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GOD Of A Man

Eternity Versus Eternity


“While money teaches its’ value, love makes one realize it.”


Chapter Sixteen: Missing in Action

Dated: 20th December, 2459


There would perhaps be no relationship as mutually exclusive as the one shared by money and love. Two of the most powerful influences a person can ever experience in life, both so dominantly assertive, the one under control may dare die but go against their will. Not surprising, the two never co-exist other than when it is about love for money. Much has been written and sung about a heart wronged by one and vandalized by the other, with true love triumphing greed, and greed getting the better of lust. Too little however, has been said about the inaptness of an injudicious mind and an untamed heart. These two are perhaps the only things common between greed and lust. An injudicious mind fails in apprehending a slide in morality, while an untamed heart runs amok after whatever it feels appropriate. The only thing that’s needed though, to reign in the chaos is, discipline.


But discipline itself is a non-inherent trait in any organism, and it is the environment, including the forbearers, that inculcates it in a soul born free. Whenever a person ditches love for money, it is love which makes that person realize what they have sacrificed, by amplifying the pangs of loneliness when money is aplenty but happiness is amiss. And when love is given precedence over money, the latter is vicious in imparting lessons, as it deserts the deserter when their need is dire and even love is not enough to help survive the cruel realities. Money teaches its’ value.


But there is one big difference between love and money; love, if true, never deserts, but only leaves a place empty for the loser to realize their failings. The only thing important is the time one takes to realize, for love may not desert, but it fades in colour. New Saisho is rich with professionals who love their duty more than the ones who love them. But love is never contradictory! It is all in the way one visualizes the relationship between various loves. Love for duty, for it safeguards the interests of those one loves, enhances both.


Rear Admiral had barely handed back the reins of NSS Full Bloom to Captain Bradley Connors, when a dark opening started to appear towards the stern end of the ship. There had been a fatal delay in the relay of information regarding co-ordinates to be avoided.


“What the hell is that,” Rear Admiral Guruban Ahluwalia exclaimed as Captain Bradley turned around to have a look. Nature however is ruthless!


As the hole started to enlarge and suck the mighty sea warrior in, giving a hard jerk to everyone, the emergency sirens went off. Without wasting a millisecond on the next thought to come in his mind, Rear Admiral Ahluwalia told Captain Connors, “Get your men back on the chopper and get off the ship immediately.”


“I am sorry sir,” Captain Bradley humbly replied, “But this is my ship, and I request you to leave this ship immediately, along with all the men you can.”


“This is an order soldier,” Rear Admiral roared back.


“I am sorry sir,” Captain Bradley Connors was however adamant, “I have an order in my hand which makes me the Captain of this ship. And as Captain of this ship, I request you to leave it immediately.”


“I am your senior Captain! Have you forgotten your manners?” Rear Admiral shot back again.


“Sir, rules are rules! You have to leave now,” Captain Connors was adamant.


“Very well then, here’s your next order,” Rear Admiral immediately pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and quickly fumbled on it, “This order cancels all previous orders and relieves Captain Connors of his duties aboard NSS Full Bloom permanently, and he is ordered to leave immediately.” He signed and dated the order and handed it to the Captain, ordering him, “You are ordered to leave immediately.”


“I refuse to accept this order,” Captain Connors was however insistent.


“Men, take him away,” Rear Admiral Guruban ordered the men standing behind Captain Bradley Connors, who sensed the gravity of the situation. They immediately grabbed Captain Connors and dragged him into one of the two choppers, just as the big universal hole had almost engulfed half of the ship.


“You too doctor,” Rear Admiral motioned to Doctor Xavier, who reluctantly followed, not sure what to say.


“Just tell my wife when you meet her, that I always loved her, and only her,” Rear Admiral Guruban Ahluwalia shouted at his men leaving in the chopper, “And tell my son, he makes me proud all the time.”


The two choppers lifted off the ship just in time as a giant hole engulfed the entire ship. Rear Admiral Guruban Ahluwalia however stood firm on the front deck, giving a final salute as NSS Full Bloom was sucked in completely. There were men trying to jump off the ship as it was getting sucked into the hole that had faint stars shining in its’ background, but the force of the opening sucked them all in, along with their ship and surrounding water. Strangely though, neither the men getting sucked in, nor the water, were destroyed by a pressure-less environment. It all appeared to be intact on the other side. The hole closed!




“No,” Captain Connors yelled as he watched the scene haplessly. He looked at the piece of paper with the final order from Rear Admiral Guruban Ahluwalia scribbled on it. It was a picture. He turned it around to have a look. It was a picture from the Rear Admiral’s only son’s passing out ceremony. A proud young Lieutenant at that time, Aman was flanked by a proud father on one side, his mother on the other. Captain Connors looked at Aman’s picture that appeared to glare at him out of the paper.


An idea is generally conceived with a hypothetical analysis of its success. Precautions are mostly left to be considered after the final call has been made for its’ execution. Experience however teaches an enterprising mind otherwise. Success depends upon the successful execution of the idea, which itself is determined by the perfectness of the method employed. Precautions have to be an integral component of the idea, should it be expected to succeed.


Captain Aman Ahluwalia, braving the stinging pain from the wound in his chest, was himself monitoring his ship’s advance as it approached “The Open House”.


“What’s the distance from the Open House,” Aman asked Lieutenant Schneider.


“Five nautical miles sir,” Schneider replied.


“Alpha one to alpha three, do you copy,” Aman asked Lieutenant James Michigan who was to spearhead an underwater search for a submerged nuclear submarine in a submersible craft.


“Yes sir,” Lieutenant Michigan replied.


“Once again Lieutenant, your mission is to locate a sunk nuclear submarine, belonging to one of the former nuclear powered states,” Aman reviewed the objectives of his mission, “Gain access to the vessel and locate nuclear arsenal storage, locate the control room and retrieve computer hardware for research purposes, locate fission chamber and estimate its’ size to make an assessment whether it will be retrievable.”


“Yes sir, all clear,” Lieutenant James replied.


“Remember Lieutenant, if anything goes wrong with the warhead, we will not be able to provide you back up,” Aman reminded him the cold reality.


“Sir, it would be an honor if my life is of any use to New Saisho,” James replied with pride.


“Best of luck Lieutenant, your team is clear to depart,” Aman replied.


The aura of uniform, the sense of duty, the willingness to sacrifice, everything was slowly and slowly sinking deep down into Anne’s heart, as she witnessed the action from the vantage point in the control room.


The significance of an action however, varies according to the observer. For those in the thick of things, an action is significant in relation to execution. For those observing the action from a distance, the action is important as to its’ consequences.


“Sir,” a soldier barged into Admiral Mir Abdullah’s office, panting for breath, “We’ve lost the ship.”


“Calm down soldier,” Admiral Abdullah quipped as the soldier tried to get himself together and salute his senior, “Catch your breath first and then explain what happened.”


The soldier took a few quick breaths before replying, still panting, “Sir, there was a delay in contacting NSS Full Bloom, and they happened to be at one of co-ordinates to be avoided. Now it’s gone!”


“What,” Admiral jumped out of his seat, “We’ve lost Full Bloom!” It was as if he didn’t want to believe the fact. “Captain Bradley Connors, one of our finest,” Admiral rued, “We lost one of our best men, how?”


“Sir, Captain Bradley Connors is safe,” the soldier replied, “He was discharged off his duties aboard NSS Full Bloom by Rear Admiral Ahluwalia at the last moment.”


There was a pin drop silence in the Admiral’s office. “You mean Rear Admiral,” Admiral gulped down a big lump as reality sunk in. The Admiral sunk back into his chair as the soldier held his head down in respect of the saddening situation. “How am I supposed to break this to his wife,” Admiral was at loss, “He was supposed to retire in a few weeks time.”


Loss is a very relative calculation. Every loss can be a gain in another perspective. Loss means not being able to achieve a certain goal, but the valuable lessons that are learnt while the efforts were being put in serve as a new learning, and enrich experience. Every loss prepares for a greater victory. What is needed is a willing and open mind.


“Everybody is really sad here today,” Doctor Xavier was chatting with Doctor Suzanne, as they had returned to the Egyptian shores, “Bradley is devastated and is still cursing himself for not having perished instead of his senior.”


“I can imagine,” Suzanne replied, “I never thought he would be such an emotional person.”


After a brief pause Doctor Xavier asked, “When did you leave Kuwait? And how is the research on the sample going? Did you perform any tests on it?”


“We just left in the morning,” Doctor Suzanne replied, “But there is something weird about the sample that I want to share with you.”


“Why, what happened,” Xavier asked Suzanne.


“You wouldn’t believe what I am going to tell you,” Suzanne heightened Xavier’s curiosity, “I tried to make a temporary mount of the sample’s tissue in water, and guess what happened?”


“What,” Xavier got excited.


“As I put the slide under the microscope and observed, the cells making up the organism first dissolved in water, and then the water evaporated,” Doctor Suzanne replied.


“That is strange,” Xavier too was perplexed, “Did you try something else with the sample?”


“Yes,” Suzanne replied, “Then I tried to stain the sample instead, using alcohol to dehydrate it, but the sample dissolved in alcohol as well.”


“That is so freaking intriguing,” Xavier quipped.


“Wait, that is not all,” Suzanne continued, “I then tried to put a sizeable piece of the sample in a stain, and guess what happened.”


“Don’t tell me it dissolved in the stain too,” Xavier exclaimed.


“It did,” Suzanne answered, “And evaporated, again!”


“No way,” Xavier was curious and excited to the heights by now, “What is this thing?”


“I don’t know, even I am as surprised,” Suzanne replied, “I have sent a bit of the sample for elemental and chemical examinations to both National Institute for Criminology and Forensic Science, and also to the National Chemical and Physical Examiner. Now let us see what they find out.”


“That is so very intriguing,” Xavier exclaimed, “Not to mention scary! I think the world is going to end!”


“Don’t say that, you are freaking me out,” Suzanne replied, “By the way, how is Bradley’s hand?”


Xavier heaved a deep sigh and replied, “His hand has started to heal, but there is a strange greenish tinge to it.”


Suzanne thought for a moment and then said, “I think we should ask him to come to the New Saisho hospital for a better checkup.”


“I think so too, especially after all that you mentioned about the sample today,” Xavier replied. “He was asking about you by the way,” Xavier added as a smile grew on Suzanne’s face, while Xavier’s had a strange sadness.



Dear friends,


There may be no chapter from next week as something important has come up. For those of you who are familiar with my active involvement on political front, and follow my tweets on https://www.twitter.com/PeaceLoveAdvice will be aware of the fact that I have been fighting a petty issue with "Holdfast Bay Council" in the Magistrates Court Adelaide. A judgement is due for the same on November 9, 2012. Since ASAP (Always Shine Australia Party) has an item on agenda which deals with law reforms, making sure ordinary people's voice does not get lost, and justice prevails no matter what, as ASAP President, if the need be, I will be making some points in the court that might be held in contempt. Hence, I might have to court arrest, in which case I will be actively and solely involved in political matters from thereon. In such a scenario this will be the last chapter of this novel until such time when I have time to finish it.



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