marked by red circles. The expected times for all the changes have been marked in blue.”


“Thank you Mr President,” Admiral Mir replied, “My men will relay all the information and co-ordinates to our vessels right away.” He then took President’s leave.


Probability has a nasty habit of catching up at the wrong time, but surprise is not an excuse good enough for justifying lethargy. One needs to be on guard all the time, but more so when one has reason to believe that probability is looking for them intentionally.


As dawn was breaking in the Arabian Sea, two helicopters were making their way towards NSS ‘Full Bloom’ from the Egyptian mainland. Rear Admiral Guruban Ahluwalia, dressed in his ceremonial attire, was awaiting his wards to return from their Egyptian odyssey. As the two choppers landed on the front deck, Captain Bradley Connors stepped out and marched straight towards his senior, and gave him a salute, “Sir, mission accomplished! The airstrip is ready for landing, and the oil rig is safe and sound.”


“Good work Captain,” Rear Admiral Ahluwalia replied before motioning his orderly to bring forward a piece of paper in a ceremonial tray, “And here are the orders reinstating you as the Captain of NSS ‘Full Bloom’ with full powers and immediate effect.”


“Thank you Sir,” Captain Bradley saluted him as Rear Admiral handed him the copy of orders.


Captain Bradley Connors had barely accepted the orders from the Rear Admiral’s hands when the Rear Admiral caught sight of a strange event unfolding at the stern end.



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